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I have been working on several profiles that get duplicated frequently , these are profiles I manage. They are not neglected or abandoned.  I check for duplicates everyday. I am working on my mergeing at the same time someone unrelated to the profile is doing the same thing I am. This is quite confusing. Duplicates show up today I'm working on mergeing as someone else not a manager is merging the profiles. So I have NO CLUE what is happening.  TALK? Look at the profile changes tab , read the notes. PLEASE. I get that some of the profiles are Unknowns.. I get that no one owns a profile. I get there is alot of work to be done. I get that people are on projects.  I spend several hours a day plugging away bit by bit on wikitree. I'm slow. Please don't bulldoze over people. TALK PLEASE.
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Trudy, if I am guilty of working on profiles you are working on, please accept my apology.  

Due to other responsibilities I am no longer intensely  active on WikiTree. When I get notification of merges of profiles on which I am listed as manager, or on the trusted list I merge them and clean up the Bio. LIkewise profiles that have been merged, I clean up the Bio.  I have notices that others are also doing this, cleaning up Bios.

Again, If I've stepped on your toes, forgive me. I'm just trying to keep up with  the work load. '

Tom (Bredehoft-6)
Hey Tom long time no see post. Not a problem Tom. I can usually follow what you do. You source.  It just see so many " so and so edited so and so" and I can't find the edit .  I just want to know what's happening. Good to see you're back for awhile. I hope all is well you .

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Hi Trudy,

Arborists have a job to help with duplicates and merges, this includes cleaning bio's. I dont know if youve noticed but a lot of people will do a merge and not clean the bio. I know I accidentally did one at the same time as you. It happens but we try to be mindful of allowing PM's to do the merges, once it hits the 30 day default merge though it then becomes a job for anyone.
by Living McQueen G2G6 (7.8k points)
Michelle , I understand arborist have a job to do. What I don't understand is why they feel the need to jump in to profiles that are obviously being worked my a manager. I do understand that some of us are not yet as good at cleaning up after merges. I actually read all the sources that come together in a merge. It takes awhile for me to get back to a profile sometimes. But hey I'M ONLY A PROFILE MANAGER I don't HAVE A JOB TO DO.  And if it was only one profile , one person ,I won't have a problem with it. It is clear that profile managers are the low man on the totem pole here. No wonder so many leave. And let me point out that I was on those merges within hours after the GEDCOM had been uploaded. They hadn't sat around forever. Alot of the other merges , I tracked surnames for days looking for them and connections to other profiles. Proposing merges and connecting profiles and communicating with other managers and sourcing. And like I said trying to clean up.  But I don't have a job to do. And a commitment to the Honor Code. But nowhere near as important as an Arborist job. I'll finish up with actions I have pending , then I'm done. I have no doubt this will get slammed with down votes or deleted because being honest is not in the spirit of wikitree.

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