I am looking for help researching my grandfather, Robert M. Weaver from Ohio, if possible.

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I am completely stumped on my maternal grandfather, Robert M. Weaver (Weaver-5700). His parents (Theodore Irvin Weaver (Weaver-5753) and Irma (Mishler) Weaver (Mishler-168) were well known in their community, his brother (Gene Edwin Weaver (Weaver-5764) was a veteran and his sister (Anna Clarice (Weaver) Orrill (Weaver-5763) is the only one of them I actually met as a child. All of his immediate family was easily researched and even listed on the find a grave site, connected to each other via links, but I lose any solid trail of my grandfathers existence after the divorce decree in 1968. Even before 1968 he is scarcely mentioned anywhere that I've found.

What I don't have:
-A solid birthdate or birthplace. No record of his birth that I can find.
-Marriage info for him and my Grandmother. (Evelyn (Back) Fudge (Back-697) she remarried after their divorce, her last name when she passed was Fudge) The divorce decree in 1968 states 22 years of marriage. I broadly searched records for 1944-1946 marriages in their area and surrounding, nothing.)
-Any marriage info period. I considered him possibly marrying before or after my grandmother, but cannot find any proof. It was a long shot, but I tried.
-Any birth certificates/records for any of his children. (This road is a stretch, he'd possibly be mentioned but not sure what info pertaining to him it could yield. I'm reaching, I know.)
-A solid death date, I am sure he's passed though.
-A place of death, or even a residence after 1968.

Robert Mishler Weaver, Rough draft timeline of life events:
1913- estimated birth year, based on census data.
1915- birth of brother Gene Edwin Weaver
1919- birth of sister Anna Clarice
1920- listed on census living with parents and siblings in Perry township, Montgomery county, Ohio. Date of census was January 1920. Robert was listed as 7 years old.
1924- father, Theodore Irvin Weaver, died
1929- mother, Irma A Weaver (Mishler) died.
1930- listed on census at 3301 Hoover Ave. Dayton, Ohio. Pearl M. Brower (Mishler) is listed as the wife of head of house, George Brower. Pearl is the sister of Roberts mother, Irma. Robert is listed on the census as a nephew, and 18 years old. Census date is April 10, 1930. Sister Anna is listed in the house also, but not his brother Gene.
1931- 1936-public records list "Weaver, Robt M" as having 3301 Hoover Ave., Dayton, Ohio as his residence.
1944- residence listed for same name, now listed as- 576 W 2d Dayton, Ohio. I cannot be sure though if this is him or not.
1946- birth of daughter, Jackie (Jacqueline Gail (Weaver) Bigelow (Weaver-5656) my mother) He has 3 other children that I know of, my mothers siblings. I don't know their exact birthdays but I know my mother is the oldest and in 1968 (1) minor child (my Aunt Alice (Weaver) Roberts) was listed on the divorce decree. I have no reason to think he has any children that I don't know about, but I can't rule it out either.
1950- Hoover ave. listed as residence again, public record.
1964- his brother Gene died.
1968- decree of divorce issued to my grandmother, Evelyn Weaver (Back) after 22 years of marriage in Preble county. His address listed is Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. Cert.# 3614 volume# 1845 (?) I have no idea what to do with those numbers or how I could possibly view the entire document. I can only view "details" of it via ancestry.

---and so ends the trail.

There are a few records out there that look like they may be him but through process of elimination I've ruled out quite a few.

*The strongest possibility I had the hardest time ruling out was a Robert Weaver and Evelyn Weaver listed in Bearfield, Perry township, Ohio on a 1940 Census. Finally I decided that just cannot be my grandparents because my grandmother Evelyn is listed on a 1940 census in Carter Co., KY living with her parents. Also, the people on the Ohio census are listed as married. Those dates wouldn't add up going by the divorce decree. And lastly, my grandmother was born in KY, the woman on the census has Ohio as her birthplace.
In all honesty, I still struggle with this record. Something keeps drawing me back to it.

*A possibility is a Robert Mishler Weaver found on a social security death index record from 1988 in Orange Co., Florida. The middle name certainly is unique and fits but the location of Florida is not one I'd guess and the year (1988) I'm almost positive he passed before I was born in 1981, but not certain. I can't find a grave or any other info on this person though.

At this point I feel I've just been looking at all of this information way too long and thought maybe a fresh set of eyes could bring new perspective. I'm grasping at straws here, I know. Honestly, I'd just be happy with a gravesite or burial location that I KNOW is him.

Thank you for reading and possibly helping.
WikiTree profile: Robert Weaver
in Genealogy Help by Bridget Bowling G2G1 (1.1k points)
It's not easy to research a profile with a restricted privacy level.
I thought if I allowed any more access than I had, living relatives would also end up showing more info than intended. I just reset the privacy level, everything seems fine with living relatives. Thank you for the suggestion.

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I looked at records in Rootsweb and found your grandfather at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=phawes&id=I80811.  Though this is a compiled source, and not a record, it lists the name and email address of the person who entered this tree, who may have more information.  Might be worth an email message to him to see if he has more information, or if he can share his sources.  He lists Robert's birth date and place as 1913 in in Perry Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio.  You might also want to try requesting his Ohio birth certificate - there's information about how to do that at https://www.odh.ohio.gov/en/vitalstatistics/vsoffice/vsoffice.aspx

by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (567k points)
Thank you, that is certainly him. I will send an email and cross my fingers. I dug around a bit through the OP's tree and it doesn't look like he's got a lot of recent info. Both of my grandfathers siblings have passed. He lists them as living, it could be an honest mistake though.

Speaking of mistakes, I'm going to quickly transfer my source info from ancestry and FamilySearch to his profile. I just fixed the bio, but need to source it.

Thank you for helping.

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