Seeking German Roots project protection for a Palatine immigrant of unknown origins

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Maria Elizabeth Schaeffer is a Palatine immigrant to New York state whose LNAB is unknown, at least as near as I can determine. A duplicate profile has shown up with a LNAB of Kniskern, citing the same source where I can't find evidence of a LNAB. So that we don't start giving her unsubstantiated names and relations, I'd like to have protectoin for the profile with LNAB of Unknown.

WikiTree profile: Maria Elizabeth Schaeffer
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Examining the situation further, I see that while the Kniskern profile links to the source I used, it also lists as a source the Henry Z. Jones work The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, Volume 2. I've not seen that compendious work, and I can't rule out the possibility that Mr. Jones found the German roots of Maria Elizabeth Schaeffer. Does anyone here have access to that book?

There is a copy at one of the libraries I research at. I'll probably be going in the next few weeks and can look it up then if you don't mind waiting.
Thanks, Jamie. And it turns out that I might be able to access it myself. Unlike most of the genealogy books I look up in WorldCat that turn out not to be in any library less than 350 miles away, this one is actually in a library that's less than 30 miles from my house!

On further investigation, I find that the online source cited in the profiles includes a lengthy quotation (reproduced by permission -- not suitable for copying here) from the Henry Z. Jones book, wherein it is indicated that the origins of Maria Elisabeth Schaeffer were still unknown as of 2000, but that Jones was trying to find them. See:

There certainly was at least one Kniskern family in that population, so the name is plausible. However, her grandson Christian married a Maria Elisabeth Kniskern (spelled Kneskern in the Jones quotation), which suggests one possibility of how the name Kniskern might have become attached to her.


  1. I do want project protection for the Unknown profile for her.
  2. I need to make a pilgrimage to that library that has the Jones book, so I can learn more about these and other 1709-1710 Palatine immigrant ancestors of mine.

I have the The Palatine Families of New York book, plus the others. (More Palatine Families, Even More Palatine FamiliesEven More Palatine Families reports that further investigation in Germany failed to turn up the family. They tried the location of Henrich Conrad next to her on the Hunder list in case they came from the same place, and found a family that matched, except that they stayed in Germany.

Dave Rutherford-117 and I are trying to get a Palatine_Immigrant project off the ground.  We would gladly accept protecting this immigrant if she qualifies and we get the project going.  I have today contacted Abby Glann to ask that this sub-project get off the ground.  I now ask you to join the sub-project when it does get going, and hopefully we can not only give your profile protection, but give it a Palatine_Immigrant template as well.  Will you please join us?  Thanks.

Dan Sparkman-319
Thanks, Dan. This profile did get the protection I requested.

Have you considered categories for the Palatine_Immigrant such as 1709/10 immigrants, the Hunter Lists, etc?

There are way too many ill-conceived categories already, and once a category is created it can't be deleted. Let's not start creating new categories before there's been discussion of the appropriate logic for the categories.

Many of these Palatine immigrants and their family members have multiple duplicate profiles created by Gedcom imports, often with variant versions of the person's name (for example, a man baptized as "Johann Adam" might be here as Johan, Johann, Adam, and John, and a name like Schaeffer has multiple spellings). Categorizing them is the least of my concerns. My goal in requesting PPP was to get two of those duplicates merged, and avoid having merge go toward the wrong LNAB. (Protecting LNABs is the main purpose of project protection.)

Added: The G2G discussion is likely to provide a forum for creating new categories, etc. Since you possess Henry Jones' books, Tim, you'd be a valued member!

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See: Project Protected Profiles (PPP)
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Temporary PPP placed.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

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