Father has two different names and ages. How can this be explained? [closed]

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Please check the sources given with [Goolaerts-37|Hendrik Goolaerts].
Hendrik was born january 6, 1829 from Joanna Lens, who was not married at that time.
The child is reported at the city hall by Jan Gummar Goolaerts, 21 years old, who claimes to be the father of Hendrik.
So I did put in as LNAB the name Goolaerts and not Lens. (Correct?)

February 26 of the same year, Joanna married Pieter Gummar Goolaerts, 19 years old. And Pieter claimes to be the father of Hendrik.

Because Jan is 21 years old, he must be born in the year 1807.
The only Goolaerts born in de city of Lier in the year 1807 is a sister of Pieter, she was born at january 10, 1807. So Jan cannot be a brother of Pieter. 

With the census in 1830 the name of Jan Gummar Goolaerts cannot be found in Lier.

Are Jan and Pieter the same person, and is the birth cetificate in error?
Or can this be explained otherwise?

Pieter Gummar Goolaerts en Joanna Lens, verenigd zijn door het huwelijk.
 Maar zoo aanstonds hebben gemelde Echtgenoten ons verklaard dat er van hun geboren is een Kind der Mannelijke Kunne te Lier den zesden Januarij, ten volgende dage geboekt onder het nummer 7 en onder de benaming van Hendrik , zoon van Jan Gummar Goolaerts en van Joanna Lens , hetwelk zij bij deze erkennen als hunnen echten zoon.


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closed with the note: I am Convinced Jan and Pieter are the same person.
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This is actually the case for my father. The U.S. government actually has listed 3 separate, totally birthdates for him, but in his case he did it. When he was underage, he tried to enlist twice, and lied about his, so he gave 2 different birthdates. He was turned down once for his eyesight and the other time for flat feet. lol

I will make the translation  of the side note to the marriage certificate: 

Pieter Gummar Goolaerts and Joanna Lens, united by marriage, Immediately  the spouses declare (to the civil registrar who regsiters their marriage) to us that from them a child is born of male gender at Lier on januari 6th who was registered the next day under number 7 and was named Hendrik, son of Jan Gummar Goolaerts en Joanna Lens , which thye ( the spouses) recognise and legitimise as their real (legitimate) son


I have been confronted with a lot of these occurences in my family tree often a first child born before a marriage, but also a illegitmate son born much earlier and later recognised by another husband.
In Belgium the birth certificate mentions the name of the child at birth  which will be the mothers maiden name
so in this case Hendrik Lens
I would enter LENS in Name at birth - field

The recognition would automatically alter the name of the child to reflect the fathers name ( even several years ofter his birth)
I would enter GOOLAERTS in the Current name

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I think you have pretty well established the non-existence of Jan, age 21 and consequently the fatherhood of Pieter, age 19. Which in my book would make Hendrik a premarital child rather than an extramarital.

The birth certificate looks very well-made, so the wrong name and age does not have the "feel" of a simple error; rather that the nervous(?) young father perhaps tried to make himself look older than he was. Sounds like quite the story behind this, but evidently it all ended well.

You could put the transcriptions of the birth certificate and the marriage record in the profile.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (580k points)
selected by Pierre Goolaerts
I compaired the signatures of Jan and Pieter and I am more and more convinced that Jan and Pieter are the same person.
Thanks for the transcriptions - I can make sense of them via Google translate :-) I didn't notice that the records were signed by Goolaerts, which certainly helps the case.

Was he in some way under age when he fathered the child?
Yes he was "minderjarig" = under aged, (see the second transcription).
Joanna was "bejaard" = in this case adult.
But there is no permission of the king present in the attachments.
I wrote it in the original dutch spelling, so I hope Google Translate can still make some sense of it :)

I too compared the signatures, and yes, they look very similar. Also checked the births in Lier from January 1, 1808 thru January 7, 1808 (would also fit age 21). No Jan found.

In theory a Jan Gummar Goolaerts could be born elsewhere and also be living elsewhere in 1830. Is there a way to check that countrywide in Belgium archives?

None that I know off, Jan.
The earliest birth of a 'goolaerts' in Het Rijksarchief is in 1820. So no cigar. :)
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Yes the LNAB entered for [Goolaerts-37|Hendrik Goolaerts] is Goolaerts not Lens.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

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