We found the dunford in Yorkshire in 1066

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Yorkshire we found a lot about the Dunford Family.but what about lancashire.if there was two dunford brothers on was given land to farm in Yorkshire which we know all about .the other land to farm in lancashire which we have found out nothing.can you help.we found the one in Yorkshire by Dunford Bridge.Dunford Village.Dunford Town and so on.but as to now have found know Dunford House. Village or anything in Lancashire.can you please help.my family come from Lancashire.and now there are Hundreds of Dunford Families living there.but how cann we go Backwards and see how many there was in 1200' Found out a little more about the Dunford who went to America.when they got there the Native Americans who we called red Indians,Wanted Brandy and Wine and Food if you promised this .they would help,You find your Home,Help you Cut Down Trees to Build your New Home .and start Farming .the Dunford said were Astonished to find the Cattle and Horses had Three Births a Year soon there was heards of Cattle and Horses.Soon they again were making Money Growing Fields of Corn Feeding the Country which they knew how to do

more just sent in look this up

King Edward 111. Highest Lord. Lord Dunford in Parliament.was sent to France Calais as "Goverenor" of Calais .after the siege.

so we have Dunford Respected by King William 1 .King William 11.King Edward 111

Annoyed King Charles 1

and Richard Cobden Father and Mother living at Dunford House.who they Patronised.Where Richard Cobden was Born

it is a wonder to me there has not been a book published about all this.over 6 hundred years the most wealthy family in the whole of england being in parliament as high lords.discussing problems with kings.can you imagin this.
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At the Time of the Dooms Day Book 1086

The County of Lancashire did not Exist.It is in Fact one of the Youngest Counties( Founded in 1182) However .the 6 Hundred that makes up Lancashire are Anglo Saxon Foundations.so Actally Pre Dated County.

The Area we know as Lancashire was Devided into Two Areas

The Southern Area Roughly the Hundred of West Derby,Salford  and  Leyland.Were know as Inter-Ripam-Mersam or Between River Ribble and River Mersey.The Northern part -Blackburn -Armoundness and Lonsdale.was part of Yorkshire.

For Doomsday Book Inter-Ripam Et Mersam is Included with Cheshire and the Rest of Present Day Lancashire Features under Yorkshire.

Although Coveredge is not as Detailed as for other Counties.so if William 1 the Conqueror Granted Land to the Dunford in Lancashire,it should be Recorded in Either the Entries for Cheshire or for Yorkshire.Therefor i Suggest you make a Search of Doomsday Book.under those Two Counties

from Martin Phillips Secritary .FORL

so maybe the Dunfords went both into Yorkshire.

or One into Cheshire and One into Yorkshire

We have found a lot of evidence of the name Dunford in Yourkshire and in Parliament.

So what will we find in Cheshire-Although looking at the Map Near Dunford Bridge Cheshire is not that far Away
just been sent this information from Wiltshire,(seems everybody is helping)

the parish of Charlbury .Fawler.and Flintstock near River Evanlode County Of Wiltshire Which was all called Dunford in 1066. When its Name was Ceorlebury

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 It seems that the Governor  appointed after the siege of Calais in 1348  was a John de Beauchamp,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Calais_(1348)  He has a profile on here http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Beauchamp-174

If you want to look up landholdings at the time of the Domesday survey. Here's where to start http://www.domesdaybook.co.uk/contents.html

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