tracing the Dunford family

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now going back to William 1 Conqueror

we had but with some Doubt william 1 after the Battle of hastings giving his Officers land to Farm and having Two Brothers Generals Named Dunford he gave them Lancashire and Yorkshire Land to Farm

now going on we find Little and Great Durnford in Yorkshire

Now after some Searches in the Yorkshire Librarys and asking Question leaving my Email Address there i have come up with some very good News

First they found that the Dunfords did come from Normandy France.

This Surname of Dunford was a Location Name of Donville in Calvados ,Normandy France,

The Name was Brought to England in the Wake of the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Family were given Free Land to Farm near Penistone West Yorkshire,

The Dunfords were Born in Dunford. Donville Calvados Normandy France.

Near the Same Time as William 1 ,He also was Born in Calvados Normandy. France,

So of Course he would have Taken these Dunfords with him

now Local Names Denote the Birthplace of a Person it was there Identification. So they would have ther Christain Name the there "Someone De Dunford" as we have in Hugh De Dunford 1274 Yorkshire,and William De Dunford of yorkshire

Now we can prove a Lot of this by Dunford River now Knowbody could Change the Name of a River Except a King.Dunford Bridge built 1066 .Dunford Town ,Dunford Village,Now to Name these Places Dunford,there must have been a Dunford Name

Now they say William 1 gave them 4 Hides of Land..And Next to them was William of EU Who had 16 Hides of Land.But in 1086 William of EU was found to be a Traitor to the King and was Executed .His 16 Hides of Land was given to the Dunford Family. And Today Look on the Map of Yorkshire.(i have just downloaded it) You will find Dunford Land of 20 Hides near Dunford Bridge.near Penistone..It is not called durnford but dunford this is where great durnford was.

But they say that Durnford Name came from Dunford Town.

Now when William of EU Land was given to the Dunford Family it was named Great and Little Durnford was this a Misspelling.Should it have been Dunford, Because every Name coming out of there was a Dunford.

When Cromwell came back from Ireland he gave the Land in Ireland to the Dunford Family Not Durnford.And when you look at the Names taken on the Farms in Ireland you will find they all were Dunfords,

When Charles 1, asked the Richest Landowner in England to pay for Ship Money in Parliament he asked Thomas Dunford who Refused.

During the Reign  of king Edward 111. 1327 -1377 And William Dunford of Yorkshire

Then Another Twist  in 1640 The Durnford Sailed to America on the Huge Armada  of Three Masted Sailing Ships known as White Sails .But When they Arrived in North America. No Durnfords were Aboard. Only Dunfords .(Check this out) First one to Arrive was John Dunford who Purchased Huge Parcels of Land on the Eastern Seaboard,James Dunford Brought the Family to New York City ,And more 20 Families Settled in Pennsylvania ,Another John Dunford Settled in Newfoundland at Battle Harbour. Labrador.Phillip Dunford Married there and Settled in Harbour Grace Rencontre.Another Ten Families Traveled on the Wagon Train accross the prairies to the west coast but none were durnfords,

so what do we all know now was durnford a misspelled name .did dunford travel to england from normandy with william 1.if he did not give them land to farm why is there still proof to see .on maps on places .

now did you know that there is a green book and dunford associates where parts of dunford holdings were put in store for the National Archives Then there are the Cobden Papers where Cobden had a 500 Year Lease on Dunford Farmhouse and Changed it to Dunford House

And Dunford v Payne  were the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace Library hold History of the Dunford Family 1678

Then Lawyers Baddesley Clinton Holding Ducuments of Lands,Tenements. Houses. Gardens.Woods. Moors,Meadows. Pastures Arable Lands. Hedges.of Dunford Family Held by Shakespear Birthplace Trust 12 October 1329

Now the Very Newest News from Ireland

They have Found the Documents made out by Cromwell with the Survey of all Land what was given to the English not only Dunfords ,But first it Gives who was the Owners of the Land. At First Then the Names of the English who took it Over,it Is Called the DOWN SURVEY OF IRELAND For the First Time Ever we will see all the Names,Now it Seems all Around Dublin the Murphy Family had the Farms ( from the king of ireland durrhanha) Which the Dunford Family took Over ,But the Dunford Family had to Trade with the Murphy Families for Cattle ,Sheep. Pigs Chicken Ducks Seed .Everything and While Trading Dunfords Married Murphys Murphy Married Dunfords And they Shared the Farms, Look up Murphy Clan, On the Websites will tell you all about This,

Now we have gone from 1066 to 1650 .and as they were all through these years the richest landowners in England they all spent some time in Parliament .

