What to do with "Guests" not confirmed as far back as 2013.

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I have a question, (and a suggestion):  While I was checking for duplicates for a particular surname  (per request of another member for a merge project)  I found several "guests" with that surname who joined between 2013 and 2015 before the "new tag requirement" came into affect. 

Before, as a greeter, you could post a comment to re-invite them to join and request they post a comment about their genealogist interest, but now if they do not have the new email with current instructions on joining with tag requirements.

I was just wondering since I am aware that there are several more "guests" on various surname lists that have not joined or been confirmed from as far back 2013 etc.  What could be done about them. They just sit on the search lists like this we use so often:  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:SearchPerson So I posted the question on the Greeter forum. (I was told to post here on G2G as well). A suggestion was submitted in response to my question:

Perhaps Wikitree needs to send out a revised email to all guests from the pre tag days.  Any email that bounces should have that profile deleted since the odds are they are not interested or used a fake to sign up while they looked around. (Suggested by Michael Harris).

In my opinion, that was a great idea and that way we can eliminate profiles that will never go anywhere but take up space.. and valuable time of genealogists who are serious about finding ancestors that may be listed on those "Special:search person lists!! " 

In summary, is that possible, to send out a revised email to "ALL Guests" from the pre tag days??? Can someone make that happen please and Thank you!!! 

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Thank you for sharing your link Philip, but I believe your guestion goes to activity after they volunteered or clicked on that they want to volunteer.  While I agree with a lot of what you said, THIS post was dealing with profiles not being confirmed because they have not volunteered and/or commented back to us, therefore taking up too much space in our search engines. 

Like these John Hall's I found today in the search engine "Special:search person":

Maybe a period of time should be given, like 90 days for one to make up their minds if they want to stay and work with their ancestry tree here or leave. Too many do nothing. Another suggestion would be If after 90 to 120 days they have not responded to the greeter post then I think their "Guest" profile should be deleted. 

I just wanted to point out that the initial email that a guest receives when they start their account is irrelevant to how they now volunteer. 

If they come back to their profile after signing up they will now have the same Volunteer options that all new guests receive. So, they will still need to provide at least one tag in order to volunteer.

have had guests return after as much as 2 or 3 years to volunteer. I always wonder what brought them back. :-)

I have also seen members make "duplicate" Guest profiles because they forgot when or even if they volunteered and we had to MERGE the old ones with the current one together. 

It is just frustrating to go through each person on a "Special:search person" list without a birth or death date to see if they are related to another person and find out they are guests especially since 2013, or 2014. *Maybe extend the time to allow them to visit to 6 months or a year, but not 2 or 3 years ago. Most people's memory may not be as sharp as some, just saying. 

I sill like Michael Harris's idea that I quoted: "Perhaps Wikitree needs to send out a revised email to all guests from the pre tag days.  Any email that bounces should have that profile deleted since the odds are they are not interested or used a fake to sign up while they looked around". I hope it is considered...
A lot of people use email accounts just for looking at sites so they don't get spammed.  People many like it here and then sign up with a good account but not merge the 2.  Then there's people that joined and forgot login information and just gave up.  An updated email may spur their memories.  If the email is bounced then their profile should be deleted.  The odds of them coming back are very low.

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