Are you willing to share your evidence for your relationship to a proven ancestor?

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Some you are members of lineage-based membership organizations (e.g. Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames of America, Sons of the American Revolution).  You may have proven your descent from an armorial ancestor.

Where may we see examples in WikiTree which, through your citations, mirror the same evidence which was necessary for approval by the lineage-based membership organization?

What is your relationship trail to your proven ancestor?  For example here is my relationship  to my 7th great-grandfather (with little or no evidence)-:

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
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DAR requires birth, marriage and death certificates for current and 3-4 generations back. Those are not posted on WikiTree usually. Additionally, Vital Records from places your ancestors lived are used. Sometimes book sources can be used, but not always. Sometimes gravestone images can be used if they are legible and don't contradict other information. Fold3 has military information which can be used.

I wouldn't say it is the case - by far - that you would be able to see citations in WikiTree that mirror what lineage societies require.

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Any proofs I have on WikiTree that proves my lineage to my DAR recognized ancestor would be of little use to another individual until they can prove they are a descendant of my ancestor.  Each individual is required to provide proof from themselves back each generation to the DAR recognized ancestor with records, such as birth certificates, marriage records, death certificates, wills or estate records, bible records, etc.  As an example, my DAR ancestor is my 4th great grandfather.  My list of sources for my 3rd great grandfather who was the oldest son of my 4th great grandfather would be of no use to anyone who was descended from my 4th great grandfather's youngest son, about whom I know very little.  If a person has researched and documented their ancestors and can tie them into the ancestors I have profiles on WikiTree then they can certainly obtain the necessary copies of the required records from the sources listed.   Due to privacy and individuals still living in my family line I will not put all my proofs on WikiTree.
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Are you asking for us to "mirror" the sources on our applications and supplements here in WikiTree?

by Elizabeth Townsend G2G6 Mach 2 (20.3k points)
I'm asking for examples where persons have done that.  I'm not asking for you or others to do that.

I'm unsure if mirror is the correct word.   "Is similar to" has the same connotation for my question.

And now I see that my question is "Are you willing to share your evidence..."  My intent was to ask "Where can one find examples of the evidence ..."

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
Peter, for DAR applications, and I've been told SAR applications are very similar, you need to prove each generation from your self back to your ancestor.  Starting with yourself, you will need a copy of your birth certificate which should give the names of your parents.  If your married, you may be required to provide a copy of your marriage record.  For your parents you will need each of their birth certificates, their marriage record, and if they are deceased you will need their death certificates.  Their records should name their parents.  If their records do not name their parents you can use census records that show them in the household of their parents, or if they are named in the wills/estate records of their parents you can use these records. If the estate records do not name all heirs, check records for any lawsuits that may have been filed in regard to the estate.  Also check for any guardianship records if any of the heirs were minors. Going further back in time where no birth records are available, you can use bible records (always include the copyright date of the bible), census records that show the individual as a minor child living with their parents, marriage records and census records after they have married.  If death certificates are not available, published obituaries in newspapers, give the name of the paper, publication date, etc., and photo's of tombstones, with the location of the cemetery, etc.  Deeds where the parent gave a "Deed of Gift" to the child are proof of parentage.  These are just some of the types of documents you can use.  The DAR in many cases will not accept genealogies that have been published in books as proof of your ancestry, due to many published genealogies being poorly documented and inaccurate.  You will need to locate records to tie each generation to the next generation back to the ancestor that aided the cause of Independence.  For the DAR you do not have to prove that your ancestor actually fought in the Revolution.  You do have to prove that your ancestor aided the cause of American Independence and this can be done in a number of ways, i.e., he or she signed a petition supporting the local Militia; provided supplies for the Militia, or served in an elected or appointed office that supported American Independence.  I hope this helps answer your question.

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