Which Covered

House of Normandy

William1    1066 -1087

William 11   1087-110

Henry 1       11oo -1135

Stephen       1135 -1154

House of Planagenet

Henry 11         1154-1189

Richard 1          1189-1195

John 1               1199--1216

Henry 111          1216--1272

Edward 1             1272--1307

Edward 11              1307-1327

Edward 111            1327-1377

Richard 11               1377--1399  

House of Lancashire

Henry 1v                    1399--1413

Henry v                        1413--1422

Henry v1                       1422---1416

House of York

Edward 1v                         1416---1483

Richard 111                        1483---1485

House of Tudor

Henry v11                             1485--1509

Henry v111                             1509--1547

Edward v1                                1547----1553

Mary 1                                       1553---1558

Elizabeth 1                                  1558 -1603

House of Stuart

James 1 of England and v1 of Scotland.1603--1625

Charles 1                                      1625---1649

Commonwealth Declared 1649

Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector                1653-1658

Richard Cromwell                                   1658 1659

House of Stuart

we must dig deeper if the Dunford were helping each House of England
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this is what through me in the very first time i read from ancestry family tree.

Dunford name meaning

Dunford Bridge so called from River Don .British name meaning river +old English Ford ."Ford"or don or dun river and ford bridge

Now we have proved this is all Nonsence as 3 000 years Aqo the Celetics called the River Don after there Celtic Mother Goddess Danua.then the Romans came Stopped at River Don and Biult a Fort there in AD 71 Calling it after the Celtic Goddess Danum where Doncaster got its Name.Proving that Dunford Bridge was Named after a Person,Dunford Bridge  is in Dunford .Dunford is a Cival Parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley South Yorkshire.Les in the Peak District the Parish is Centard on Dunford the West and Lower  Cumberworth on the East Dunford Parish is 2400 Acreas or 20 Hides of Land.Dunford Parish Today Includes Several Villages .Hamlets Such As

Carecotes and Flouch


Dunford Bridge



Royd Moor

Scouts Dyke


Upper and Lower Windleden


Now all this Land is the Same Area that William 1 the Conqueror Gave to Dunford .and to William of EUu but William of EU was Executed and his Land given to Dunford in 1086 .Now Dunford had 20 Hides of Land and put up a Bridge called Dunford Bridge in the Parish of Dunford.which as you see is Still there today

Now when the Dunford Family started Farming look how much they Farmed know wonder they were the Richest Landowners in England..Serving the Royal Household with Food.for there Kitchens.maybe Breeding Horses as well now this all Ties up .

Now the only thing missing is there Christain Names (We have them in 1700 Fleeing Charles 1 going to America.) but how can we find there Family Tree in 1100 did they have Hospitals maybe Baptism of there Children but what would have been there nearest Church in South Yorkshire near Dunford Parish.could we still find records.We know they had a Dunford Town there but that Disappeared .Where the Dunfolk come from .And they say the Dirnford Family come from Dunford Town

Iam once again going to send a old map of Yorkshire showing the Dunford Bridge and the Dunford Land of 20 Hides of Tracing the Dunford Tree  DUNFORD- 244 .Hoping you could put it with Tracing the Dunford Tree for all the Members to see.
wheni thought there can be no more to find out more is coming in .i have started something i cannot stop,

now i said now i must find out more about the other brother Dunford. i know one brother went to Yorkshire and we found out a lot from there.

