Pls add profile category "other" 2B used 4 boarder/servant+.These ppl R lvng w/my fam as reported in census R important

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Hi Tam, You may want to clarify or write out what you mean. English is not everyone's first language on WikiTree. Also include a link to a profile that you have a question about.
I had to abide by the 120 characters to ask the question.

My thoughts are if we can document "others" that are in the census as being in the household but are not family members, I personally would like that.  The other advantage would be to have "others" be a separate searchable list of individuals for researchers that cannot locate a person they are searching for within a context of one or more of their family members.  If "others" was searchable, it may be easier for the researcher to locate individuals that had a pattern of being a boarder, a servant, or, otherwise transient, or less likely to be found living with thier family.  I feel badly when I ignor one or two people due to not having familial relationship.  If those activly documenting their families on wikitree can profile these individuals at the time they work on their bios then this will create a separate group that could also have subgroups.  The group "others" could have subgroups such as boarder, servant, and whatever else may fit the intention.    Does that make sense?  Personally, I think it would be satisfying to be able to begin a profile for a person that is not related to the family but lives with them, and in the end to contribute to the documenting of their path in life.


1875 New York State Census:  7. Jane Quinlan (Servant, age 14)

I wonder about Jane, where she came from, and where she went.  I wonder what researcher is looking for her.  I'd like to help, and I'd like to see what others have reported about Jane.

1900 US Census:

a servant and a boarder (possibly son of servant):

11. Elizabeth Thompson (Servant, age 34)

12. Thomas Thompson (Boarder, age 9)

I wonder the same about Elizabeth and Thomas.  I am guessing that Thomas is the son of Elizabeth.

I am less likely to research these individuals.  If there was a specific category, and I could search within that category (others) then I would probably do so and enjoy it.  I certainly would contribute to initiating a profile for these individuals, or locating a profile that exists already.  I imagine there were many people that were transient and with a method to profile them I believe these individuals may be less mysterious and more loved by their researchers.

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I think you're asking to have another section added to profile pages for other relationships. Actually that could be handy. In the meantime.

You have the ability to add the names of the other people in a census in the bio section of a profile, you can then create a link in the bio to go to those people.

1880 US Census. Smallville, County, State.<ref>Source</ref>
[[Wikitree-ID|John Smith]], head, etc.
[[Wikitree-ID|Jane Smith]], wife etc.
[[Wikitree-ID|George Jones]], boarder

[[Wikitree-ID|Person's name]] creates a clickable link to the profile for that person. That is -  two brackets [[, Wikitree-ID, a pipe |, person's name, two unbrackets ]] all run together.

Help page on creating Links 


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That was my first thought, too.  I'm actually working on my own project that uses a similar idea, here's an example page if it would be helpful, Nan:|

I want to know more about the people "around" my main people and who their neighbors were and how far away were they from their in-laws or future spouses :)  But you can look at one household here and see how I linked the profiles and you can also look at the coding on the edit page if you need help figuring out how to do it.  

Something else is that your "others" might actually be relatives of the main family?  There have been several times that I've traced a family and a grandchild, niece/nephew, etc. was listed in a non-relative role.
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All of the active profiles on WikiTree are searchable now. If those profiles of peripheral interest don't exist, it would only take a minute to add them, citing the source you found them in, along with a note that they are affiliated with your family of interest. If you don't want to keep them in your watchlist, remove yourself as manager. If you wanted to create a personal category, you could do that so you could find them again.


P.S. When you create the question, you can flesh it out in the text box provided.
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