A small tech item, plus a suggestion

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Nothing serious, just a couple of small items. And, dammit, this is one of those queries it's hard to know what tags to give it!

So, I knew we had a profile for Emma (Romney) Ehring's father, but I needed to connect them. I thought that "Add Father" then putting in the name and years would be the quickest way. It would come up on the potential matches, and I could click "Add as Father." Regular part of working on WikiTree.

But this time I didn't get the "Add as Father" choice, I got "Request to Join Trusted List". Except I already am on the Trusted List for Miles Park Romney. So, that's a little inconvenient. Don't know how hard the fix would be, but it would be helpful to have the TL as well as the manager incorporated into that "compare close matches" box that comes up.

And, while we're at it, here's a suggestion of another small change I'd like to see. When you are a manager or TL member, a profile gives you a bunch of options for adding relations. Siblings, spouse, children, parents. Once there's a mother and father, you don't easily get to add another one. Makes sense, I guess. You don't want to make it too easy to mess with the lineage.

But spouses? I've been working primarily amongst Mormons lately, for my "LDS Mexican Colonias" subproject. Some of those pioneer Mormons had a LOT of wives. Emma's father, who died in Mexico, had at least five, for example. It sure would be nice to click "Add Spouse" directly from the profile to add another one. Instead, you have to open the edit tab, then click "Add Spouse" which opens another browser tab. IMO, that's more circuitous than necessary.

And it isn't just Mormons either. Nowadays, 50% of American marriages end in divorce, and many of those in subsequent remarriage. Earlier on, when people didn't live so long, and when being single wasn't so common, there were plenty of remarriages after a spouse's death. Colonial New England, it sometimes seems semi-random. Whoever happened to be widowed at a given time, the Puritans expected people to be married, and so marry they did. Most commonly, they were remarried in less than a year. Some of those Notables in entertainment have significant numbers of serial marriages, too. For example, country singer Merle Haggard, who died last week, was married five times. It would be a bit more streamlined and convenient if there could be an "Add Spouse" link, even when there already is one spouse - just like for children and siblings.

That's my two bits for now.

WikiTree profile: Emma Eyring
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