when did url for my G2G profile page change?

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when I went to click on my pulldown menu for G2G profile it used to be


a server site message appeared that this was no longer the page. and had an active link sent me to


Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

Apache/2.2.31 (Amazon) Server at www.wikitree.com Port 443


Did I somehow fumble the selection of proper page?

No, it looks like this repeatedly comes up.

What exactly is significance of "wikicard" and why add a slash and something numeric after my std Wiki ID


Note: it is now an hour later and I believe the original url is back connected....I must speak out for the "old-timers", If you shock us with the unexpected MOVED PERMANENTLY, it gives the image of FindaGrave

WikiTree profile: Marty Ormond
in WikiTree Tech by Marty Ormond G2G6 Mach 5 (54.8k points)
edited by Marty Ormond

That just seems to happen sometimes. I click on people in G2G a lot, and that "Moved Permanently" message comes up occasionally. Sometimes there is a link, sometimes the link doesn't work. It always self corrects.

I even asked this question one day when it was particularly troublesome

When you get problem test the link http://www.wikitree.com/g2g/following

If the link works then it's probably an issue with the menue... 

I have had no problems so far...

I am on 

  • Chrome version 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit)
  • MacBook Air 4 GB memory
thank you Magnus, it appears that you were not logged in on https

Nice to have friends taking time to check things out.


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Hi Marty,

[Most of this will be more technical than you need ...]

It must be the https/http difference. Most things on WikiTree are not secured/encrypted (that's what the s indicates). Just login. It would slow things down too much to have everything secured.

Most everything should just redirect. That is, if you go to an https://www.wikitree.com URL it should redirect you to the http://www.wikitree.com equivalent.

I don't know why you'd be ending up at https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/user/Ormond-101 or why https://www.wikitree.com/wikicard/Ormond-101/626 wouldn't redirect to http://www.wikitree.com/wikicard/Ormond-101/626 but rather than solve that we should just be able to use an absolute URL http://www.wikitree.com/wikicard/Ormond-101/626 on the iframed content.


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
selected by Marty Ormond
Chris thanks for your slant.

I'm one of the nerds that does like to keep glancing at what my browser or my site server does on a regular basis and what times it goes to strange routines.

My browser right now is Firefox

I had thought I was logged in: looking back at my history library, I see that I was on https, then I think I did the pull down menu and went to G2G Profile.

Anyway I'm satisfied to hear about some of the normal variations.

But personally WHAT is significance of the /626 added on the string? I dislike cookies and tracking that do nothing for me, the user
Hi Marty.

The 626 isn't about tracking. We designed a nifty system for ourselves that can generate the same basic data in a lot of different ways, almost like an internal API. The number in a /treewidget/ or /wikicard/ directory indicates which template to use to display the data.

Now that you know this you might start noticing /treewidget/ and /wikicard/ in a lot of our URLs.

Chris, I love learning things, so thanks for your time and helpful dialog

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