What additional steps should I do to a Gedcom before importing into WikiTree

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I have a tree of about 5000 people in Ancestry.co.uk, I find Ancestry the best source for building my tree so I just keep the single tree, and add to it manually when I find new leads and sources on other sites.

Obviously I'm keen to import it into wikitree and share it with others, but only in small chunks when I'm happy with the quality of the tree. So I keep Ancestry synced with FamilyTreemaker and use FTM to export small branches as Gedcoms

1. However I have so far noticed that dates are not always parsed

2.Some of the sources refer to files on my local computer, which is not very helpful to anyone else I think these are when I have added something to a Gallery on Ancestry.co.uk and then it gets downloaded to my computer when I sync to FTM

3. Ancestry have a single field for first name/middle name but WikiTree has two fields,so after import middle name field is always blank.

Now since the Gedcom tree is a text file, is there any preparsing I could do before importing into WikiTree for the optimal import.

For example:

1. Should I remove these links to my files. Alternatively could I upload the images to my own website and link to that ?

2. I usually find birth records via Ancestry, but these in turn come form FreeBMD so is there a way to change birth citations to FreeBMD citations so that then visible to all those without Ancestry account.

3. Because Ancestry have a single field for first name/middle name but WikiTree has two fields, after import the middle name is always empty. In most cases when a person has two first names the second is a middle name so could I parse the Gedcom so that second name goes into a middle name field.


thanks Paul
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2 Answers

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After importing a GEDCO

Waiting for your GEDCOM to be approved

Where do you find your GEDCOM report page?

What should you do immediately after a GEDCOM import?

All your Gedcom Q&A found here:


by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Hi David, you have misunderstood my question, the question was what should I do do my Gedcom file BEFORE importing it to make the import better.

After importing a small number (since your tree is huge) you will be able to compare the import and edit each profile. Recommend you do this and see how it works for you and yes you will need to move some of your data such as the middle name. Also suggest you ask one of the mentors or leaders for advise on importing your GEDCOM they may have done this or know some one that has and can give better advise.

Guy Constantineau - Leader

Eowyn Langholf - Ambassado


It doesnt work for me, its a complete waste of my time to manually move all middle names from the first name field, that is why Im asking if the tree can be modified before hand so that the middle names can go straight into the middle name field.
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I have often wondered about that same question, but never tried anything. The GEDCOM format seems to be easy to read and understand. It makes sense that we should be able to tweek it to make the imported results look better.

The sources used in the GEDCOM are all located at the bottom of the GEDCOM file. That would be one place to start. Clean those up and maybe the results will be better.

Maybe there is a solution to the middle name problem, but I don't know what it is.

I always hand edit the GEDCOM to remove my personal information (name, address, phone #) before uploading to WikiTree. I think once a GEDCOM is uploaded to WikiTree and imported, there is no way to delete this personal inforamtion. You can delete or merge profiles, but you can't delete the GEDCOM file itself.

I hope your question prompts others/me/you to give it a try.
by Rick Pierpont G2G6 Pilot (119k points)

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