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An information Post for those working on or interested in Mary Stewart, daughter of Robert the III, King of Scotland (John Stewart-972). 

Mary (Stewart-1638), (1380-1457) was the daughter of Robert the III, King of Scotland (John Stewart-972), (1337-1406) and Annabella Drummond

Mary Stewart was married (5) times

Royal Ancestry by Douglas Richardson Vol. I, page 653

v. MARY (or MARION) STEWARD, born in or after 1378. 

(1st) 24 May 1397 GEORGE DE DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Angus. 

(2nd) before 27 Jan. 1405/6 JAMES KENNEDY, Knt.   

(3rd) 7 July 1409 WILLIAM DE (CUNNINGHAM-3252), Knt.

(4th) before 15 May 1416 WILLIAM GRAHAM 

(5th) in 1425 WILLIAM DE EDMONTONE, Knt. 

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McGurk Cal. Papal Letters to Scotland of Benedict XIII of Avignon 1394-1419 (Scottish Hist. Soc. 4th Ser. 13) (1976): 207 (dispensation dated 7 July 1409 to Sir William Cunningham, lord of Kilmaurs, to marry Marjory [sic] Stewart, widow of James Kennedy, doncel, Glasgow diocese). 


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(5) in 1425 William De Edmonstone, Knt.

 http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Edmonstone-10  My 19th Gr Gf. :) 


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Both the Complete Peerage, 2nd ed. Vol. 1, p. 155 and The Scots Peerage, Vol. 4, p. 230 include the dispensation but state that there is no proof that the marriage actually took place, though The Scots Peerage adds that it's not improbable.

It depends on how long before 15 May 1416 her marriage to William Graham took place.  William Cunningham died sometime between 7 August 1413 and December 1415, and The Complete Peerage has a date of 13 November 1413 for the marriage to William Graham, but does note that the're not sure of the source for this date.

Also note that if William Cunningham and Mary Stewart did marry, it wouldn't have been on 7 July 1409; the date of dispensation isn't usually the date of marriage.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (629k points)
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All 5 of the sons of William Graham and Mary (or Mariota) Stewart were born before 4 August 1420 as they are all mentioned in a charter of that date. See no. 167 on this page https://archive.org/stream/registrummagnisi02scot#page/36/mode/2up

It's possible she could have given birth every 12 months, and the marriage still have taken place in 1415 but it would seem to be a bit too tight chronologically.

Thank you,, John Atkinson, for your comment! :-)
So far, what I find is Richardson, writes 'widow' of William Cunningham, and I have yet to find birth dates for the sons of William Graham and Mary Stewart in Royal Ancestry, not saying they are not there, just that I have not found them, yet. :-). . 

Richardson Vol. I, page 636 Below is what I did find.
William Graham, married (2nd) before 15 May 1416 Mary (or Marion) Stewart, widow successively of George Douglas, Earl of Angus, James Kennedy, Knt. (killed before 8 Nov. 1408) and William de Cunningham, Knt. (died before 27 Dec 1415. They had five sons, Robert, Knt., Patrick, William, Henry, and Walter. William, Lord Graham, died in 1424.
Thank you, John 

I don't think you are going to find exact birth dates for the sons of William Graham and Mary Stewart, the only evidence seems to be that they were all born before 4 August 1420 as I have mentioned above.

Based on current evidence, I think Richardson is incorrect on this one, and the most that can be said is that possibly Mary Stewart, married William Cunningham as her third husband.

Unless of course there is something else he is citing as evidence?

Thank you, John Atkinson, I appreciate your comments. 

My grandmother was a Cunningham so I will be looking for sources for her line. Do you happen to know if Captain William Cunningham -2130 born 1600 is an immigrant ancestor. 

Thank you very much :-)

Captain William Cunningham is not listed as a Gateway Ancestor in the list of Gateways given in Vol I of Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry.

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