Unloaded some living relatives on a distant cousin, now inactive user

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As the topic states, I unloaded a branch of people onto a cousin, that accepted an invitation to Wikitree but haven't been back since the beginning of 2015.

A long time ago I imported people from my ancestry tree that was born post 1900 in a separate import from those born before, because I wasn't sure about the privacy settings on Wikitree in the beginning, so now I have some family members that is disconnected from the tree, and among those families some that my cousin is PM for, so I can not attach the loose individuals to the tree, as he does not respond.

Is there a way to transfer the family members back to me? I'm sure there should be some sort of history stating I was the original manager.

My cousins ID: Månsson-384


Request to Henning Månsson on Jan 4, 2016 regarding access to Jennie Bjernevall - Not completed

Request to Henning Månsson on Jan 4, 2016 regarding access to Majlis Henrietta Birgitta Månsson - Not completed

Request to Henning Månsson on Jan 4, 2016 regarding access to Karl Åke Ragnar Månsson - Not completed

Request to Henning Månsson on Jan 4, 2016 regarding access to Ola Bjernevall - Not completed

As far as I understand it that should be enough to warrant a transfer.

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I would say - first request access (trusted status) on those profiles.   If your cousin  remains truly inactive, the profiles can be opened up to your adoption.   The normal steps for opening up profiles involve the request, and posting to their profile, then if still no response, you can then request they be opened up for your adoption - which will involve a further step of someone (staff?) attempting to contact the current manager.
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Sounds like she's already done the first part. She should be able to move directly to the unresponsive manager request.
Hi, thanks, added the requests into my questions, so maybe it was missed. I already waited months for a response, how do I move forwards?
There should be a link at the bottom of the pertinent profile something along the lines of "inactive profile manager request" or "open profile request" or something like that. (You can tell I don't use it very often...)
I tried to do so, but it says I also have to have posted to his profile and sent him a PM.. do I really have to do all this, I already tried contacting him directly via his email. Now I have to wait another week after pm/profile posting..?

I'm sorry but there should be an easier way to do this. I know I should have waited to see if he made any contributions before giving him access to the living individual's profiles that's on his branch (he was very involved when we first met, thought he'd be more enthusiastic) now I just wanna correct my mistake and it seems really bloody difficult.

Should I just tick the boxes saying I have done so (explained in the message part that I tried to contact him directly), or am I forced to do all 3 things (it wont let me send the request if not all of the 3 "options" are ticked).
I agree it is cumbersome.  It should be more straight forward when a person hasn't contributed in years.
If I were you I'd email info @ wikitree . com, explain the situation and request to have the profiles returned to your management.

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