Deleting all one's contributions and removing personal profile

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How does one delete all their contributions to WikiTree (profiles, comments, sources, etc). Then, only after this data has been removed, have their personal profile deleted?
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in WikiTree Tech by Bob Diao G2G2 (2.5k points)
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Eowyn Langholf, thank you for unhiding my question.

For the person who flagged it as inappropriate or SPAM, how can a question of this type be inappropriate? How can asking questions about how to remove one's support for a site which is becoming "Facist" in its control of its members, by creating and implementing rules which limit access to data provided by those same members without consulting them in advance? 

A flag doesn't mean anyone thought you're question was inappropriate or spam.  Sometimes members flag a question by accident, or not realizing what it's for.  Or someone may have flagged it to get the Leaders' attention quickly -- talk of deleting sources and profiles needs a quick response.

Nan, the mouse-over of "Flag" states"Flag this content as SPAM or inappropriate". This was followed 5 hours later by the note "reshown 3 hours ago by Eowyn Langholf". Which means that when content was flagged then hidden from view and could only be unhidden by a "Leader". Maybe the "Flag" is used for other purposes, I don't know. The fact is that the content was hidden for view for 5 hours without any contact what so ever. This is called censorship which should not happen when a simple question, without inappropriate content, is asked.

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While this explains how to close one's account it doesn't explain how to remove previous profiles, content and sources.
There is some great information on
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Manual work I assume...

by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (304k points)
I agree with Magnus, it will take about the same amount of effort it took to put them there in the first place.
No, it takes much much more. Most of the content was imported by GEDCOM. Removing ~800 profiles one by one would take forever.
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Why would you want to remove your contributions? It looks like you've been a productive contributor of content for 18th and 19th century people in your ancestry. What makes you want to take your content away?

Or are you asking on behalf of someone else?
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

Very simply, pre-1500 lock-out. 
Yesterday I returned to start adding sources to my pre-1500 profiles (De_Atherton-12, De_Atherton-11) to find myself locked out (my 24th and 23rd great-grandfathers, direct line). The site indicated that I should apply for the pre-1500 badge. I applied for the badge but was refused by Maryann Hurt. Her words,
"1. Two or more postings in G2G - I only see one comment.
2. pre-1700 or project-protected profiles that demonstrate a practical understanding of the principles behind our Honor Code and Pre-1700 Self-Certification, especially regarding sources and collaboration in high-conflict areas.
Why not work on adding sources to some of the profiles you manage for people living in the years 1500-1700?  This would demonstrate that can abide by WikiTree's Honor Code, especially point VIII ..."

I have read some G2G content but for the most part I am a "troll". If I do not have information to share or if it does not pertain to my managed profiles then I just read and learn. I do not want access to all pre-1500, pre-1700 profiles, especially not those in high-conflict areas. Kings and queens don't interest me in the least. What interests me, where I enjoy digging and building, is my family, my direct family. 

Since early 2013 I have developed my family tree to include 16283 individuals. I have done this while building a business between Europe and China. I did this for fun and was willing to share my findings with this site. But if the "Leaders* of this site (Maryann Hurt included) are going to be autocratic with the way it is run then I am no longer interested in sharing what I have slaved for. 

This is why I wish to remove the information I have shared. If they want to information, they can dig for it themselves. 

Hi Bob

I said "In my opinion you haven't met two of the Pre-1500 badge criteria".
Ma'am, as previously stated, I do NOT want the badge. I only want access to my family. This has been denied me. In your opinion I am not to be allowed access. This is the issue.

It's a drag that wikitree needed to initiate the pre-1500 badge.

But they did it because so much time was being spent by volunteers cleaning up after much effort had been done to correct the profiles and connections of these early early ancestors only to have someone come along and re-attach unproven or disproven relations.

Hence, the pre-1500 badge. Not ideal, but certainly not draconian or fascist.

I'm sorry you lost access to the profiles of your pre-1500 ancestors. Perhaps you could find a partner who does have pre-1500 badge status and work with them to improve those profiles.

I have such access and I'm willing to help.
Nice Jillaine, thanks!
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Closing an Account, Step Two: Delete profiles of living people, Step Three: Delete or close your account profile

Why is there no "delete" button on profiles?See below FAQ See: Profile Deletion FAQ

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

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