I challenge you! (just for fun)

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This post is only for those who wish to have a little fun for a minute :)

How many times can you find the word "SOURCE"?

You can go in any direction from one square to any adjacent square while spelling the word correctly.

0 - 2     "Not even trying!" plus a raspberry sound

3 - 5     "Thanks for playing!"

6 -10    "Not bad!" plus a high-5

11-15   "Very good job!"

16-20   "Outstanding!" plus a respectful bow

20+      "Congratulations!  You beat the challenge!"

in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
made my eyes C R O S S

2 Answers

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Since the S's all occur on one diagonal and the 4 S's in the middle each have 4 O's and every one leads to al least one separate "Source" we have 16 there Plus each of the corner S's have two O's which gives us 20.  But the 6 O's inside, the 4 U's inside and the 2 R's also lead to splittings.  This brings the grand total up to 32 (I think) separate and unique ways to find a "Source"
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (410k points)

Congratulations, you beat the challenge!

There's more than that though :)

Ok, so I was off a factor of 2.  Going from upper right to lower left S's we have 2, 10, 20 , 20, 10, 2 solutions or a total of 64.
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I've got 64!  There is a pattern to it.

(OK I edited 54 to 64.  I missed one part of the pattern - Dave is right that it is 2 10 20 20 10 2)
by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
edited by Joe Cochoit
"You have achieved Master Source-Finder Status!"

Much applause!
Thanks Keith something on wikitree at which I excelled.

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