Is my pre-1500 content being taken over prior to me being "kicked"?

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Hi again,

Since my last question, 2 days ago, on this forum as to how to leave and remove my content, I noticed a drastic increase in attention to the Atherton profiles that I added to this forum earlier last year.

The modification have been made without contacting me (who is the profile manager). If I were to do the same thing to one of the "Leaders" profiles all hell would break loose.

I know this sounds paranoid but is this just a prelude to my being forcibly ejected from this site for asking the wrong questions?

in The Tree House by Bob Diao G2G2 (2.3k points)
edited by Robin Lee
Bob please don't remove your content. Hopefully someone can give you an answer re. your profiles but no-one is going to "forcibly eject" you.
Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your making me feel useful.
You are the only person who requested me not to remove my content.
You are the only person to make me feel that I have made a valuable contribution. Yours is actually the only response so far that makes me feel like staying.

Thank you very much.
When I first downloaded my DNA results with Ancestry and 23andMe a couple of years ago, most of the ancestors in my list were not yet on WikiTree, as I had research/searched for them. Since that time, these names have proliferated here and many of the 'leaders' have certainly taken over! That's OK with me, except for the fact that many of the citations/documents I had attached to ancestors from earlier centuries are not acceptable now, as they are attached to my Ancestry Tree! I have had a similar feeling as yours; but I don't feel they are trying to 'eject' me from this web site.
I sure hope you don't leave. It is contributions such as yours that help people like myself find out lost families.

Hey, Bob! :-)

I think you and I ran into each other yesterday during my Ranger shift. Seems like we talked about triangles! ;-)

As a Leader, myself, I assure you that I would not be upset with anyone editing one of the profiles I manage as long as they're doing it constructively. I welcome it! ;-) There's so much work to be done here, that I think we can all use all the help we can get.

I'd like to encourage you to get involved in some of the projects here on Wikitree. One you might be interested in is the Profile Improvement project. This project uses the many Maintenance Categories that have been set up to flag profiles that need sources, GEDCOM clean up, biographies, etc. It's a really great way to get to know other members on Wikitree, and it will also help you get proficient with using wiki markup, categories, in-line citations and all the other fun things that you'll need if you're interested in working on pre-1500 profiles.

Working with these earlier ancestors requires some special knowledge -- where to find sources; how to discern a good source from a not-so-good one; how to properly cite sources; how to search for duplicates; how to format names according to the standards that have been developed, etc. This is why we ask for people to work just a little harder to learn Wikitree before they start editing these profiles. 

Something you might not know is that ALL of us -- Leaders included -- had to go through the application process. It's not an automatic thing for anyone.

I guess what I'm really trying to say with all of this is that the opportunities on Wikitree are open to everyone, and we want you to succeed. Also, as a rule, we try to assume good intentions were meant when someone edits one of the profiles we manage. I don't think any one of us would claim to be perfect -- we've all made mistakes and have been graciously forgiven. (thank heavens!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will offer you an "open door" if you have questions about anything. Most of us here love to help! :-)

Please feel free to message me any time!

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WikiTree aims for one profile per person and also for all facts for this person being sourced. As a result, whenever somebody comes about duplicates they are encouraged to propose merges of these duplicate profiles. And whenever a profile is found that does not list sources it is entirely appropriate for this community to put an "Unsourced" template on the profile in question. It is understood that the profile manager will get an automatic report of these activities. I have looked at your 15th and 16th century profiles and these were the only changes I saw. If I overlooked anything let us know with more specifics.
by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (551k points)

Hi Hulmut,

The changes were to the 11th c profiles De_Atherton-11, De_Atherton-12. These profiles have not been touched and barely looked at since they were created a year ago.

Now, all of a sudden they become popular but only after I come back to fill in source information (without even knowing that a pre-1500 badge had been created) and find out I've been blocked.

These profiles are of no interest to anyone but Athertons (and the derivitives). It makes no sense that suddenly people with no link to these profiles start taking an interest. 

Actually Bob, It makes perfect sense, that suddenly someone would pay attention to your profiles. When you asked your question, the first thing I did was take a look at the profiles in your watchlist. I didn't make any changes, but had I known something, I might have made some quick improvements. You drew the attention to them yourself.

I had something similar happen at Findagrave. Someone made a suggestion, so because she drew my attention to the memorial, I did some research, added to the memorial etc. Suddenly the original suggester was asking me why after a year of no activity, I had suddenly taken an interest. She drew attention to it herself.
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Hi Bob,

I didn't look at the changes that were done to profiles but from what Helmut said it sounds like a member was just trying to help improve the profiles and/or get rid of duplicates. Both of which are helpful to the site and things we encourage.  You might find this page helpful:

No one is planning to forcibly eject you from the site, especially not for simply asking questions, but when someone mentions deleting all their information it does cause us to raise our brows and pay closer attention. :)

I think mainly though, in this case, someone was just trying to be helpful.
by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
It does not look like any changes were made.
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I might mention, Bob, that in addition to what's been mentioned, it's not the case that just Athertons would have interest to an Atherton ancestor.  My 5ggrandfather, David Evans, Sr. was born in 1734, well after your ancestor.  I have about 8000 descendants of him, and that includes few from the most recent generations.  For someone in the 11th century, the number of connections could cover a rather high % of the present residents of Europe and North America.  This is why WikiTree tries so hard to make the earlier generations protected and enhanced.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (410k points)
History does not belong to any one person

I  joined wiki-tree because I wanted to see well sourced genealogy.(actually more than that , I would like to see well sourced local history not just names and dates)

 My own recorded ancestors were agricultural labourers with the few odd yeomen but I'm passionately interested in the areas that they came from  This inevitably includes the families of those who owned the land in which my ancestors lived. I want those profiles to be detailed and well sourced and get extremely frustrated when they are not. Indeed I've spent the day at an archives looking at 16th and 17th century land  documents in order to try to provide accurate sources for someone else's ancestors. This is hard enough and I have access to local sources, I can quite understand the move to  restrict the creation and editing of older profiles.

