PGM...Who were the wives of Deacon George Graves?

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1st wife ...she may have been an Andrews because William Andrews in his will calls George, "brother." See Vol 1, p. 271

Or William Andrews may have called George "brother" because it is possible that William's wife, Abigail was George Graves' sister?  The meaning is not clear.  See Graves Family Organization, at the bottom, footnote #5

I found two places that name his wife as "Anne Andrews."   and  But there are no sources brought forward here, no proof, as far as I can see.  After extensive research, we found no other source that mentions her by name.

Or was it his 2nd wife who was an Andrews?

2nd wife...her name is Sarah, the will of George Graves names her Sarah.  Additionally in his will, this older George Graves referred to his wife Sarah as his son's "mother-in-law." See George's will is on the Graves family organization  Back then, "mother-in-law" could also mean "step-mother."

The question begs to be answered...What may have been Sarah's surname?  The Graves Family Organization  says "He married widow Sarah (perhaps Andrews) Ventres, mother-in-law of his son George."  This genealogical site lists footnotes at the bottom.  Number 1 directs to "Graves Genealogy in America" by John Card Graves (which I cannot find on the internet, if anyone can find it let me know) and Number 9 which directs to "History of Hartford Co., Conn. by Trumbull, Vol 1, p. 241

Dawes-Gates does not identify her surname, nor even call her a widow.;view=1up;seq=444;size=125

So where does the name "Ventres" originate?

Help us draw some conclusion... if we can.  Thanks.

Cheryl Skordahl (Aldrich-908)





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It could be today's definition of mother-in-law..

George's son George married Elizabeth Ventress

On page 130 of the book ''A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut'' by Royal Ralph Hinman. It refers to Abigail as widow of William Andrews as Nathaniel Barding's second wife, as does the Graves Family Organization.

Hi Davian,

So, I think we agree that the conclusion drawn from the Hinman source is that Abigail's 1st husband was William Andrews, 2nd husband was Nathaniel Barding.  William Andrews calls George Graves  "brother" in his will because Abigail was George Graves sister?  Is that what you are saying?  I think that makes sense.

That draws us to the understanding that there is NO proof that George Graves 1st wife was named "Anne Andrews."    Are we ready to disconnect her existing profile (Andrews-4710)  from George Graves profiles (Graves-3084 & Graves-782).  Then we can merge -3084 into -782.

It would be good to hear from some of the Profile Managers, if they would like to express an opinion.

Yes that is what im saying, Abigail must be Georges sister. But I'm still confused where the Andrews name sits, I'm not sure where I saw it, but I think somewhere else they though one of the wife's last name was Andrews. But besides unsourced personal and IGI trees we have nothing indicating Anne as her name.


I believe we should disconnect her, if we messed up in that, we can always re add it. I do think we need the managers in the conversation before we do anything though.
I posted a comment for the Profile Managers on George Grave-782 and Deacon George Graves-3084 Senior.  I included address for this G2G post and suggested they study the unfinished biography I have written on -782.  Let's wait a few days so we can get their input.  Appreciate you, Davian!

Just a note that the genealogy is now at

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There was a George Graves (1590-1676) and his son George Deacon Graves(1631-1695).  I have found other family trees that seem to confuse which George we are talking about.  I have George(1590)  married to an Anne Andrews and also a Sarah Andrews.  George Deacon (1631), also sometimes referred to as Captain, was married to a Elizabeth Ventres/Ventriss on 2 April 1651.  After going over many family on line records, I suspect that besides the often marriages due to spousal early deaths that some members of the Graves family were polygamists.
by Herbert Royse G2G Crew (620 points)
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Thank you for your answer, Herbert.

Right now I'm busy with landscaping my yard, but soon I'll spend some time looking at my research and other Graves family profiles and try to set the record straight.

I must say, I find it sad to think of my family as polygamists, but perhaps you draw the right conclusion.


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