Why do my profiles get refused with regularity?

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Besides working on my own genealogy, I have been using a History of Ogle County, Illinois, 1878, plus 1880 Ogle County Censuses as well as Wikipedia and other sources to create profiles. Many of these profiles are not directly linked to my own or other trees. Even if they will eventually be connected to an existing tree, it's not always possible to start from one. Usually parents, spouses and children will be added, but you have to start somewhere. Why do my potential profiles repeatedly get refused with a message to connect the profile to my tree, ESPECIALLY when it's NOT POSSIBLE to do it, and I've already typed in a biography?!?!?  In order to get them accepted, I have to add another profile, hope that it WILL get accepted and then get them connected. This usually causes a lot of extra frustration, work and time. Is there an easier way to ensure that profiles are accepted?
in WikiTree Tech by Jill Lee G2G4 (4.0k points)
When are you getting this message, Jill? I've never seen anything like it when I add a new person.
Never happened to me either.
Nor me.

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How are you starting these profiles.  to enter a profile who doesn't directly connect you need to go under Add at the top of a page and click on New Person.  If you try adding a person directly from a profile it will expect you to click on the relationship you used to start the person e.g. child of or sibling of or parent of.... I, like Jillaine, haven't had any problem creating a new person.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (411k points)
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I do start with clicking the New Person tab first.

The last time this happened was about the time I wrote my question. I was entering an Irish emigrant who was a Revolutionary War veteran, & land owner with a wife, father-in-law and two children. He and his wife were members of the Catholic Church. I had the biography copied in and a good reference entered. I tried several times to get it accepted. NO GO!!

I had to start over, adding his wife first and then expand the family from her, but why wont the males always get accepted???  It seems to only happen when I'm entering a male.

I was wondering if I add too many profiles like this, or something? Is there a glitch that rejects profiles after every so many unattached males, whether you add additional profiles to them later or not???
Tell us exactly what the system does to tell you that the profile was rejected.  A screenshot of the message or the resulting page that comes up after this rejection would be helpful.  My guess is there's a piece to this that you may not think is relevant that is causing this problem.
If you don't supply a mandatory name or date, the form comes back with the offending empty box shaded pink.

If you supply an invalid name or date format, the form comes back with an orange banner at the top.

Otherwise you should get the page with a little tree picture and the new profile at the bottom of the tree.

Never seen any other response.

Some users create lots of unrelated profiles, eg cemeteries.
Well, I know I never add bio or source before saving the basic data.  I don't know if others who don't see the problem do or not.  But the next time it happens, just enter the bare data first and then then see if it still happens.  BTW, you do enter gender if he doesn't have it from a spouse, don't you?
I have, on a very few occasions, entered a new person, and when I clicked on "Add New Person" at the bottom, nothing happened.  It seemed to be caught in a loop, and I had to start over again.

Nothing was shaded pink; no orange banner at the top.  There were no "rejected" messages. There wasn't necessarily a bio yet.  It just wouldn't take.  So I'd start again, and they'd go through just fine.

Doesn't explain what happened to you, but you're not alone. :-)

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