Are you searching for a Revolutionary Patriot and doing DNA testing?

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Are you doing research on a Revolutionary Patriot for your family tree?  Have you done testing through Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA or 23andme?  

On April 13, 2016 DAR expanded the scope of their DNA project with FamilyTreeDNA to include collecting and studying all forms of DNA.  Y-DNA, mtDNA and atDNA (autosomal); however, at this time, the policy and procedures for the use of DNA with pending applications or supplemental applications remain the same as outlined previously.

From the FamilyTreeDNA Dar post - 

The power of DNA is limited only by the number of test subjects; more participants in a DNA groups equals a better chance of finding lineage connections..... The more DNA segments two individuals share,the more closely they are related.  Finding these matches can be very helpful in your family history research. They can break down a brick wall... eliminate false information in your genealogical research and even substantiate family stories and lore!

As our DNA group grows and even more technology becomes available, we believe that in partnership with Family Tree DNA, we will be able to gain a clearer understanding of the utility of all types of DNA.  The future of DNA in genealogical research is endless!

***  If you have a known Patriot and have DNA testing please consider adding your data to the DAR Project and grow the database.   I will have more details in the next few months..  ***

in Genealogy Help by Elizabeth Townsend G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)

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Hi Elizabeth, This is fascinating!  I haven't heard of this DAR DNA Project before.  Is it on the website?  Can you supply a link? How do I participate?
by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (655k points)
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To participate in this project please follow this link -

If you have not done DNA testing and are considering it DNA testing is on sale through several companies through the 25th.  We can post the links if you need them.
by Elizabeth Townsend G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)
I have a bunch of Patriots and several tests.  Done.  Thanks for the tip.
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Hi Elizabeth,

I went to the site via the link you provided.  I then joined the NSDAR group using my father's kit #, since I had his Y-DNA, mtDNA, and auDNA all tested at FTDNA.  My Patriot ancestor is up his mother's father's side.  However, I don't see anywhere on the site with the information on autosomal.  The Y-DNA and mtDNA results don't apply to our Patriot ancestor, only the autosomal...
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (555k points)
Hi Darlene,

I noticed that when I joined the Project yesterday.  I have a email in to get an answer.   I had hoped to have a reply by the end of the day today, but so far no luck.


I joined the project with my uncle's yDNA. We do have a Patriot ancestor on his side of the family, but I'm not a DAR member. The e-mail I received back after I joined included this information:

Although DAR does not currently accept test results using mitochondrial or autosomal DNA, members and or their family members who have had these tests are encouraged to share their test results by joining this group. There may come a time in the future when these results may be used for an application or supplemental application. Your participation in this project is appreciated!

Kay, I got the same message.  Note that the message states that members "... who have had these tests are encouraged to share their test results by joining this group."  However, in joining the group, it didn't have anywhere to show autosomal results and only placed your test into the Y-DNA and/or mtDNA results page.  Perhaps they'll be adding the autosomal results later?

Good evening ladies.  Here is what I found on the site as well as the link I received from the project admins.

To upload from Ancestry you go here -

Info from the site - Nutshell, autosomal for FTDNA is Family Finder 

From the FTDNA site on Autosomal.....

Our autosomal test is known as Family Finder. This test is designed to find relatives on any of your ancestral lines within the last five generations. Family Finder uses autosomal DNA, which is the mixture of DNA you received from both parents (about 50% from your mother and about  50% from your father). Because autosomal DNA is a mixture of your mother’s and father’s DNA, it is unique to each person. Both men and women can complete this test.

Please note that this test cannot distinguish between matches from your mother’s side versus your father’s side.

If you are trying to confirm a relationship with someone else who is a third cousin or closer, the Family Finder test is recommended. We will provide you with the name, email address, and genealogical information your matches have shared. You will be able to communicate with them freely to find your common ancestors.

Our Family Finder also has a component called myOrigins. This component gives you a breakdown of your ethnic makeup by percent. myOrigins compares your DNA to reference populations around the world that have been tested through scientific research. Your myOrigins results can go back in time much further than your matches.

The most important thing to remember is that receiving your results from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is just the beginning. Since this is a relatively new field of science, changes to your results are anticipated as our information and technology improves. As the tools used to analyze your results are refined, you will have access to this new analysis. And as our database increases, you will receive email notifications about new genetic matches. These updates and advancements will be available to you over time at no additional charge.

Transfer Your Autosomal Results

You may also transfer your autosomal DNA results from our competitors, 23andMe and AncestryDNA.  Please note, FTDNA can only accept V3 files from 23andMe and is unable to transfer the newly released V4 or earlier V2 versions. Please be sure to check with 23andMe regarding your file type BEFORE placing your Autosomal DNA Transfer order.

My dad did the Family Finder (autosomal) test at FTDNA.  The problem is that DAR isn't populating anything with the lists of autosomal test takers like they're doing with the Y-DNA and mtDNA...

Try sending an email to all of the admins that are listed in the morning.  I have fullMT processing and it shows a date for that to come through (approximate) and it shows that the Autosomal transfer is there.

Just a thought - there may not be enough data there to connect to be able to show anything?

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm not sure what you mean about there not being enough data there to connect.  I have hundreds of auDNA matches on my dad's account.  I had his auDNA tested over two years ago.  The problem isn't with my dad's data, it's that DAR doesn't have a page set up for auDNA the way they do for Y-DNA and mtDNA.  When I joined, I did so by logging in to my dad's test and joining.  DAR then automatically added his test ID to their Y-DNA and mtDNA pages.  But they don't have an auDNA page...  See this page, which is their main page for DNA results:

O.K.  I got a response from one of the NSDAR administrators:

"Due to privacy concerns, Ftdna does not offer this report option directly; however, you can compare your fathers autosomal results to other members in the project by clicking once on the myFTDNA icon in the upper left hand corner.  Select Tools & Apps, then click on Advanced matching.  Check the relevant boxes for Y-DNA, MtDNA, and/or Family Finder and use the pull down menu under Show Matches For and select the NSDAR project.  Click Run Report and the names and kit numbers of your matches in the selected project will appear.  The Family Finder Matches will also show the relationship such as 4th – remote cousin.

"If people are interested, the project administrators may do some reports for autosomal matches as time permits unless members opt out, but you can check your matches at any time using the above method."

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