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The new colors on the descendant list make it very difficult to read. The list is the tool I use most on wikitree. I spent hours scanning it. The eye doesn't move smoothly down the list , it stops repeatedly at each color change making speed reading difficult. The eye strain was so bad the thumping in my eye made be have a seizure. It may just be my soon to be ancient self but I won't use the list again. Sometimes things don't need improvement. The color thing for gender  on the watchlist and the descendant list just seem to insult my intelligence and be adding just to add. It seems like over management to me.
in The Tree House by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
I actually found it helpful on the watchlist for finding profiles with no gender assigned. But I don't look at my watchlist often and almost never use the descendants list. I do find the colors distracting on the edit page however.

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I agree Trudy, in the effort to make things "pretty" the powers that be are forgetting that the most important users of this site sometimes have problems with vision and these changes hurt more than they help.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
The powers that be weren't trying to make things pretty, they were responding to a member request:

Nobody objected on that post so the powers that be assumed it was a non-controversial improvement.

Dale, I thought you have something negative to add on every G2G post. I guess you missed that one. :-)

We can look at changing this again.
Chris Putting someone down by saying they only post negative comments on every post is not only degrading but uninformed. If you do not want honest opinions then you will never learn about those who think differently than you do. And for the record I was agreeing with Trudy that this "improvement" makes it harder for those of us who could have the most to contribute, Older people who have a better connection to the past because we witnessed more of it.
If this is an attempt to get to quit WikiTree Chris maybe you should just come right out and say it.
You're right, Dale. You are not just negative. I was browsing your activity feed and you make a lot of great contributions to WikiTree and in G2G.
But I will never give anything that is not an Honest answer about anything, even when it is not the popular opinion, because honesty is not the best policy,It is the Only policy.

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