What would be the best way to keep WikiTree records and my current setup in sync?

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first iam very new here, my main genealogy interest are in the history of my farmhouse in Mühlviertel/Austria and the persons/femilies related to it in the history.

Now I found WikiTree and iam thinking to add my data to the whole tree database here, but i am worryed how i could keep the data in WikiTree in sync with my setup i have now.

Iam currently working over ancestry.com an there Android Apps und FamilyTree Maker World Express for lokal backup.

GEDCompare has no mathes for my data (~400 persons) with the WikiTree data.

I know adding the data would be a good lot of work (mainly adding proper citation) but how would it be possible to keep track of all the tiny improvements/corrections, like adding a new date of birth or changing the date from just the year to a exact date? How are you all doing that, all manually by hand? Or just working on the WikiTree data?

Thanks a lot

Markus Hetzmannseder
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Well for example you can have links to census records or photos or birth certificates added by other members, but as I understand it you cannot add these to wikitree because of copyright
Thank you very much Paul.

I believe that the exact same laws apply to both sites :)

I don't feel lacking here.

There are no warnings about copyright on Ancestry, so are you saying there is no problem adding copies of census images, birth certificates Im quite new to wikitree so I happily accept I could have misunderstood.

But even so much as I love the wikitree idea I still thinks it eeasier to add sources to people on ancestry and then import persons into wiktree rather than adding the directly into wikitree.
Hi Keith,

one thing i have at Ancestry ist the listed last leaf in the tree. Usually its coming from something like a marriage entry with just the names of the parents. At Ancestry i just add that names for the parents and maybe find more details later on (or maybe not if nothing more available)

Here i should have at least one relevant date of the person, so i cant add this last leaf entry.
we do so with estimated birth or death dates
Ahh ok, I was thinking estimated dates would be only something like i know the age in years at death time and estimate the year of birth with just a failure of just a year up or down or something similar. Just found this too: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Estimated_dates
Actually there dont seem to be fields for the most basic of things like baptism or occupation. Of course you can put what you like in the biography but dedicated fields would allow searches for all bricklayers, or all baptised on this date without that I dont see how this can be done.

We do this with Categories :)

Additionally; another feature on the people-search page (located at the bottom) is the option to search for specific words within WikiTree pages such as locations, events, other names, etc.

Using the People-Search page, google option at the bottom, I searched for "baptized May 30, 1731".  The results page gave me a correct hit.  All normal google-search features work such as quotes, addition signs, etc.  

Pretty cool.

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Thanks a lot for all the comments/answers, i will give it a try and will start with a small part of my tree with a gedcom import. During the migration prozess i will see how it will work out with the syncing and how it will be here at WikiTree in general.

by Markus Hetzmannseder G2G Crew (680 points)
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I think its whatever works best for you, I use a spreadsheet to record when i have moved a person from my family tree maker to wikitree with a notes column to show if the record is complete or if it needs rechecking for further information later and what it needs etc.


It also meant that I sat down and had a think about what are the minimum sources I would like to record for different type of ancestors. I also made a copy of my main database and set a flag to show wiki on the record, so when i get toward the end of migrating records I will know who has been missed. I've an extreamly large family tree to migrate over so wanted to be pretty organised with it early on. I think some other family historians use the freespace profiles and to do lists in wiki.
by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 7 (71.6k points)
I found this Tool for printing different types of spread sheets last night.

 http://www.ancestry.com/download/Charts  Posted on:

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Good question and I'm afraid that the answer is that you can not.  I give this answer based on a very strict idea of "in sync" - meaning that every change made on Wikitree for any profile that you also have in your personal system will always match 100%.

That does not mean you should not use Wikitree - you will find more useful connections and are more likely to have solid sources for that information than you will else where.  I made a point of recording all of the Wikitree ID numbers in my personal data set and recording in my data, by adding a code, when I had edited the Wikitree profile.  This means that I know that at one point my data and Wiktree matched - however it would be impossible for me to know about every single change made on Wiktree for any profile that I have an interest in - I will see all those where I am on the trusted list but as I have edited over 10,000 profiles that are connected to me but have only 3500 in my trusted list I will not see the changes for the other 6500.  I will see some of them for names that I follow but as I do not follow Smith or Jones I will miss many.
by Philip Smith G2G6 Pilot (307k points)
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-I use a Word document based on my Ahnentafel and WikiTree profile sections (Biography, Sources, so on).
-Each ancestral couple gets a document that lists their children (excluding my direct ancestor which has their own document).  Each person becomes a section in that document with their spouses and children listed.
-To that I add my document transcriptions and source citations. This also helps when a document is shared by the same people, I can cut-n-paste instead of retyping.
-I highlight any areas where I am missing information (1920 US census, etc.), anything that has not been inputted to WikiTree; and sources from a paid/subscription site.
-This way I have family group information together in the same place in a readable format; and I know where I left off in updating WikiTree or my research.
by Kathleen Heath G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
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I think that there are pluses to using  both Wikitree and Ancestry. I am adding my family in one person at a time using the research that I store and search for on Ancestry. Then using that data I am adding sources for each person in my tree and writing biographies. I was not under the impression, and I could be wrong, about taking a picture of a death certificate or census and adding it to my profiles on Wikitree. If that is a copyright problem, I'm in big trouble because I've been doing that for quite awhile.

I like the concept of Wikitree, but I do not use it for the research part, just the recording part. It takes a long time to do a good job, but I am trying to include as much as I can find and tell a story about the person. Much of my original roots web Gedcom seems to be added by another person so sometimes I hit a roadblock getting on the trusted list for someone in my direct family line from someone who barely makes an appearance on Wikitree.
by Nikki Byer G2G6 (8.6k points)

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