 I can see though that it must be  hard for people who have been caught in the changeover,

Perhaps a procedure could be devised where people who originally managed such profiles are provided with a means to  share any 'new' information with a 'mentor' prior to making changes to the profile. This would allow  an oversight but enable someone with particular family interests  to make changes.
Totally, totally agree with you, Helen. I had the experience recently while attempting to copy a document for one of my more recent ancestors, and found that I was no longer the manager. This ancestor was a more recent one and I have DNA proof of relationship, posted on the page! I have come to understand that WikiTree wants only one page per person, so I don't feel so offended now. However, your suggestion would have saved me a bit of frustration, to be sure. I hope someone here takes you up on it and devises a procedure as you suggested.
Jeannette, did someone take over your recent ancestor's profile and prevent you from editing it? I hope not -- that isn't supposed to happen. If you lost your status as profile manager, perhaps it was because a merge made you  one of many profile managers and another manager wanted to reduce the number of people who would have to be notified of new trusted-list requests.

Do remember that Profile Managers don't "own" the profile, and that editing of Open profiles isn't limited to profile managers -- nor even to trusted list members.
The person became the manager to the best of my memory; that is when my bios were no longer on the page(s). This has since changed, and she share the 'manager' title with me. Have noticed this has been the case on most (if not all) the pages on WikiTree. Have been looking at the information available in the tabs at the top of the page(s); and it is really astounding how much WiKiTree has grown since I joined in 2014! Am determined, as of today, to make an attempt at editing and adding to as much of my Ancestral tree as possible. My tree has grown to include many ancestors. Just printed out a copy of  "Your Family List" and it is 22 pages long with 10 generations of Ancestors. WOW! Will start my editing using this list.

I have been a bit dissatisfied with WiKiTree recently; but, am beginning to realize and appreciate all the work and dedication that goes into keeping it 'alive' and 'well'.

Thank you,

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Bob, I have read your message about your indecision to leave Wikitree. Please reconsider! You have completed over 1800 contributions since you joined in Feb of 2015 - do you realize that is an incredible contribution by just ONE PERSON?

I know your precious family history is priceless and important to you but it is equally priceless and important to me; our ancestors; our descendants; each and every 'cousins' here and those everywhere else in the World awaiting their profile creation on Wikitree!

I hope you will reconsider staying and being an intregral part of this amazing community. Please know that I am offering you a virtual Olive Branch >3
by Deborah Collier G2G6 Mach 3 (38.1k points)
Hi Deborah (my 20th cousins twice removed),

Thank you for your kind words. :-)
Hey, Bob -- it seems that "Bob and Ellen are 13th cousins once removed."
Bob and Andrea are 12th cousins once removed :)

Ellen and Andrea are 13th cousins once removed (but through a different line)

Hi Bob,

Looks like "Bob and Summer are 10th cousins once removed."  Yay, I'm closer than Ellen and Andrea!  I win!!! :D  (FYI: Andrea and Summer are 17th cousins once removed, Ellen and Summer are 11th cousins once removed.)  I had to get in on the game too!

On a serious note,  I completely understand your frustration.  When I first began on WikiTree, I was so eager to establish my lines and connect myself to as many people as I could. I added pre-1500 profiles and <gasp> put the wrong birthdates in on purpose, just so I could add them.  Well, the rangers doing their jobs caught on quick and put the kibosh on it, then referred me for a mentor.  At first I was ANGRY. I'm an adult, I did NOT like having my hand slapped.  I almost left, too.  Then, after working with my mentor and learning the ins and outs of WikiTree, I've come to absolutely adore it. I love it because it takes pride in being accurate and well sourced, and has many people who put in many long and hard hours to make sure it stays that way.  I'm so proud to be a part of it.  It's so much better than the other sites because it keeps us accountable - we can't just go berserk and do whatever we want.

Please consider staying, and if you ever need any help with anything, you have a friend in me!  

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Bob , we are 15 th cousins thru Nickolas Thuston.  We can really use you.  Please don't leave. Believe me when I say I know it can get to you.  But there are things on this site because of its nature that are going to happen.  It is up to us to decide if we can live with them. A profile you have worked on will be edited , without contact. Somtimes for the better , sometimes not.  Sometimes you will collaborated well with several members and everything is great. Sometimes one member will put a stop to what you want do for months.  Some time issues won't be worked out.  Sometimes they will.  You will make great  friends.  Then you will have people who will have something negative to say about what you do and how you do it.  Presently  I wanted to quit because I'm trying to get the wives and children of one man squared away and get all the duplicates merged. And a comment directed at me was left on a profile and it is not Nice.  Rather than work it out my responding comment was   deleted.  I had to decide to let it ride. So it comes down to a choice.  Can you find a place for you. Can you adapt to how things go here. I hope you stay.
by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (186k points)

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