Donner Party - today is their departure anniversary

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Today is the anniversary of the Donner Party's departure from Springfield, Illinois, en-route to a new life in California. Nearly half of them perished along the way due to several factors including getting a late start, taking a "shortcut" that had never been tested by wagons, and a terrible snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada mountains hindering their ability to continue.

There is an excellent free space page for the Donner Party, here on WikiTree. Those of us with relatives and others who were among the first to arrive in California appreciate the hard work that went into this page. Thank you!
WikiTree profile: Space:Donner_Party
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It is indeed and thank you so much for posting the page. We also made a fully developed profile for all members of that ill-fated party and the rescue teams. It took us months and I came away from that with a new understanding of the American pioneer spirit.
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Regarding the rescuers, I didn't find that information. Was it on the same page? I was thinking it might be nice to have a section on the page (or perhaps on a separate page) focused on the rescuers.
Hello S you should add the free space page for the rescurers we never got around to that, as Paula said it took us such a long time to add the Donner free space page. We wanted to add a profile for every memebers of the Donner party. I never knew about this story until Paula told me about the Donner party I was truly amazed at what they went through
You know we have come a long way in organization! We need to go in and link these pages as good as we can do now. That mini-project prompted the Westward Ho! project. Some of the rescue diary entries are worked into some of the profiles. We will have to go back and link the rescue teams and profiles to a space page. Here is an example of rescue accounts which highlight the tragedy that the party is known for. If you follow the survivors as they rebuild their lives in a new land you get a much better picture of the overall story than what that party is known for. The reason privacy is green is because we have had to protect the profiles.
That's right! Eric from England and Terry from Australia didn't know the story. When we started looking into it the amount of information in trail diaries and personal accounts was amazing!!

It's been so long that maybe we didn't make profiles for all the rescue members as I recall but the children married some of their rescuers when they grew up and they are attached as family. It was an unpopulated place at that time so it makes more sense in context.  

I would like to gather all the rescuers on a space page also.  Some initial survivors became rescuers.  Of interest is one member of the party who was banished because of a incident along the trail but made it to California to turn around and form the first rescue team.
Yes! That's even better! Would you be interested in adding the rescuers space page? It would be great! What a contribution that would be and I know you would enjoy it. It is fascinating because it was one of the first organized responses to a disaster situation in the early history of our nation.
The Donner Party and their story is fascinating. My great grandfather was an early settler to California (by 1884) and the story about the Donner's was something I remember my Grandmother talking about. They lived in Northern California, and had a house in the mountains along the route the Donner Party took.  I'm not exactly sure if our family is connected to them, but it would be interesting to research it further. None of the names of the survivors are in our family, but being that it was less than 40 years before my great grandfather arrived, I' m sure people were still talking about it to some degree.

I found a website with the rescuers' names; maybe I can at least start a free-space profile page listing them, and people can work on it here and there.
I will get the page started :) I have some material I can populate in terms of "research notes", and will certainly extend and make use of the sources you and others amassed when creating the Party page.
Thank you S  if you need help with anything just let us know.
Now that I am looking around, I was thinking about the teamsters and guides that we added, not all the rescuers. They are worth adding as many were well known. Sutters Fort where the rescue set out is also known for the Gold Rush later on.

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