why cant I NOT skip over 10 matched profiles, Gedcom Import

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I have been getting ready to import my Ancestry Gedcom of 938 profiles, over 500 new. There are a number of my close family members with numerous source citations from Ancestry but on WT I havent any.

So, I want to skip some matched skips on the Gedcom Compare table.  When I try to import, WT wont because I have skipped over 10 matched skips.  I have been working on this for 6 months and am very aware of what I am doing.  I am the mgr of the profiles I am referring to. I have about 20 I planned on merging after the import.  It would be great if I could work around this limit of 10 skipped skips.

I hope yall didnt get confused about all the skipping.

Calkins-2619, belskey-1, belskey-2, belskey-4, calkins-6476, cadman-188, cadman-190, cadman-191, cadman-189, cadman-192, jones-40822, foster-10544, selby-725, pinnegar-9, barker-6122 and a few others.
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Could I delete the selected WT profiles and let WT create new profile IDs so that I dont have to manually enter source citations from ancestry.com?

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Sorry, I know this is not the answer you are hoping for, but yes, you will need to add your sources by hand.

WikiTree is a very different animal.  It is not a fool-proof, slick, commercial, genealogy website.  We are a bunch of volunteers, like yourself, who are creating the go-to place for accurate, sourced genealogical profiles.

We work together, and we create only one profile per person. We use the first profile created - which will have the lowest numbered ID (with the correct spelling) and add any new info to that one profile.  We never delete, but only add to - (or merge into- merges are sometimes created by mistake).

You can always ask to be added to the trusted list, and if there is an unresponsive profile manager, you can always adopt.  This will take some time -and patience.

Welcome to WikiTree!  Not easy, but worth it!
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Thank you, I knew that was the answer.

I was wondering about the limit of 10 matched skipped skips...does the size of the gedcom matter or can you import a tree of 20 and still have the limit of 10?
It's always 10 regardless of the size.
Thank you for clearing this up for me, I appreciate it!
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Why don't you make it easier on yourself and divide your tree into two or 4 parts so you don't have so many matches to skip?  I admit I haven't tried creating a Gedcom on Ancestry but surely you can export just part of a tree?
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I have no idea how to split a tree that is already established without having to re-enter or start from scratch.  Anybody know?
It's easily done in desktop software. Family Tree Maker is the easiest to use with Ancestry but I believe RootsMagic has a free version. Download your Ancestry tree into desktop software then split it apart into manageable segments.
On Ancestry, you can create a new tree - "(insert name here)"

Then go to your main tree with the profile that you want to import to wikitree.

In the top right corner is the Tools drop down menu with the option Save To Tree, click on that. Select the tree you want the profile to be copied.

Its the quickest way to copy a small portion of your main tree and keep all your sources attached.  It's just a lot of clicking and keeping track of where you are in the section you want to copy
I will check it out, thank you for your suggestion!

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