Has anyone come across the surnames Kuhn, or Eberlein in their research?

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Has anyone come across Kuhn, or Eberlein surnames in their genealogical research? Kuhn from Sulzbach a. main, Bavaria, Eberlein from Laub, Donau-Reis Bavaria. It may be Munningen now.
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Jacob Kuhn born about 1725 of Lancaster, PA, had a daughter, Susanna Kuhns born about 1745, aslo of Lancaster, PA. Susanna marreid George Gish in 1768, Lancaster, PA.

George Gish was the great grandfather of Lillian Diana Gish (Actress) born 1893, died 1993. She had no children.
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Jacob Kuhn is ancestral to my in-laws. My Kuhns ancestor is Leonard Kuhns, born Macunge, Norhampton Co., PA about 1765. One of his sons, Henry Kuhns was bron in 1798. Henry relocated from PA to OH. He also changed the spelling of his surname to Koons.
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Last name: Kuhn

This famous German surname and original personal name of the pre 7th century, is recorded in over one hundred spellings throughout Europe and Scandanavia. These include the basic forms of Conrad (Medieval German and post medieval English and French), Konrad, Kohrt, Kordt, Kunrad, Kuhndert, Kuhnt, and Kurth found mainly in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, to Koenraad (Czech), Kondrat (Russia), Corradi (Italian), Cunradi (Tuscany), Korlat (Hungary), diminutives such as Kienzle, Kunc, Kunz, Kuntz, Kunzel, Zunzelman, and patronymics Kurten, Coners, Conerding, Conradsen, Coenraets, and Kondratovich, and many, many, more. The origination is the ancient compound given name 'Kuoni-rad', which loosely translates as 'brave counsel', and is one of a very large group of similar Germanic names from about fifteen hundred years ago that include Albert, Frederick, and Willhelm. All have similar meanings associated with strength (of both mind and body), victory and courage. It may be that all relate to 'wishful thinking' or hope for the future, as the development of these names coincided with a period of total chaos and seemingly endless war and invasion throughout Europe, following the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. The name has been recorded since time immemorial, and the first of what might loosely be called a hereditary surname recording, may be that of Conrad Conradi, (Conrad, the son of Little Conrad), in the charters of the German town of Elsabe in the year 1297, with Rudolf Kunzelman or Cunzelman being recorded in Ulm, Switzerland, in 1337.

Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Kuhn#ixzz44cGzEgjv

Thank you for the information. My Kuhn's landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1862 from Sulzbach a Main, Bavaria. At current, I believe them to mostly have stayed there, but know that some later generations went to Florida and California. The majority stayed put. I lost track of many of them due to the available census ends at 1940. Four more years and we will have 1950 available. It could very well be that some of mine ended up in Pennsylvania and other surrounding states from Maryland. Perhaps even Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Thanks again.
My grandmother was Catherine Kuhn who was the grand-daughter of George Kuhn and Kunigunde Eberlein (she settled in California after her marriage).

Haven't been able to trace Kunigunde back to Germany yet but do know that her parents were Johann Eberlein and Maria Lay (found the marriage record from St. Michael's church in Baltimore).

I believe her to be from Laub, Kitzingen in Bavaria, based on proximity to Sulzbach.  

I've traced George Kuhn to his parents as well from the marriage record and found one record for his parent's marriage.

Would love to share info with you.
My g grandmother was Clara Koons, born May 27, 1854 Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio, her father was Daniel Koons born 1826, Prob. Northampton Co., PA (he worked as a tailor). He died in Cleveland, OH in 1904. Daniel's father was Henry Kuhns born 1798, Northampton County, PA  Occupation - Tailor. The US Census has spelled Henry's surname 3 different ways, Koons, Kuhns and Koontz. Henry moved to Ohio and became a farmer. He died March 15, 1886 buried at Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Doylestown, Wayne, OH. Cemetery record has him as Koons.

Henry's father is Leonard Kuhns, born about 1765 at Macunge, Northampton Co., PA in 1790 (Leonard Koon). Leonard married Elizabeth Spiker. Don't know any further back than Leonard. Elizabeth Spiker's father was Ulerick Spiker who came over on the Charming Nancy when it sailed from Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1737.
Hello Tony,

Thank you so much for responding. I have been working on my tree for at least a decade. My father, William F. Kuhn is your grandmother Catherine's nephew. His father was Adam Joseph Kuhn, her brother.

 This is so exciting. I do not have records per se, but I did write ST Margareta's in Sulzbach, a Main, Bavaria/Germany and they sent me my tree confirming what I had already learned and then some. I had them start with George and Kunigunde. Would love to have copies of any records you have. My email address is kateymynnk@aol.com if you would like to email copies and/or for corresponding on any research we may share.I had contacted a church in Laub and after a month, they responded stating that they were in the process of moving to a new building and I would have to wait until Fall for them to be able to check if they have any records on Kunigunde Eberlein and her family for me.This has been a lovingly and painfully slow process. My father began researching in the 1990's and kept running into brick walls. I have had a lot of that myself.

I can add you to my trusted list on Wikitree as well for information sharing. Kunigunde/Cunigunde sailed from Bremen and arrived in Baltimore, MD in July of 1862 aboard the bark Meridian and George came over in Sept. of 1862. They met somehow and married in 1865. His mother Elisabeth, brother Joseph, sister Julia and sister Margaret came over in 1865 and I have a copy of the passenger list they came on. I have a record of George and Kunigunde's passenger list record.  The majority of records that I have, outside of the above is Census records. I would really love to see George and Kunigunde's marriage licence and/or any records showing Kunigunde's parents names. That would be a gold mine for me.

I know that Catherine's mother Isabel ended up in California with her and died there as well in 1959. I have some good bio's on many of our ancestors. Many have disappeared too. Especially in your grandmother's generation on down.

Would love to hear from you. If we need to, we can always share phone numbers if we need to talk. I am working on more angles for information. It is a never ending process. I have even done an autosomal DNA test through Family Tree Finder (FTDNA) My brother has taken the Y-67 DNA test for the male, Kuhn line and he has had no matches. We are patiently waiting for any other male Kuhn's to take the test. We seem to be very private people :). Our testing was done a year ago.

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I have Kuhn from Germany to NY, Texas, and one from NY to TN.
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My wife's family are Kuhns from the Bergen County,NJ area. Kuhn-1799 came over from Heidelberg Germany before or during the Civil War time. 

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