but if you could help me with this one and the information i have been given

It seems in the parish of Charlbury county of Wiltshire there was a large area of sheep farming.near Evanlode river. in 1066 this parish was called Ceorlebury.and was given to the Dunford family it was still called Dunford in the 19 Century.please can you find any information on this

and besides Charlbury there is Fawler.and Flintstock which also was Dunford.They say the ground was no good for arable stock but breeding Sheep by the Hundred was Here .
just found a little more which you might be interested in

it reads after the start of the cival war 1642.because the memorirs of family dunford the children almost constantly attened the cattle.and were obliged to use many stratagents to prevent them being seized and driven away by numerouse parts of soldiers roylist and republic as each inthere turns succeeded andscoured the country for provisions and save there property and livestock they had to get away as soonas they could
Even more to make you think from Northern Ireland going back to 1178 When the Normans took over Ireland and a Norman knight called Roger De Dunsford who said Dunsford is not correct it is Dunford.and the Land given him from Henry11 still called Dunford in Ardglass Northeren Ireland and the Stories arounf Knight De dunford of the Liitle People Faries and giants Called the Piping and the Ceili of Little People been Told Around the Fireside in Ireland for 900 Years.look up Ardglass Village Tour of Dunford So We now know in Henry 11 Riegn Dunford was one of his Knights, This Proves that from 1066 Dunfords were Knights in William 1 Army.and in Henry 11 Army Dunfords Knights  Were in his Army,.You have to Read this even a Church Named after Him ( and Below a Knight in Henry 1 Riegn )now I have some more.where dunford is by are there is a golf there games room they have a shield with roger de dunford riding a horse holding a sword and he has long white the question it possible he came from dunford parish near dunford bridge,was the first dunford there his great grand father.he came from somewhere .also it seems all the Kings kept there knights in parliament.with them and they were being paid to be there William 1time they were receiving 60 pounds a year some of this paid there tax on there If we could find the tax man office for 11 century we could find there names .beleive i need more help with all this.some one to look it all over and tell me what is correct and what is not.imam finding all this out but need some one with more experience to sort it all out.we know that a dunford family must have lived at  dunford village .dunford land and built or had dunford bridge built.but we do not know his Christian name,or his family or wife.we they built wonderful houses dunford house with 32. Bedrooms.and others .had more land all over England.i can't help wondering why know body has looked into this before now.ifbany one out there has any ideas.any genealogist whom can see what is wrong email me or add .i never knew when I started what a great story this is.the control they had.the battles they were in .not only in England but America to.

now from Petersfield more to read

in Petersfield Towm there is a Old Statue (since reading your Family of Dunfords and you are still Searching thought i should give you our Story of the Dunfords.our Dunford is of Baron De Dunford.Seigner De Lady Holt Et Autres Lieeux.

.He is Registered in France as well

1649 the execution of king charles 1

it was at this Time or about this Time that the Secretary ( of Oliver Cromwell) was Creating a Baron and the Mural Tablet still remaining in the Chapel of the Scoth College at Paris Descibers as John Caryll Baron De Dunford.De Harting

Baron Caryll of Durnford Town Nephew and Heir Male of the Puiscats Dame Madam Maria Mackenzie Vauve De My Lord Caryll Baron De Dunford

Baron Caryll De Dunford in Harting Sussex 29 January 1698.and Museum at Dunkirk the Central Panel of which Reprises the Martydom of the Saint and the Two Others Scenes in the Life of Baron De Dunford


The Scottish Towns Named Dunford and Parishes Accross England are at Chester,.Nottingham.Norfolk.Yorkshire Lancashire Sussex Devon.Wiltshire

When Reginald De Dunford was Made Baron on  Tenure in the Western Counties temp King Henry 1 of England

find out a lot more.look up Dunford and Payne

And Archbishops of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace Library they hold the History of the Dunford Family 1678

So you see people are still sending me in there finds.but the one about ireland is very good
another one looking up lawyers for Dunford trust.

1329 Largest Landowner in Warwichshire

Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton Documents and Title

to Robert Dunford of Kenilleworth of all the Lands.Tenements...Houses,Gardens.Woods.Moors.Meadows.Pastures.Feeders.Arable Lands.Hedges.Which are all owned by Robert Dunford.

This Day 12 October 1329

Held by Shakspear Birthplace Trust Reference DR 3/47
now i have been looking for Dunford Town.Tried everywhere Knowbody heard of it .Dernford Family say it is where the Durnford came From..Now been sent this,On the Dunford Bridge Map it gives Dunford Land thats all But been sent another Map showing the Land is just Called Dunford.and on this there is still some  Grade 11 Dunford Farm Houses.they are called Large Barn to Upper TOWN Head Farm .Now could this be the Town i have been looking for.

