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i added a few known Fröhlich members today, but, the only one's I'm very certain about ends with Johann Julius Fröhlich. The rest I can add, but I'm not 100% sure it's the right family ancestors, since I only have one source to go on, and through research only have a very limited information base, and different spelling of the surname to the one I found though research.
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Sounds good that you want to concentrate on those you are sure of.

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Hello, Ronel:

I'm not sure this will be any help, but our family-history book mentions a couple different people named Frölich (no "H"): there's a Dorothea Caroline Frölich (1718-1749+) in Mansfeld; and Judith Frölich (daughter of minister Sebastian Frölich), who married into the family in 1606 in Freiberg.

Kind regards,
Michael Meurer
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Hi Michael. Yes the surname changes once it gets to Germany. The "h" disappears. I traced back to the 1500's, but want to be as certain as possible that I have the right line. I only have one source that gave me info, so I would like to verify before adding the rest. You gave me some new names to work on, thank you! Ronél Fröhlich
Hello again, Ronel:

Here's out genealogist's full text on these two people:

1) Johann Nikolaus Rosenhayn (1689-1758) and his first wife, Charlotte Juliane Uhrleb (1708-39) are among my ancestors, nine generations back. After his first wife's death:

"II. Mansfeld 6.11.1740 Dorothea Caroline Frölich, get. Mansfeld 26.1.1718 lebt 27.7.1749 (Pate), T. d. Paul F., Akziseeinnehmer in Mansfeld u. d. Bürgermeisterstochter N. Lindau."

"On November 6, 1740, he married his second wife, Dorothea Caroline Frölich, in Mansfeld. She was baptized on January 26, 1718 [likely within two or three days of her birth], and was still alive as of July 27, 1749, when she served as a godmother. She was the daughter of Paul Frölich, a tax official [see], and ____ Lindau, daughter of the mayor."

2) Balthasar Frischmann (1574-1630) was the brother of one of my ancestors, eleven generations ago. Of his wife:

"Freiberg (Petri) 26.5.1606 Judith Frölich, T. d. Sebastian, Pfarrer in Kötzschenbroda."

"On may 26, 1606, he married Judith Frölich in Freiberg (at St. Peter's Church). She was the daughter of Sebastian Frölich, a clergyman in Kötzschenbroda."

It still isn't a whole lot (there's further info on Rosenhayn, Frischmann, and Frischmann's and Judith's single child and three grandchildren). What's odd to me is that over some five-plus centuries and well over a dozen generations, only two people (well, four, with their dads) named "Frölich" show up; it's a great last name, and simply means "cheerful".

Happy hunting!

Michael Meurer
Great! Maybe the Paul Frölich is the same as one of the great great great grandfathers. Will see if marriage records show. Thanks a dozen, every bit helps. Do you want me to invite you onto my site so far? Or look it up on My Heritage?
Paul Frölich, born 1648, died 1708. Can't be her father, but I'll dig.
Thanks for the kind offer, Ronel, but I don't need to be invited on... it would be a welcome distraction, but I've got all I can do just trying to get some six thousand ancestors and their relatives up on WikiTree.

Because our genealogist's published work includes an index of several hundred different families throughout the German states, 1400s-1980s - and about 427 are directly ancestral to my own family - I can dig through his work and see if some other last names of your gang might show up. Just let me know, and I'll break out his big book and my well-worn shovel.

I'm finding that I'm really naïve! I keep thinking that whenever someone here is looking for information on an ancestor, it'll be in our genealogist's book. Well, of course it isn't. With just a present-day population of well over 80 million people in Germany proper, how many people over the last six-odd centuries have called Germany or a German state their home? I would guess northward of 300 million. So the odds are heavily against a hit, when I get to digging. But I dig anyway.

Viel Glück!

Michael Meurer
No problem Michael, in understand. That's why I only chose the Fröhlich tree. My My Heritage tree is a nightmare of ancestors in every direction. Keep digging, we'll compare notes sometime. Lol.
Ich wünsche Ihnen gut! Ich mache es für meinen Mann. Herzliche Grüße. Ronél
Just wondering how do you get information from Germany. I have Frohlich in my tree but can seem to get the records in Germany . Really need this information so if I don't thank you email me at Thanks you

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