Adopted Notable profile needs PP [closed]

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I adopted this profile, did a bio and sources - followed the steps on project page including adding project as manager and putting a link on Wikipedia. This profile needs project protection. 


Also, she is 25 degrees from AJ, but I can't find the template for that. Help!

WikiTree profile: Lucille Ball
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Apparently the degrees from A.J. has been removed. I added the template for it, but the template doesn't show up.

Why do Wikitree protect notable profiles when Wikitree doesn't?

Reason to define notable at Wikitree is if the person should have a profile or not

"Notability criteria may need to be met for a person to be included in a standalone list article....

AJ Template
{{User Global Family Reunion|steps=25}}

More info related to Lucille

Profiles using the template

Hi Magnus,

This is the famous Lucille Ball. I'm sure she qualifies as Notable and for Project protection status!!

Re Summer Orman
You misunderstand my question: 

I can edit  Lucille Ball on Wikipedia because its not protected on Wikipedia you just need an account...

I can have some understanding that you protect profiles that need some skill level of genealogy but notables feels less difficult to write it's just a copy/paste from Wikipedia....


You're correct - I did misunderstand. 

I'm not sure why they are protected. I guess that would be a question for that project manager. I was just following the instructions on the category page.


  1. Add those people (and also their family/ancestors) to WikiTree, in order to connect them to the larger WikiTree. 
    • Add the Notables template to the biography {{Notables}}.
    • After initial creation, edit the profile to set certainty of each relevant field. The entered biography should focus on *genealogically relevant* information (parents, birth/marriage/death date/location, spouse/children), with a very brief overview of major accomplishments (to support categorization) and links to detailed online information about their accomplishments.
    • Living Notables should have privacy level set to Public Biography and Family Tree, and their deceased family should be set to Open. Likewise, all deceased Notables and their family should be set to Open. It is important that everyone is able to contribute to profiles of this kind. 
    • Add as Profile Manager if the profile privacy is not Open. 
      1. Click the Privacy tab on the notable profile.
      2. In the Add to Trusted List section, enter and press ADD THIS PERSON.
      3. In the Trusted List section, select the link for to "Add as Manager."
  2. Properly categorize each person by their accomplishments and also by dates of significance.
  3. Add a photograph (image) of the Notable, from some publicly available source such as wikipedia.
  4. Add a link back to WikiTree's family for the Notable on their Wikipedia page. Here are the template creator, John Dixon's, instructions; "There is a Template on Wikipedia that can be added to articles about people. It should be added in the External links section at the end of the article. Use this code {{Wikitree name|pppp}} replacing pppp with the profile name e.g. Niven-216. There is an example at: David Niven. There is an optional parameter which allows you to replace This person with a specific name. That code is {{Wikitree name|pppp}}|name=nnnn}} replacing nnnn with the replacement text. Anyone can edit Wikipedia but if you intend doing a lot it would be courteous to join their website. Note that it is customary for their users to adopt pseudonyms rather than their real names</s>.
Hi Guys,

Project protection came about a few years ago. It was started in order to protect Last Names at Birth, especially on our ancient Royal lines that we have to use dynastic associations for LNABs since they didn't have official ones. With Notables, they are protected for the same reason. We have users who do not know that some people use pseudonyms their whole life, so they try to create profiles using that, or they misspell the name, and now that protection extends to parents, which also has been an issue. Anything else can be edited by any user who has signed the Honor Code. There are just some details that are more difficult or frustrating to correct down the road, and those get protected with the PPP status. Notables also tend to be duplicated because people like to find or add their favorite famous folks, sometimes without looking to see if they exist first.The attachment of family makes our situation a bit different from Wikipedia.

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Profile is protected now.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
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Thanks Doug, you're awesome!

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