Can we change the notable motif?

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I think notables are more than just actors, can we put science/tech/military/artists/and others in the motif?  Or maybe separate them out, if notables is getting too big?
in Policy and Style by Susan Tye G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)
This has always bugged me. Thanks for bringing it up.
Notables have always included all those categories. If you go to the Notables project and scan through the list of both new Notables and proposed, you'll see a lot of military, science, inventors, business pioneers, politicians, etc. So it's always included those groups, based on Wikipedia standards.

Currently there are about 6700 Notables in WikiTree, based on the latest report. I'm not sure how that compares to other projects. I've seen other projects splinter off into subprojects and I'm not opposed to that if it is needed.

The other piece - focus of the project on Actors. That has more to do with who in the project team wants to focus on what area. Because we tend to pay more attention to the flashy side, it's only natural that actors and performers that capture our attention would be profiles that people flock towards. But anyone can add Notables in any of the areas they want to.
If someone has some suggestions, give them; nothing's set in stone.

I agree that a new logo is desirable so I did some tinkering and came up with this: The inons, starting  at the top and CW are meant to symbolze 1) Government & Military, 2) Sports & Athletes, 3) Science & Medicine, 4) Business & Industry, 5) Arts & Literature and 6) Religion & Philosophy. I think that covers the majority of notables

I'm by no means a graphic artist so this is just a suggestion for a starting point. Maybe this is overkill and just the WT globe and lettering would suffice. Opinions? Thoughts?

I think we could come up with a simple icon that would represent all categories of Notables -- a generic statue on a pedestal, for example.

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This is rough. But how about a newspaper banner. Notables make the newspapers

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Hilary Robinson
The headline thing is very clever - I wonder if we could find a way to use it in the final version... hmm...
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I second the motion!  But i think we should find something more generic for the motif.  There are too many sorts of notable people and any group which is put in it will draw cries for more sorts.  Maybe some sort of generic bronze statue to indicate that this is someone who has been memorialized by a country or society.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
We've got a lot of projects with some very interesting examples of how to add some color and multiple icons to a project image. I wonder...

I'm thinking one of two approaches - and there could be others, so don't think this is our only options:

1) We can do an amalgamated approach - where the current icon is, put several slightly overlapping icons that better represent the patchwork quilt that covers the most significant number of notables. Maybe a star, a beaker, a rifle, a podium, a microphone, etc. - we can come up with a list of images that remind us of Notables.


2) We can redesign the Notables to incorporate an icon that best represents the Notable by calling it out in the template. Something like {{Notables|Notability=Scientist.jpg}} or {{Notables|Notability=Military.jpg}}. We would still have to identify the major areas of notability and have at least one generic one to cover those who don't fit any prescribed area.

Just a couple of ideas to start a creative ball rolling.
I like idea #2.
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Which categories should be represented if we change the icon? Here's a list I generated from earlier, but there could be more:

Actors, Athletes, Scientists, Inventors, Religion, Politicians, Authors, Musicians, Radio Personalities, Journalists, Military, Business

I almost didn't include military, as there are multiple projects dealing with military that would overlap. So should we include potentially overlapping category icons?
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

Dan - missed your comment, but I like the list:

 1) Government & Military, 2) Sports & Athletes, 3) Science & Medicine, 4) Business & Industry, 5) Arts & Literature and 6) Religion & Philosophy.

I like the call out idea, plus I would add something generic for those people who don't remember to call something out, like Ellen's suggestion of a pedestaled figure.
One of the callouts I've used is the Veteran's Recognition template. It adds the flag from the country / state that they represented during their service. Maybe we can borrow some code from there, or another like it.
lol - and I just noticed that Dan Thompson appears to have assisted on this template - btw: THANKS DAN! - I kinda like this one.
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maybe we could just use notables as a starting point for special profiles, but then take it off when they have met certain criteria.

1. connected to the tree

2. all of their awards have been entered as categories.

3. a Bio has been written.


Then as a project notables can do whatever.  and use notables as a quest for help with interesting profiles.


I also like the bronze statue idea.
by Susan Tye G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)

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