And Another Twist( if you could look into it for me) is that in the 12 Century the Dunford Family were Excomunicated for Heresy Changed There Name to Durnford .then in 13 Century they had there Name again as Dunford

IS THIS WHY WE HAVE LITTLE DURNFORD AND GREAT DURNFORD when the dernford family tree spoke about dunford town saying this is where the durnford so came from I could not understand.but now tibia clear.when I realised that the dunford changing there names to durnford to hide there true names.they come from dunford town.until there names were cleared,is this why in 1650.when they were fleeing from King Charles 1. And booked the ships to America they booked them in durnford name but no durnford so arrived in America only dunfords,how clever.
All I can say is thank you all for helping me.we have sorted a lot out.first it was them saying that dunford gets there name from the river don.which we know now this is all wrong.river don was named long before the dunford name ever appeared 3.000 years ago.named after a Celtic mother goddess.second that dunford was just a place not a name.when we have proved they were knights and lords in parliament.the wealthiest landowners in England.and we have carried on and found out so much what would I ever done without my friends.sending in all this information to me.we will get there in the end still a long way to go but just look what we have found out.thank you all .what a family tree this will make.
tracing the family tree

First thank you for all your Help on Tracing the Dunford Tree from 1066 to 1650

But there was one thing i could not Prove(until now) Which Worried Me ,This was did Dunford Build the Dunford Bridge .On the Map it shows Dunford how could i prove Dunford Built the Bridge .now if you read this you will know

First i tried every Archive, Library, I could think of .Every Genealogy Family Search.Then i had this Wonderful Reply back from Lancashire Library , Telling me it is all  in the Doomsday Book ,And could be Found Once you know the Names of the Old Parishes in 1086.Before a Bridge was Built,

Land Around the River Ancient Archives for 1086,was called Burnt Cumberworth, Now go to Burnt Cumberworth. You will find Burn town .and  the Village.and Civil Parish in Selioy District of North Yorkshire  in 1086 .the Area was known as Beruit  and Berewith  the Parish is Centre of Dunford Bridge Now .To the West of lLwer Cumberworth,so Todays Maps Show no Cumberworth no Beruit or Berewith .or Town of Burn .but the maps after 1086 shows Dunford Bridge Dunford Land.

One more Piece i should like to Show You one of the Dunfords in 1200 .Moved to Plymouth (Maybe you can find out More) Built a House he Called Cotehele House Owned Vast Amount of Land .Became the Riches Man in England. One of his Grandsons Steven Dunford Born 1445 Had a Daughter Joan Dunford Born 1475 ,Heiress to all the Money Married  Sir Piers Edgcoumbe .On the Wedding Father Steven Gave them the Cotehele House .Piers Edgcoumbe Fought for Lancashire against King Richard 111 in the War of the Roses.
Just had more information in 1066,all the land at cumberworth was owned by Ailric  9 homes ,no bridge ,no such name as Dunford peniston,bansley,,crow end,only oderesfelt,so Dunford and Dunford bridge was there after 1066,
More information just came in William 1battle of Hastings gave two brothers fees in land one general Dunford was given land in Yorkshire ,the other general named as William of eu was given land in lancashire but lancashire was not there in. 1066,so he went to Wiltshire named his estates as little durnford ,great durnford and Dunford village Dunford house,so William of eu was a Dunford,in 1086,latter he was given land next to his brother in Yorkshire,then he was executed for treason his land given to his+brother in Yorkshire,I never ever saw this but when you look at it why did he name his land. Little and great durnford ,and House dunford,

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Just found dunford farm where Richard Cobden was born had a letter stating the dunford who first had the farm and built the beautiful house was from Yorkshire near Yorkshire dunford bridge do you know any more
More can’t beleive this Isaac and Leah bailey Dunford Family tree ,Dunford were french Huguenots Norman french invaded england with William the conqueror 1066,are they related to me ,this is all I know ,never heard of them before ,can you help please might find John Dunford born 1778 married Martha,

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