Can anyone help or give me some advice on what I am doing wrong or could possibly help me find connections to my tree.

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Hi Malinda,

It looks like you are doing a good job adding your family branch profiles to the tree.  When you are adding them, if your information is correct, you should see suggestions for possible duplicates already in the tree.  If so, you should be using those suggestions if they are a match.  Remember, there should only be one profile in the entire tree for each person.  If you are not seeing any possible duplicates, it means you have not yet connected to the greater tree.  This is ok, as it means you branch has not yet been added and if it eventually connects you will have provided a missing branch.

Now I also see that you are adding profiles but have not provided any source information.  It is extremely helpful and necessary to have source information so others can verify that your information is correct.  Having correct information will help you and others find a true connection.

You can review sources here:

Just keep adding what you know and what sources that support what you know. With luck, you will eventually make a connection.
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
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Keep adding your Brown family.  A quick look on Ancestry says your Brown line should interest with 

Robert Browne

Remember adding sources is imperative for acuracy.  Also, adding siblings and children greatly enhances the profile and increases your chance for connectivity.

If your Brown line is correct, then your Thomas Brown is the grandson of Robert Browne, and that will connect you to the tree.

From the look of your tree, you may need 2-3 more generations for each person before you start finding other connections.

Good luck, let us know when you connect and we can help you veryify your lines with good source information.

Thank you for your reply, I am going to add Thomas Brown's father which is James Brown and I think his father is Robert Brown. I will check back with you.
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Hi Malinda, It looks like you're doing fine, and will be doing even better when you add your sources to WikiTree! Generally we don't add 'Mr.' as a prefix for men on WikiTree.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
Kay, you made me wonder when we would use Mister.
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To the profile: I added:

Burial Place. & a Link under your: Sources, See also: * Find A Grave # 59431798. Link: . While these profiles at findagrave are not sources, they do indeed help greatly. This following link may also help you:'s_Dream_Source_Help_Page . JPVIV :)
by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (264k points)
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Keep up the good work Malinda!


A couple of very minor things that I noticed: There are a couple of profiles with duplicated names. You can see this by looking at your Brown Family Tree view.

The two profiles are John Lowe Stafford and Amanda Stout. John Lowe Stafford has his middle name duplicated in the First Name field. Amanda has her first name duplicated in the Middle Name field.

Another suggestion is for Mary (Chaffin) Brown. There I see "Mary Polly" in the First Name field, and then "Polly" in the nickname field. "Polly" is a very common nickname for Mary, especially in the 1800s. So "Polly" should be removed from her first name, and kept as the nickname. My guess is that it is probably not a true middle name.

These are all minor, and at first it is confusing as to where to put all the names.

Hope this helps.


by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (532k points)

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