Can a index that was listed once, but never again, be recreated by using the names that were indexed ?

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A month ago I was bringing my great grandfather's generations profiles up to date and found a suggested match for the Lortie name I was researching.   I clicked on the link and found it under an alternate spelling, Lorter,  and the given name was Mary Rachel Magdalena Lorter, but since the birth years were so far apart I concluded that although the names were misspelled that it must be a granddaughter and did not record the URL. (1845 in France and 1868 in Michigan.)    After further research we discovered the two indexes were for two sisters under one name.  1845 Rachel had apparently died and her sister was given the same name as was often  the case.

We created the Lortie profile using the information for the 1868 birth.  This is very complicated but it doesn't matter about the relationships.  My question refers to the first index I found under the spelling Lorter.  It gave the name as Mary Rachel Magdalena Lorter.  The index under Lortie gave her name as Adeline Rachel Mary Lortie.  Now I can not bring up the Lorter index and had not noted the URL.  Since there are two versions of the given name I would like to find the original Lorter.  We elected to use the only one that consistently comes up now.  Is there anyway a computer wizard can suggest to refind the Lorter entry that now will not  come up?


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Depending on which browser you are using and how much web activity you've done since, you may be able to find the link in your browser history.
by Living Hampson G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
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Did you find her in the FamilySearch Family Tree or in the Indexed Collections? It sounds as if you found her in the Family Tree sections and she has been merged into the one you have found. If that's the case, check the changes - they're all logged.

I'm always wary of using anything in the Family Tree section. They're good clues but further research is usually needed to validate the data.
by Rosemary Jones G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
It was in the historical collection listing.  I've never  been able to find it again.  I have had this experience before but quite often it did come up later.  The Lorter index was not on the site very long because I was using it not long before and it did not show up.  I can only assume someone saw something amiss and deleted it.  The parents were the same but the birthdates were three days apart  and the names were definitely different.     Both indexes spelled Lortie differently also--Lorter and Lortre.  Lortie was the correct spelling that I started the search under and these were suggested links I might look at.
I couldn't find her either.

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