Are there any projects relating to Scottish POW's who were sent to the US to be sold as indentured servants?

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Can I get some clarity on the question please.  Which period are we discussing?  In the pre-US Independence days Scottish troops were generally part of the British/UK armies.  Or is the scope a discussion on "The Clearances"?  Many of these individuals are covered under Scotland, Scottish Clans, Ulster Scots and Irish Roots projects.  If we can get an idea of scope of requirement we might be able to best look at a solution.
Battle of Dunbar 1650 and/or Worchester 1651 sent SPOWS to US as indentures, as well as those who were involved in 1685 revolution  (England and Scotland) were sent to various plantations and to the American colonies as indentures.
Hi.  The first period covered relates to the so-called Third English Civil War between the Royalist forces under Charles II and the Parliament under Cromwell.  The Royalists were mainly Scottish.  The deportation happened, in the main, on the ships John & Sara in 1651.  The ships lists generally found on the web are copyright so please take care of the source you use.  The inbound, settlement and subsequent children are covered under the relevant colony project under the US project.  There is discussion and activity relating to "indentured servitude" vs slavery in those projects.  The source and origin of the individuals is managed under Scottish Clans, under the individual Clan; such as Category: Clan MacBean.

The second period, 1685, might actually relate to the religious persecution of Protestant families in Scotland following the arrival of James VII as King in Feb 1685; he was Catholic.  They were not really POW's.  There were two ships, Henry & Francis, carrying "Coventers" families from Leith (Edinburgh) to New Jersey, arriving New Jersey in Dec 1685.  Again the Ships Lists are copyright depending on source used.  These families are managed under the US immigration.

There was a later deportation, after the Williamite Revolution ("The Glorious Revolution") but this occurred later, in 1689 and 1690 and these were mainly Irish Catholics, although Scottish Catholics are noticed amongst the lists.

Depending on your interest it might be resolvable through the application of a category, if you drop me a note I can raise the issue with the Categorisation project.  If there is a need to rationalise and clean up individual profiles it might be optimal to assist the current relevant colony project team.  I notice you have the Irish Roots badge but if you are looking to help the Clans then drop a note to Maria Maxwell or myself and we can place up the Scottish Clans.
I'd like to keep on on this topic and see how it plays out. I'd love to find a project with this particular subject
Ditto here.  I have traced ancestors to a SPOW (Scottish POW) in Massachusetts Bay Colony area in 1620s.  I would like to participate in this project if there is one.
Please don't wait for a top-down decision to start a project -- that's not how things like this get started on WikiTree. Folks who are excited about this subject should pursue the topics that interest you on free-space pages. I've posted an answer (below) with some ideas....

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Not yet but don't you think there should be one? It would make an excellent Subproject under Military and War! There is great research on the subject that has laid the ground work. It would be good to honor those POWs!
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I agree :)
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This is a multi-faceted topic (including but not limited to the Scottish origins of the affected individuals, the battles themselves, the transportation of the captured soldiers, the situations/settings to which they ware transported, and the subsequent lives of the men who were transported), and it is one that WikiTree members have been addressing in a variety of different contexts. I know of a couple of examples:

Projects like this one usually start as free-space projects. To move forward as a free-space project, that Battle of Dunbar category (and categories for other battles whose Scottish survivors got transported) should be accompanied by a free-space page to provide more information about the battle and the fate of the survivors -- and research resources for finding more information. Pages also could be created regarding the various places where captives were held before they were transported, the ships that transported them, and the iron works and other operations where they were forced to work.

The battles themselves are only a small part of the stories to be told. (It's been said that the men who died in battle were the lucky ones, as the battle survivors had terrible ordeals.) In addition to the Military and War angle, I know there is significant potential for overlap/interaction with the Puritan Great Migration and Massachusetts projects, and I think the same is likely true for some projects related to pre-1700 history in other areas where captives were sent. And the Scotland project may be able to help find the origins of these soldiers.

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