I am attempting a change, for the better I hope.

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I have been working on adding sources to profiles, both the one's I manage and also some that I don't, and still plan on continuing along those lines. The change involves the process I undergo in doing that. Up to this time I have been trying to work from the profile on my Watchlist that has the oldest last edit date. I still plan on doing that but my methods will change after that point. The big change is instead of trying to add the source to everyone listed on it I plan on sticking to the person I was searching for and unless the parents are listed and they are not on here yet I plan on not adding the source to other profiles that I could do that to. My reasoning for this change is I want to try and do better, more complete profiles for the one's I am working on and even take the time to prune the branch lines from my watchlist. In the end I should be doing better work with the possible result of a lower contribution count and a smaller watchlist size.
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Yes, that is my issue as well. I go back and forth but I remember reading some advice on WikiTree a while back that talked about doing a certain task for a while and when you tire of that task, move on to something else. That works best for me. For now, I am going through the +2,000 profiles that I manage as you said you do, from the oldest edit date. I am bringing them up to a certain standard, finding mistakes I've made (sad face) and connecting them if I can, which often means creating new profiles. I still have to do merges and sourcing and tending to the Louisiana and Acadian Project profiles. 

Perhaps, we could both decide to do a certain number of new profiles we stumble upon each week and move on? It's all good isn't it? It is very hard to stay focussed and not get caught in sinkholes....I applaud your trying to improve profiles and wish you luck.

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The only thought that I come up with is this: Let us think about this.. I find a census record that has head of household then a cousin that we don't know the parents for. Is that cousin not valuable enough to begin a profile for?
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Yes they are valuable, but think about this. I have over 4500 profiles I manage and want to keep some room so that I can add people that are more important to me and if I start off on a tangent like that I could run out of room. Also I am trying to improve some of the profiles I want to set free but if I stop and add others on the same source document I could get lost and not only not finish the profile I started working on but also not remember which one I started with and it could be years before I get back to them. The other side of the coin is that by adding the cousin in your example they then become an unconnected person and with only a name that could be spelled wrong and an estimated birth date that new profile is now harder to source and connect, and yes I have found census records with incorrect spellings and birth dates off by over 3 years so it can happen.
See post above, I posted in the wrong place.
Jacqueline, I am still creating new profiles and even adopting some but I am fast approaching the 5000 profile limit and for that reason I need to cut my watchlist or else I will not have room to add the one's that are important to me.  For that reason I am not keeping all of the branches  that come off of the main ancestor lines, and I am not adding any others to those lines. They are important and deserve to be on WikiTree but I just do not have the ability to keep track of them so rather than do a poor job on them I prefer to leave them to others while I concentrate my efforts on making the main trunks as strong as possible. I am not advocating their removal and do not say to ignore them but as I work I now want to have the profiles I work on as complete as my ability allows and I will be setting the outer branches free for others that may be interested in them to work on.
You can always create a profile, put the one source on it, and then abandon it.  Hopefully someone will come along later and add more to it.  I feel if you have legitimate data saying that person existed, it's good to add that person for someone else to find, maybe even years later.  And you're not adding to your 5K watchlist limit.  

You do have to draw the line how far down that rabbit trail you go, because at some point you want to be entering data on your own line again.  Sometimes I'll make a comment in the bio that this source includes x number of children, but not make profiles of the children. But at least the information you found isn't lost.

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