Please help me decipher this German Kurrent/Sütterlin

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Please help me decipher this German Kurrent birth record.

Click here for the image details page or here for the full-sized version (1927 x 693).

What I have figured out so far:

Left box:

Kaspar Prein, ??? in Langstrobnitz No. 12,ehelicher Sohn des + Georg Prein, ??? ??? in Langstrobnitz No. 12 und der Josefa geborenen Glaser aus Schlagles No 8 Bezirksgericht (?) Gratzen, Bezirkshauptmannschaft Kaplitz.

Right box:

Theresia geborenen Wagner, eheliche Tochter des Johann Wagner, ??? in Schlagles No 5 und der + ??? geborenen Hopfinger aus Neudorf No 45. Bezirksgericht Schweinitz (?), Bezirkshauptmannschaft Budweis.

Thanks in advance!

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in Genealogy Help by Ronnie Grindle G2G6 Mach 1 (19.6k points)

3 Answers

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Kaspar Prein, Bauer in Langstrobnitz N. 12, ehelicher Sohn des + Georg Prein, gewesenen Bauers in Langstrobnitz N. 12 und der + Josefa, geborenen Glaser aus Schlagles N. 8, Bezirksgericht Gratzen, Bezirkshauptmannschaft Kaplitz.
Theresia, gebornene Wagner, eheliche Tochter des Johann Wagner, Bauer in Sacherles N. 5, und der + Rosina, geborenen Hopfinger aus Neudorf N. 45, Bezirksgericht Schweinitz, Bezirkshauptmannschaft Budweis.


Note: Schlagles and Sacherles are different villages.

Gratzen: Nové Hrady

Langstrobnitz: Dlouhá Stropnice

Schlagles: Paseky, part of Horní Stropnice

Sacherles: Kamenná

Schweinitz: Trhové Sviny

Budweis: České Budějovice


Addendum (had to do a little searching, too many villages formerly named Neudorf): Neudorf, most likely Nová Ves u Českých Budějovic
by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (617k points)
selected by Ronnie Grindle
Thanks Helmut, as always a formidable answer. Why isn't there two stars for best answer?

Also thanks a lot for pointing out the details on those villages!

How do I get to learn reading Kurrent like you do?
It's more the individual handwriting that's the problem, I still run into chicken scratch now and then that I cannot decipher.
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Hi Ronnie,

Although I can decipher old Dutch and I read and speak German fluently I do not get further than you are now.

May I suggest to repost your request and add German_Roots to the tags? As you need someone with experience reading old German.

I wish I could help you better.

Kind regards from the Netherlands.

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (293k points)
And no need to repost, just edit the original post and add the tag. :-)
Thank you Sandi :)
Thanks for the encouragement, Astrid!
Very welcome. I just hope someone will jump in.

Oh!!!! Another way just came to my mind this moment! Please go to [ LanguageVolunteers]. Scroll down to the German Language Volunteers and ask one to help you out! :)

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