Can we please detach the parents of mythical figure Mary "Little Dove" Hyanno?

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Much much much work has gone into analyzing the evidence for the spouse of Augustine Bearse-3. 

The serious analysis started in the late 1930s when the "father" of modern genealogy-- Donald Lines Jacobus-- published an analysis of a manuscript that had been submitted to the Library of Congress in 1930 by one Franklin Bearce-45. 

We've converted that article into a point-by-point analysis here.

Despite this analysis, and despite the lack of any solid evidence, descendants hold onto the dream that they are descended of an Indian princess. Google "Mary Little Dove Hyanno" and you'll see...

While her supposed father (Chief John Hyanno) and grandfather (Chief Iyannough) were recorded as real individuals in documents from the time period, I have yet to see any solid evidence documenting ANY of their descendants (or ancestors, but that's another g2g thread that I'll let someone else take up...). 

Mary "Little Dove" Hyanno has been marked as a likely fictional character.

I therefore propose that she be detached from any parents.

Thank you.


WikiTree profile: Mary Cummaquid
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (928k points)
And since she was a mythical person, she was not a member of any real tribe so that template should also be removed.
It seems to me this is just the sort of thing that DNA testing ought to be able to sort out. So I took a look at  Unfortunately, at this time (2010) the Bearse family hadn't had enough testing done.
She's been detached from parents; she should now have removed from her profile the template about what tribe she was part of (since she did not exist).
Jillaine maybe you could tackle Tyng-7 who started out a nice English girl and is now an Indian princess!

That profile is a wealth of embarrassment. There are NO sources substantiating any of the NA claims made there. And where on earth did all those wives of Powhatan come from? And all those children? Where is the documentation?

Profiles like that are making a joke of the Native American project. It was my understanding that projects existed to improve profiles, not to promote mythology.
Tyng-7 began as a English woman but her profile was taken over a few hours after the profile manager rejected a merge with her mythical Indian doppleganger. The newly appointed profile manger proceeded to give her the Powhatan makeover. I questioned this in a G2G post a few weeks ago but didn't get much of a response. I was surprised that a profile could just be "hijacked" by another wikitree member.
I don't see a g2g thread attached to Tyng-7. (That might explain lack of response; PMs wouldn't see it otherwise.) Where is the thread?

The other thread seems to be

It would be helpful it were tagged with the surname tags savage and tyng, a link to the Tyng-7 profile, and project tags like native_american and pocahontas.

Added: I can't figure how the merge of Powhatan-237 into Tyng-7 could be described as "clearing a duplicate." I didn't think the software would allow that explanation for a merge between two different names.

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I  think  all Mary 'Little Dove Hyanno, Cornell  decendants  take a DNA  parentage test.
I shall be  1st in line
by Christie Lane G2G Rookie (260 points)
I appear to be a direct descendant of William Cornwall/Cornwell, and possibly, Mary "Little Dove" Hyanno...per a few family trees researched. My skepticism was only heightened when reading of all of the potential fraudulent and misleading alterations made to these trees.  I am having TWO, or more if needed, to see what they hold.  Christine Lane - do you have your results? And which DNA testing did you do?  Thanks!!  I'm anxious to get to the bottom of this mystery...if I can.
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I would recommend also that the fraud be described on her profile and that she be categorized under:

If the fraud extends beyond her profile and extends to several other profiles, then a subcategory for her fraud could be created and all the other profiles categorized with that particular fraud.   The other profiles could include both real people who participated in the fraud with fake names, if I recall this episode, and also fake people who were created as part of the fraud.  

I think it's very very important to document these frauds, and the reasons that supposed links to real people have been delinked, because people have come to believe in the frauds and without something concrete on WikiTree, people will at best be confused as to why the links have gone, and at worst will just try to re-create the fraudulent profiles and links!
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (473k points)

The "fraud" is already discussed on her profile, but thanks for the suggestion of the category. And yes, there are more than one profile affected by this fraud, so I should make a category for it.  (One challenge is that there are still people out there who do not believe it's a fraud.)

Anyway, I'll figure out how to do that.


Jack,  I did not know we had a Fraud Category.  This is great. I remember several discussions about creating such a category.  Thanks for the heads up! I need this for Pieter Classen Wykoff

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