How do I find Wendell-96 AND what is a Tree House?

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I just got to a message from WikiTree referencing Wendell-96 with no link.  Where is the list of all WikiTree names showing their WikiID #?  There is no visible search location for WikiName-ID#.  As far as I can see there is no category option to choose, so just chose Tree House having no idea what that is. Thanks.
WikiTree profile: Philip Windle
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Top Right of your page: Hover over: Find & click People Search. There are several ways to Search a profile/person. We should all be using these search functions so as to not make duplicate profiles.
I used Wiki in such a different way, I only saw this "find" options when I was adding from a tree and it always let me add part of a name and then search for duplicates before proceeding.  I was trying to access it from my view sidebar, then I had my view at 67% - no wonder I couldn't see it in the drop down.  I appreciate your speed in answering and the soft approach to getting my feet wet once again.  Jumping from the 5 changing formats of WikiTree, FTM, world and Mocavo Gold and the new FTM format with my 5 major FTM trees out of sync, I have a huge debacle that is not yet resolved. Also if I had not tried to move through the mirage of options so rapidly, I would have seen that hoovering over the green items would have given me an appropriate answer. Again ... thanks.

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The intended purpose of The Tree House and the purposes of the other G2G categories can be found by hovering your cursor over the title of the category (in the upper right corner of a G2G page).  A small popup will appear that describes the purpose of the category. (I believe that popups like these are called "tool tips", in case that term is meaningful to you.)

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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I just blipped my way out of the comment - hope you don't get it twice.All is well.  Your comment was right on target and helped put me back on track.  Thanks.
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Since you're following the Wendell tag, when there's a reference to a Wendell you get it included in the e-mail for that surname.  You don't have to do anything; it's just for your information if you want to follow it up.  BTW, I have Wendell / Windle ancestors, so we may be cousins.  After I've posted this I think I'll go check your line and see if we do have common ancestors.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
Well, since your'e "red" I can't find your family and I hadn't entered the connection between the Conrads and the Wendels, so I spent a bit of time and added a couple of generations back to my Wendel Immigrant Christopher Wendel-316 b1716 d 1791.  He's my 5ggrandfather.  Of course now I've got two more unsourced profiles to work on.  But at least you can see if you have him in your tree or not.  Christopher's daughter Katherine married a John Conrad and their son Christopher (who is supposed to be in Christopher Wendel's will, moved to Hocking County, Ohio, USA.  I found his will in some material I'd been given by  Lorainne Kerns.  There is a lot of source material in the stuff she gave me and I'll probably be adding it here as I get a chance.

I answered 9 hours ago but sent it in reply to the noreply@wikitree e-address and I just saw that it came back to me.  SORRY.  I have to retype.

I did get my answers - I needed to hoover over the G2G green items and enlarge my view to read the drop down for searches. There was the option to use the Wiki-ID # below the view on screen. All is well that ends well.  Thanks

.I tried to communicate one-on-one for part of this but not an option ... 

First - sorry about the "red". Because I do not understand how to get the sources in properly. After weeks of trying, I stopped contributing and selected red category until I get the knack of doing things properly.  I will try again and make a decision about changing the level.  I understand the need to open the tree.  It's a barrier that shouldn't be.

I do not think that we will be connected in any way.  I've been searching for my grandfather's siblings and ancestors for 35 years.It is complicated.My grandfather Johan Berndt Andreasson (b 29 Jan 1867) and siblings had birth/baptismal records in Veddige, Halland Sweden but then the names started changing (more than once) and there has been no proof of a match between what I find and my ancestors on his branch (except for him). Everything in Swedish, old script, and untranslated and wavering uses of patronymics does NOT help. As you see Wendell was not the given birth/baptismal name of my paternal grandfather. He emigrated to NY on 16 Apr 1886, using name John Anderson. He took the name John B Wendell just before marrying Anna Lena Samuelsdotter/Wedberg on 27 Jan 1892 in Troy Grove,LaSalle, Illinois - changing his name to the opposite end of the alphabet (Too many John Andersons living in the same location and never ending mail mix-ups.) I know ALL of the Wendell people descending from him.  There is only 1 clue that his father or brother may have been the unknown "Mr. Wendell" that witnessed his marriage in 1892 - meaning that at least his brother or father (or some complete stranger) may have taken the surname Wendell as well. No proof or evidence.  We have a hand written itemized list of phone charges for the 48 hours following his death. We have identified 4 of 10 people called at time of his death 6 Apr 1952 - The missing names for people called about his death were from Aurora, Batavia, and Elburn in Illinois with others in Ft Worth Texas (1st and longest call made - so we think it was his brother, father, or descendant of one of them), Ohio, and Indiana.  They, and many other Veddige immigrants, were generally found in Batavia, Illinois and/or Chautauqua, New York.  Despite the destination saying Batavia, no evidence of his family migration has been found except for my grandfather. 

Associated names in Sweden but changed to unknown names at other unknown times:  father Andreas Andersson (1835-1880);  his birth mother Anna Christina Anna Christina Börjesdotter (1825-1885), his step mother Anna Britta Carlsdotter (1844-?); brother Carl-Johan Andreasson/Anderson (1863-?); sister Anna Olivia Andreasdotter/Anderson;  and a half-sister Emma Christina Andreasson/Anderson.

Thanks so much for the collaboration.  I see that you have written more and I will process that tomorrow evening and feed back accordingly.

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