Can I categorize same name ancesters?

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I am having difficulty with managing ancestors with the same names. As many are aware in the early periods families repeatedly used the same names from one generation to the next. (Sarah Jane must have been very popular) Can some one give me some advise on creating a [[Same_Name]] category so I can track who they are related to? Plus any advise on how you manage the same problem is greatly appreciated.
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it might be interesting to think about how this is best handled in context of a one name study, as that is a more general context, but I can also see this being handled with personal categories.   Personal categories have your wikiree user ID prefixed to the category.   My user ID is Maranda-80, so I create categories that are for my own personal use as in the following (empty set) example:  [[Category:Maranda-80 doublecheck]].   Another user could employ the same strategy, with their user-id instead (it's a category "name space" convention).
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I know a lot of early genealogists would put a roman numeral (sometimes putting them in (...)s for each person of the same name in the order they were discovered or entered.  In looking in the index of "The Green Tree" there are Charles Greens all the way to (XIV) though I don't see all the possibilities, so it may be that some were found later to be duplicates.  But that's the point I suppose.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (411k points)
Thank you Dave for the answer. My logic was that if I could identify all with same name then I could possible move (name only) to a free page where I could edit and see a clearer picture of who was married or born to who, with chronological order. I am new to this and this may be a waste of time but I find myself backtracking all the time because I know I have seen the same name on someone else's profile causing me more time to get back on track.
If you are going to use a numbering system put it in the suffix field so that it doesn't interfere with the searches for duplicates.
For any given surname I just use the box at the top of the page and then sort by either first name or birth. There are a number of options then available to you to help identify duplicates.
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If you want any to, you can create a personal category. You can name it something that makes sense to you and add the category to the profiles in question. You can make as many as you need actually.
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