Is Alianore Butler a daughter of James & Eleanor (Bohun) Butler? If not, should she be disconnected?

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Is Alianore (Butler-1761), born 1328, a daughter of James (Butler-1160) Boteler, born 1305 and Eleanor (Bohun-40), born 1304? And, if she is not should someone that has the right disconnect her as a daughter?

Thank you for your help! :-)
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I think she's become a mixture of two people.  She could be reverted to who she was, or possibly merged away into the other one.

Hi RJ :-)

I am still working to put sources on profiles that I think are in my line. Hawte Wyatt through his mother Jane Finch is still my best Gateway Ancestor. I am wondering if there are others? Possibly a Cunninghanm or a Needham? Most of the following line have a Richardson source. I am still adding sources to the Needham's in this line.     
1. Alice is the daughter of Charles Needham 
2. Charles is the son of Robert Needham 
3. Robert is the son of Robert Needham 
4. Robert is the son of Robert Needham 
5. Robert is the son of Anne (Talbot) Needham
6. Anne is the daughter of John Talbot 
7. John is the son of Gilbert Talbot 
8. Gilbert is the son of John Talbot
9. John is the son of John Talbot 
10. John is the son of Richard Talbot 
11. Richard is the son of Petronilla (Butler) Talbot 
12. Petronilla is the daughter of Eleanor (Bohun) Butler
13. Eleanor is the daughter of Humphrey VIII Bohun
14. Humphrey VIII is the son of Humphrey Bohun 
15. Humphrey VII is the son of Humphrey (Bohun) de Bohun 
16. Humphrey VI is the son of Humphrey (Bohun) de Bohun 
17. Humphrey is the son of Henry (Bohun) de Bohun 

I had forgotten we discussed 'William Needham' before, in the following related question "Should William Needham be disconnected from Needham & Talbot families?" 

BELOW from previous discussion ....
If there were anything in this, it would be an unmissable gateway line.  But I suspect it's more a case of nothing to debunk even.  Nobody seems to be citing even a family book or dodgy article - looks like it first turned up on the internet.

Also William's son William should be a PGM.  Perhaps there was one of that name.  Actually I wouldn't be too surprised if there was a William son of William born in Bolton in 1580, so they could be real people to that extent.

Rachel Whoever married Edward Spalding or Spaulding

which is a complete mess

This is much better, but still no good

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Charles Needham is fine, but I don't think Alice Bryan was his daughter.

From discussion I've seen on the internet, there's no proof that Charles Needham had a daughter named Alice nor that 'Alice Needham' existed.  Here are a couple sites discussing Needhams: This person states:  "I personally really doubt that Lady Alice Needham ever married William Bryan and she probably never existed .Not one document has ever been found that has both William Bryan and his wife's names on the same document."

Thank you so much, RJ Horace, for your comments! I appreciate that you are so willing to help! :-)

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Per ODNB (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography), this Eleanor (Alianore) Butler was the daughter of James Butler (2nd Earl of Ormond) (Butler-81) and Elizabeth Darcy (Darcy-98).  She's been 'sitting' as an unmerged match for almost eight months (that's why I hate unmerged matches -- people receive no notices that they're there, so they can sit for years unnoticed...).  I'lll put through the merge.
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Thank you, Darlene Athey Hill, for your comments, and doing the merge!

I appreciate this very much. :-)
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Before you write her off... check with  the Butler Society. I am a member easy to join. Wonderful site.

by Yvonne Butler G2G3 (3.6k points)
Thanks, Yvonne, for the information about the Butler Society.  As noted above, though, we didn't 'write her off'.  What we did was locate a reliable source to enable us to connect her with her proper parents.  ;)
That is good to know. I completely finished my family line through the Butler Society. You will love it. If there is anything I can email you I would be more than happy to.

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