Have you taken an autosomal DNA test and descend from a Rouse family from Georgia or North Carolina?

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I am trying to contact people that descend from any Rouse family in North Carolina and/or Georgia that have taken an autosomal (aka Family Finder) DNA test. My 2nd-great-grandmother was Angeline ROUSE, born 23 Sep 1821 in Georgia. She married John Christopher SNELL. I believe her father was possibly Reddin (aka Redding) Rouse, born c 1796 in North Carolina, married Nancy (last name unknown). Redding & Nancy had children named James (born c 1817, married Martha Sutton), Angeline (perhaps), Mary, Thomas, Matilda, Ellen, Louisa.

Reddin Rouse lived in Twiggs county, Georgia by 1820 and in Houston county, GA by 1827.

I am hoping to use DNA to locate my Rouse family (i.e. Angeline's family line). I have tested (both my dad and me) with both ancestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA and uploaded our results to Gedmatch. Please, if you've tested your DNA and descend from a Rouse that was in NC or GA, contact me so we can exchange test ID #s and see: 1) if we share DNA; and 2) if so, what chromosome & segment do we match on? I have a match with a descendant of a Bennett Rouse, but he doesn't know his lineage.  I also have a match with a descendant of Chloe ROUSE (1787-1866) who married Elijah BURNHAM (aka Burnam). They lived in Duplin, NC and later moved to Georgia (Twiggs, Macon, Houston counties). Another match has a Frances ROUSE (1723-1790) who married Jonathan DAWSON and was from North Carolina. Some trees show her as daughter of Alexander Rouse 1690 Norfolk, VA -1778 Wilmington, New Hanover, NC (son of John Rouse/Ross) & Elizabeth Sanders b 1692 Isle of Wight, VA.

Do any of these names ring a bell with anyone? Even if you haven't tested your autosomal DNA, if you know anything about the parents of any of these Rouses it can provide a clue.  Thanks very much!

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in Genealogy Help by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (557k points)
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My husband's Rouse family starts in New York, and came down to Georgia.  Unfortunately, I have not gone very far back in that direction.  So, if those names are there, I don't know about it yet.  The counties around here are Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, and a few others.  If you find your research taking you down that way, I will help in any way possible.

Edit: in reviewing that tree, I noticed there is a portion of the family in Indiana, before Georgia.  Sorry I couldn't help on this one.

Are these the Rouses originally from the Devon area in England, or at least they married into the Upjohn family (clockmakers) there? The Snell connection sounds familiar. We share some small segments; my kit is SW6793958.

Hi Amy,

I'm not sure where my Rouse line originated, since they're one of my brick walls.  But you and I seem to have a common ancestor, as you share three segments with my dad, with an estimated common ancestor back about 7 generations:

Comparing Kit T673925 (*George Athey) [Migration - F2 - F] and SW6793958 (*Barton/Lander) [23andMe]

Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
2 14,078,931 18,113,623 6.7 219
4 147,970,022 154,955,311 6.9 292
19 30,478,431 34,603,466 7.9 259

Largest segment = 7.9 cM
Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 6.7

The segment on chr.4 I know traces to/through William Snell and Martha Dorminy, as it's part of a triangulated group I previously identified.  That wouldn't be through my Rouse line, as it was their son that married a Rouse.

What is your name on 23andMe?  I have segments mapped on the other chromosomes, but everyone isn't on Gedmatch.  Also, are you on MyHeritage?  If so, what is your name there.  If you prefer to discuss privately, send me a PM.

Thanks Darlene, this is helpful. I'm on 23 & Me under the same name, but I'm not sure what their threshold is for matching. Some of the smaller matches drop off the bottom of the list.
Sorry I see it has just changed my name. I'm on My Heritage and 23 & Me under my maiden name Barton.
I don't find you in my dad's matches at MyHeritage. See if you match Clarence Gissendanner, Donna Tetherow or J McKinney on MyHeritage; try David Carney and Brenda Snell Jackson on 23andMe.
Not showing up unfortunately. I'm on FTDNA too but don't see them there either.

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My rouses descend from ny
by Michelle Snook G2G Crew (320 points)
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No proven connection to Rouses in NC, but I did find evidence (an online family tree) of a likely related Rouse who supposedly originated from Strabane in Northern Ireland.
Be interesting to compare on FTDNA or Gedmatch?
My Gedmatch # is T582938, FTDNA 276651
by Jim Rouse G2G Crew (590 points)
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I descend from a Sarah Sally Rouse who married Joel Creech in NC. By my research, the last name is either Germanic or Scottish: see Le Rous, and the E was added to make it Anglicized since it was a Norman surname. There was a Paulser Rouse who was boborn in Germany and came to America in the 1750s, to Pennsylvania, but his family came to NC.
by Derek Blackman G2G6 Mach 2 (22.0k points)
There was a Roux from France who became a Rouse in the U.S.
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Hi Angeline!

I am diligently working on our early American Rausch/Roush/Rouse possible ancestors connections but as of yet have not established any firm results via a significant amount of cm or reliable paper trail. BUT I have numerous cross-connections that look very strong. Our Rausch/Rauch family immigrated to Dobrinka,Russia in 1765 from Germany, my research indicates Hesse,Germany but i have not yet confirmed that. We were in Russia till the early 1900's while our other Rausch's either stayed in Germany or immigrated to America. The contrasting immigration paths have made it very challenging to find our distant common ancestors and exact origins in Germany but I am very passionate about our quest!

I did run a cm test on-

You A179614    M687925  A554446  T673725 & Jim Rouse T582938

My cousin Kathy A045749   Myself T461065

Kathy or I did not triangulate with ya'all interestingly enough,but you /I averaged about 4cm on 1,8,18,20 chromosomes?! Ummmmmm

It would sure be interesting to get some expert opinion if this is coincidental or a possibility of a connection?! Kathy/I cross-match with numerous Rausch/Roush/Rouse on AncestryDNA esp with descendants of Johann Adam Rausch/Roush 1711-1786.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and others!


Chriss Rusch   chriss3800@hotmail.com     rusch58

by Chriss Rusch Rausch Rauch G2G Crew (320 points)
H Chriss, I wouldn't expect to share a sizable amount of DNA with you through my Rouse line.  My Rouses were in the U.S. since at least the 1700s.  Hopefully will at some point make some progress on their ancestry.  All the best!
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My grandmother was Lucinda Elisabeth Rouse Walker . They were from Georgia and Carolinas.Milberry is Millberry Sheffield Harrell.  Married Needham Harrell.
by Becky Stokley Hayes Hayes G2G1 (1.4k points)
I'm on the same line as Becky, Lucinda Rouse was my great-grandmother.  My GED is A294098.
My Ged is # A317246. Tara and I  are Elizabeth Rouse's Great-grandaughter's.
Thanks Becky and Tara.  I did a one to one comparison between my dad and each of you, but unfortunately you neither one share any DNA with him.

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