"Horizontal Line (Use Sparingly)"

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This is kind of a fussy/silly question, but I've always wondered about the text that pops up in the Bio when you hover over the Horizontal Line button. It says: "Horizontal Line (use sparingly)"

Not that I want to score my profiles with loads of horizontal lines, but I was just wondering about the "use sparingly" part ... is there a technical reason for this?
in Policy and Style by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (501k points)
I've started seeing people to use the line to separate sources, which seems like could better be done via the use of the bullets.

I was looking for the text that suggested using the horizontal line sparingly, so now I know where I had seen it before.
Where is this horizontal line button?
Vincent in the formatting section at the top of the bio box (in edit mode)

Glad you asked this question Julie. I'd totally forgotten about the "use Sparingly" until someone bought it up in another thread. I want to know why I have to use it sparingly.

Some profiles need to be broken up, but the heading thing is just not right. I use them quite a bit.

So why do we have to use it sparingly? And how many is too many? Two, three, four, more?
@S Willson: I agree -- the bulleted lists are great. The horizontal lines just seem to take up too much real estate, but that's just my own, kinda picky, opinion. ;-)

@Anne: I think it's probably fine to use it to break up a long biography when there are logical sections. I will also be interested to hear how many are too many.
Where is the formatting section?  :)

HERE >>>>

; ) The blue part

That's so funny, Vincent, because I really never use those buttons; I rarely remember that they're there, too. I'm not sure why I remembered seeing the "use sparingly" comment!

I never use them either, Julie. I think because it breaks the flow of typing, to have to stop and use your mouse for something.
Ah, now I see.  Have they been there long.  I never noticed them until just now.  :)
I think they've been there at least as long as I have been here 2 plus years.
And they've been here for at least as long as I've been here, too, and that's been about 4-1/2 years. So, I'd say for quite a while!  :-)

Isn't it funny the things that we don't notice? Happens to me all the time!
@Vincent these horizontal lines will also appear if you add , I believe it is : 4 x ---- (verbindingsstreepjes-connectinglines)

And ... how are things in Spain , not ''homesick'' I hope ? :)

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Wild guess is that the horizontal line is a html block element ==>  if you add it to a page it "press" everything down ==> it change the flow of the text....

We saw on the Swedish parish pages we got problems when we added a sidebar and used <hr /> (wikitext ---- )

Then the next block started below where the sidebar ended ==> you got a big gap of the text....

I added a ---- on the Söderala page ==> the text Söderala socken starts "below" the sidebar to the right...

Compare Alfta (X) without a hr line

by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (305k points)
edited by Living Sälgö
It does make sense that it's a block element (i.e., always starts a new line), but I still don't understand why that would mean that it needs to be used sparingly ????

Julie Julie Julie it's like questioning Charles Babbage...

Here, I got you something:



Webdesign 1998 state of art (same year as Google launched)

Horisontal rules <HR>.....is often misused.......one rule per screen (a display screen is typical 640 px * 480 px).....rules can be often be eliminated completely by the liberal use of vertical spaces...


Google page 1998

oh my...  :)  we do get off on a tangent, don't we!  ha ha ha....
It's been known to happen, Cheryl. ;-)

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