How to get 2 people onto the World War 1 list

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Have 2 cousins from same family that  died in France  One died Feb 19, 1917 & the other (a brother) died July 20, 1917.  Am having some difficulty understanding the instructions on the World War 1 project.  Both these men should be added in & know the first one should be on the "Killed in Action" listing.  Believe the other one died from fever whilst in hospital.

Need a bit of help here.
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I added the other profile war category for you.
Thank you so much.  Now can see what to do.  Not sure if everyone is dense as me, but think perhaps if they set out examples in the "helps" on these pages it would make things easier for people who don't really understand computers.  Just saying [[   ]] is not really a help.
the listings appear reversed.. for george in bio it has died in service, but added to he is added to category KIA, and for william bio says killed in action, but category is died in service.

depending on when and how the profile boxes were created, they sometimes automatically add to the category so there is no need to explicitly add to the category in the profile, case in point, the category World War I, KIA, Canada is not required for George as the profile box uses the info on the category line to add it in the background for this person.

for william, it has [[Category:Died in Military Service]].  if you want to have the profile show the black ribbon icon, you could change that to

{{Died in Military Service}}

this will show the ribbon as well as add it to the category


I am not sure how to do this?  If  someone could let me know - sorry your instructions don't penetrate my brain.  Want this to be thank you.
check your original sources and determine which of the brothers was KIA and which died in hospital, the profiles currently indicate conditions for both of the brothers.

for george, if he was killed in actoin, change line in bio section to killed in action.  if he was the one who died in the hospital, remove the {{profile box...}} entry and add [[Category: Died in Military Service]]  if all you want is the category entry, OR, add {{Died in Military Service}} to get category and black ribbon icon on profile page.


for william, if he died in hospital, change bio line to Died in hospital (or died in service) and leave the [[Category: Died in Military Service]] as is, OR, change it to {{Died in Military Service}}  if he was the one who was KIA, remove the died in mmilitary service category, and add the profile box (easiest would be to cut and paste what is currently in george's profile, which would be wrong if william was the brother who was KIA)
Too complicated for me.  Need help with this one.  Sorry not too bright with computers.
easy to solve...

1. confirm if it was george or william that was KIA (the other died in hospital from your earlier posts)

2. do you want the person who died in hospital to have the black ribbon to be shown (similar to the black ribbon on the KIA entry, but says died in service...)

3.  george is shown as being in the Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Reg) Division: 44 Bn, i will add the category closest to that (we are not supposed to make new categories at this point in time), william's unit is not listed, if you know that, let me know.

4. i will make the updates to the 2 profiles for you
Thank you.  It was George who was killed in action.  The other chap died in hospital but died in service to his country but not in battle.  

Thank you so much for giving me this help.
ok, done.  we do have a listing for [[Category: 44th Battalion, CEF]], but i did not see that battalion listed on wikipedia as an element of the New Brunswick Regiment, so for now just adding george to the default [[Category: Canadian Expeditionary Force]]
I just found out that John Lawrence Allbright also was in World War 1 & was injured while on duty.  Can you do your magic with him?

Thank you so much for all your help.
i added wounded in action template to his profile for you.

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i added World War one KIA to the George Albright.  For the other one, add

Category:Died in Military Service  surrounded by [[]]
by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
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Hi E. Lauraine,

There are Military/War projects here at this link. You may want to contact the leaders there at that project:

by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
I have looked at this site but did not understand any of the technical information.  Still unsure how to add in the World War 1 heading.  I need to see it written out to get the gist.  Of course could read the other parts which made sense but still unsure how to go about listing World War 1.
I drill down through the categories.
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I did change the category to WW1 KIA Canada and added the KIA ribbon.
{{Project Box
 | image = Roll of Honor Template-15.jpg
 | category = World War I, KIA, Canada
 | description = This person was KIA in World War I
 | project = Roll of Honor
by Tess Cameron G2G6 Mach 4 (48.8k points)
Thank you.  Not sure who put the title in, but grateful for the.
Thanks, Tess & Maureen.

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