Bess of Hardwick's 3rd husband (names again)

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I would like to add Bess's husband William St Loe to her profile.

I am not though sure of the correct  name to use for him .

In her letters Bess signs as E Seyntlo and William as Wyllyam Seyntlo

She is addressed by her mother in law, Margaret 'St Loe'  as My lady Sayntloo .   (letters in 1560s)

  In the national Archives there are records relating to the couple using Seyntlowe   Sentelow and Sentlowe .

Future generations of the family living in Dorset at Fontmell Parva use the surname St Lo  as in  Historians seem to use either St Loe or St Lo. 

Whilst looking at what was already here I also found a number of unsourced duplicates for pre 1500  St Lo(s)  They  don't immediately show as duplicates  because of the variety of  names used. I think that this  illustrates the potential problem.

I'm also not sure about protocol about just jumping in  since this profile has several managers and don't want to barge in. She is also a notable  though I'm not sure why she isn't an aristocrat! 

WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Hardwick
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Hi Helen,

I added underscores between "st" and the names so that the tags will work more effectively for you.

Have a super day!
Thank you Keith, I knew it didn't look right!

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Thanks Helen, naming these profiles is always difficult.  I'd perhaps go with Seyntlo as his Last Name at Birth (LNAB) as that's the way he signed his name which is in line with Wikitree's naming policy but I would use St Loe for his preferred name.  (Again the policy is to use St and not St. or to spell it out in full).  All other variations could then go into the Other Last Names?

I'm not sure that we need to apply the same standards to his first name (e.g. use Wyllyam rather than William) I think this is just a spelling variation that was used at that time?

There seems to be no reason why you can't make changes to an open profile.  If they are major changes than it is polite to let the profile managers know beforehand but not necessary, provided of course that you are citing sources and you seem to have found some good ones.

You are right she needs to have the aristocrat template, and the degrees to AJ template can go.  She also appears to have an excess son in Dan Cavendish.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
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Thank you, I hadn't though of putting St Loe in the preferred name slot . I've used that for a preferred forename, not surname.( ie  when someone was baptised Elizabeth but called herself Lizzie.)
Sorry Helen, I should have said use St Loe in the Current Name field, you are right the preferred name is for the first name/s.

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