I'm looking for ANY proof that OBED DRURY ever existed. Please!

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I have not found anything that says Obed Drury truly is the father of George (Hugh) Drury.  George came to massachusettes in 1635 aboard the ship the "Abigail" and became a carpenter in that area.  "Family tradition" is the only thing that states Obed was his father.  The sources I have used already include wikitree somewhat, also www.northwesterPa.net  I've searched google.    They say that Obed was born about 1590 and died about 1663 living his whole life in London, Middlesex, England.  Another source, (exsisting profile on wikitree) told me that he married sometime in 1614 in England, but never stated a wife's name.  There are rumors that he had another child other than George (hugh), Lydia, however, I think this is mistaken as there are no roots for Lydia and Hugh married a Lydia I think that source was mistaken. Thanks for any help.

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A very nice site with lots of Drury info:
posted some info on wiki page for son, some corrections needed there.
Looks like you have one of those true brick walls. Good Luck. Mike
This Michael Drury seems to know his stuff:
A Rice line to merge into or with Edmund Rice at:
I guess we are cousins ;-)
Sorry no info on Drury on my line.
Obediah Drury did not die in 163 as far as I can tell. A George Drury died then-- but not Obediah. I traced the 'George' back to Dr. William Drury, ecclesiastical judge from Essex who probably worked in London and then was buried there. Born 1545, died in 1589. He married Mary Southwell. He is in the Tendring line of Drury's, an offshoot of the Drury  Rougham.line. William's oldest son was John Drury of Bretthall. George Drury was Dr. William's second son was named George. There is little information about this George. The fact that Hugh Drury used the name George got me wondering if that was Obediah's baptismal name. Did George change his first name to Obediah when he married into a separatist family? He married Olivia Rice, whose family was one of the newer protestant groups springing up all over Europe. May have been Puritan or Quaker. Note that in the 1600's there was great tension about religion, and Obediah died the same year as KIng Charles I was beheaded. That year also started the Civil was in England. The Puritans ran the country through Oliver Cromwell for 11 years. I believe his baptismal name was George and that later, after he moved to London, changed the first name because he converted from the Church of England. That is a guess, based upon history of religious conflict in England at the time. People say that Obediah came from Ireland. I can find no proof of this. John de Drury lived 'way back in time a long way--he was an early settler after 1066 and lived in Suffolk.. His wife was not Catherine Lynstead Finch. Catherine was married to a Drury from the Hawstead Drury line. Hugh used the name 'George' on a trip to the colonies. His father's name?  He may have crossed the Atlantic more than once. One of the times he crossed, he used the name 'Hugh;. He was in the military in England--Lt. Hugh Drury. Obediah did not, I believe, travel to the colonies. This line of Drury's did not have a great deal of money. Obed. may have been a dock worker. Hugh, his son, did cross the Atlantic. Hugh married a Lydia Rice, a distant cousin to Olivia Rice (his mother), in about 1645 in Massachusetts, where Hugh owned a tavern and did woodworking. He bought and sold land. I have seen the gravestones of Hugh and Lydia in Boston. Hugh and Lydia had four or five children, one of which was named Lydia. Their children died young, but John Hugh and Capt. Thomas lived to marry and have children. Thus the protestant Drury line got its start. I have been looking for Obediah Drury--his marriage date, his occupation, etc. for a long time. May this help you in your search for his as well.

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From what I have seen, I would not use the name Obed. Will keep you from searching for the true name of the father. All though it is probably easier to disprove Obed than to prove. If you could find the originating source for the name Obed. Good Luck.
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It took me 7 years to find the connection between Obed and Hugh. Hugh apparently changed his twice. He was born John and decided he was George till he got to the states. Then he became Hugh. If found this book with last will and testament

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DRURY. 1. John Drury was born in London in 1616, son of Obed Drury of London, a descendant of John de Drury, whose father came with William the Conqueror. He came with Governor Win-throp Company, 1635. He called himself George, and was aged 19 years. He went with Dr. Elliott's Company to the mouth of the Connecticut, but, later, returned and settled in Sudbury, where he received a grant of land in 1641. In 1646, he went to Boston, where he engaged extensively in mercantile business, was very successful, and left a large property. He was a member of the First Church, Lieutenant of Artillery in 1659, Proprietor of Castle Tavern, and had lands near Mill Bridge. He married, 1645, Lydia Rice. He died in July, 1689. His wife died April 5, 1675. Both were buried in King's Chapel Ground, Tremont Street, Boston. 2. John, born in Sudbury, March 2, 1646. He was a house car- penter and moved to Boston. He was a member of Old South Church in 1672, Lieutenant in King Philip's War in 1675, and was considered a wealthy man for his time. He married Mary (the widow of Ed. Fletcher, who was a Nonconformist Minister of Dunsborn Rectory, Gloucestershire. Her maiden name is unknown). He died in 1678. Children: Thomas, Lydia, Mary, Mercy, Elizabeth, John. 3. Thomas, born in Boston, August 10, 1668. He settled in Fram- ingham, and was Town Clerk eleven years, from 1700; Schoolmaster, 1713 ; Lieutenant of Militia, 1713; and Captain, 1719. He married Rachel, daughter of Henry Rice, Dec. 15, 1687. Children: Thomas, Caleb, John, Mary, Rachel, Lydia, Elizabeth, Micah, Uriah. 4. Thomas. He was born August 29, 1690 ; married, June 10, 1719, Sarah, daughter of Capt. Isaac and Sarah (Stow) Clark, born August 5, 1701. He died April 10, 1743. Children: Thomas, Mary, Abigail, Rachel, Thankful, Sarah, Benjamin, Mary, Elizabeth. 5. Sarah. She was born in 1734, and, July 16, 1755, married Richard Rice of Natick.


Morton, Arabella Lyman Gamage. Descendants of John Gamage of Ipswich, Mass (Kindle Locations 1230-1253). Worcester, Mass. : Press of C.R. Stobbs. Kindle Edition. 

Link To book Snipet proving that He was born John went by George and then Hugh.

I found this by reverse engineering the tree starting with Drieu "Drogo" aka Robert the Axe man who left his Norman village and came to England whith William the Conquer. Hugh's grand father is John De Drury. 

Here is the link to his marriage. https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/1624/31280_194798-00407?pid=614881&backurl=https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/112005106/person/380188584663/Gallery?_phtarg%3DFLW23510&usePUB=true&_phsrc=FLW23510&usePUBJs=true

I am not sure that Hugh's name was 'John'. He used that when he was crossing the Atlantic. He also used 'George' and 'Hugh' on other trips.

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