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Can we change the look of the Successionbox of HSA Kings and Queens so it is more prominent and more appealing?

As it is now, the template only shows the names of the predecessor and the successor in a plain type. On Wikipedia it has some more styling (template on WikiPedia).

Probably just a couple of lines in the CSS file, right?

in Genealogy Help by Martyn Grifhorst G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)
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It can definitely be changed to look fancier. I just created a really simple one, not being a very design-y person myself. I would like there to be a border and lines separating the columns/rows, at least, like the Wikipedia one.

I believe the text is actually the same as the Wikipedia one now. It's bold for the names, and if they're links then they're even more prominent. What more would you want done to the text?

Templates only allow wiki markup and HTML, not CSS, as far as I know. I don't think CSS is something users can edit. So I think these changes would need to be made right in the HTML.
by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (423k points)
It doesn't need to be too fancy, just a border and some color, like on Pedia.

But users don't need to edit the styling, that's what the template is for. The template holds the markup and the markup refers to the css. The styling is described in the css.
That's what I mean; I don't know where the CSS is. :)

I do, but I don't have access wink



Hi Lianne and Martyn,

Can't you do inline styling? For example, <div style="text-align:right;"></div>.


That would hugely increase the difficulty for users,because you need more than just align=right.

The current code (for users) is:

{{Succession box

 | title  = King Chris
 | years  = 2012 - 2013
 | before = Prince Charming
 | after  = none

Which is not that hard when you look at it.

If you would use inline styles, you would need 20 lines of code to make it work (which I won't paste here ;-)

Adding the styling to the css leaves the control on the server side. If you make a change, all boxes sitewide will change accordingly.
I can tell you where and what to add, if you want.


Chris: Yes, you can use inline style in the templates.

Martyn: I don't get it. If you do the styling in the templates, that still means the users don't have to worry about it. You'd still use that same simple code on the profiles. Only people who edit templates (currently just you and me) would ever have to worry about the styling.
Mmm ok, let's try some things. See if we can make it work :-)

Do we include a link to the 'House' or category in the Successionbox?
Currently the template doesn't have anything about houses in it, and doesn't put profiles into any categories. If we added something that displayed the house, we could easily use that to put profiles automatically in the right house category, as long as the categories follow our current standard of just the house name, eg. Category:Windsor.
I might be time late on this, but these are some good ideas! I have VERY little experience with web formatting but I have been learning si much just by experimenting and playing with style. My Munro Clan project is my baby, but consequently not mature yet. Succession boxes are the toughest for me right now but listening to conversations like this are encouraging! Trib

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