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I am fairly new here at wikitree and am still "learning the ropes." So, I am not sure if this happens all the time but, I was looking at a profile yesterday in which one member had proposed a merge. The profile manager rejected the merge saying that they were not the same person. I checked back with the profile a few hours later and to my surprise someone on wiki had added someone else to the profile manager list and together they forced the merge all without the original profile manger's agreement. She didn't even know it had happened until I contacted her to ask about it. I don't want to call anyone out if this is considered Kosher, but I found it uncool.
WikiTree profile: Hannah Cugley
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in Policy and Style by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
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Some people reject merges when it's obviously a duplicate, often for a simple variation in birthday or some simple reason which is not a reason to not complete the merge.  Differences in information need discussion and can be noted in the biography.
No way to know in this case, but I agree that there are some merges rejected (or set to match not merge) which should be accepted as matches. Small variations in spelling, a single year off on birth or one has a correct date but the other is "before" or "after", irregularities in geographic locations. Sometimes it's because they have different spouses or children, which doesn't hold water since it is fairly common for people to have more than one spouse or child.

A common cause of birth discrepancy, for example, is when one profile has the birth date and the other a baptism date, especially when the baptism was separated from the birth by a matter of years, like when several siblings are baptized in a batch.

Sometimes everything matches but one thing. When one is sourced and the other isn't, I go with the sourced data. We sure do have lots of unsourced profiles!
See Tyng-7. She was an English woman who came to Virginia in 1623. She married Thomas Savage. The forced merge was with her "mythical" Indian version. Now she's this mess of a profile with Indian parents and siblings. I don't think the family myth should take precedence over the accepted version as has been done in this profile. And to boot she is now confused with the Hannah Tyng of New England as her death is said to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Hi Jeanie,

Was the person over 200 years old? It's possible that a WikiTree Leader adopted the profile and then completed the merge. I'm surprised there wouldn't have been any communication though. Maybe you could go ahead and post the WikiTree ID?

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
It appears there has been a tug-of-war about the profile, and a possible refusal to collaborate.
Actually, Chris, it's a project coordinator, supported by a Leader, who took over a profile from an active profile manager.
So is anybody going to fix it?

Thomas Savage married Ann or Hannah Unknown.  There isn't even any evidence that she was ever called Tyng.

That obviously comes from confusion with the Hannah Tyng of New England who married a Savage.

But I expect we'll end up with another of those long lists of tertiary sources that all recycle and combine and confuse each other's junk.
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An important thing to look at is how long ago the merger was proposed and rejected.  If the PM opposes the merger, it can still happen after a period of time.  The question might be if the original PM had any cogent reason to say that they weren't the same person.  This is a collaborative site, so we don't want either lack of communication or obstructive behavior, and for the most part they aren't problems, but both do occur and that's one reason this g2g board is important.  Things about which there is conflict can be brought before the larger body of Genealogists.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
This all occurred within a few hours. Them merge was proposed, set as unmatched and forced all within a few hours. That is what surprised me.
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Jeanie, I noticed that some messes related to this thread remained unresolved.  Please take a look at Tyng-7 now. I've also sought project protection from US Southern Colonies for Thomas and Hannah and I'm also going to add Native American to this thread so that project keeps an eye on this. Will also add NA account to Trusted List of Hannah for same reason.  

Hannah's profile could benefit from much stronger, more complete source citations. There's a bunch of vague references but they need strengthening.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (933k points)

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