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Not sure if this would qualify but is there a project category for those deaths that occur as a result of one's own stupidity or lack of common sense?  I ask because I am a huge fan of the Darwin Awards.  Many of these deaths are very interesting stories that could benefit from proof that they actually occurred.  Granted, some of the families of the deceased might not want to highlight the details of their ancestor's demise, it could prove helpful in knowing how & possibly why it occurred.  I'm pretty new to the site as well as the project pages.  Please forgive me if this isn't an acceptable idea.
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Love the Darwin Awards.
Me too, Rosemary!  I just wish I had more time to get this project started.  Work gets in the way of all that.  ROTFL

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I'm sure it could be done; but who would do it, you?  If you're willing to do it start reading what needs to be done to create a (sub)project and start by creating a Free Space Page and putting down your ideas of what needs to be done; get permissions, find list of people who are candidates, get volunteers, etc.  The come back here and post a request for volunteeers to discuss what needs to be done technically (linking to your idea page and what would be an appropriate name and whether or not it should be a top level project or a sub-project (most likely the latter.)  Then off you go.
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I'd love to get the ball rolling.  I have no idea how to start or if I have the time to undertake such a huge project.  I work full time (about 45-50 hrs/week) and time is very limited.  I would very much like to make this happen.  

When you say "get permissions" what exactly do you mean?  From where or with whom do I ask permissions?
It's hard to say if you can gather enough people to make such a project viable.  You'll have to make a decision and go from there.  But that's why I suggest a free space page and a g2g post asking for help.  If you don't get any bites that's a good sign that it's probably not worth doing, at least not now.  If one or two people are interested it might be worth it, and 3 or more and you're probably off and running

I said "get permissions" because of your mention of relatives being unhappy about Uncle Fred''s bizarre death.  Whether it's worth asking a relative if it's ok to put the story on-line is a thing to mulled over.  If it happened 50 years ago, I'd say don't worry.  If more recent, see if there are living children or a spouse and if so it might be wise to feel such people out.  But that's just my opinion YMMV.
Thank you, Dave! Your input is greatly appreciated!  This has given me much food for thought.  I'll have to mull it over and decide if I have enough time to get started with this.  I do not want to "bite off more than I can chew" so to speak!  ;)
You might edit your original post and rephrase the question as "Anyone interested in a Darwin Awards project?"  That might draw greater attention and interest. We know Rosemary might help. :-)

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