My German Roots include dozens of surnames! [closed]

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Here is an introduction to the German Roots in my family:

1. KELLERMANN - my mother's maiden name. The family name came from Coburg Germany when my Great Grandfather August Wilhelm Erhardt Kellermann came to Buffalo, New York in the early 1890s and married widow Julia Schauf Gantzer, whose maiden name is Schauf.

2. SCHAUF - my great grandmother's maiden name. The Schauf family name came to Buffalo, New York from the Palantine area of Germany with Philipp Schauf, who married Philippina Betz in Buffalo, New York aournd 1850.

3. BETZ - my second great grandmother is Philippina Betz Schauf who came to Buffalo, New York about 1837 and married Philipp Schuaf as her third husband.  She is the daughter of Heinrich Betz from Feilbingert, Germany, an ancestor I share with my fourth cousin wikitreer Jillaine Smith.

4. DRESSLER - Heinrich Betz married Christina? Dressler. We have traced the Dressler's and their ancestors in the Palatine area of Germany.

5. CRON - Dressler ancestors n the Palantine

6. WICKERT - Dressler ancestors in the Palantine. I have added research done by Jilaine to wikitree and we have a Wickert Name Study going back to 1550.

7. UNGERICH - Dressler ancestors in the Palantine

8. VERSCH - My maternal grandmother is Bernadine Versch Kellerman. We have traced the Versch line back to Teunz and Obervietach in Schwandorf, Bayern, and forward to include cousins and their inlaws in Buffalo, New York, Dunkirk New York and Herndon, Kansas. My grandmother's father was Martin Versch who went to Buffalo, NY and his brother Adam who went to Herndon, Kansas.

9. LINDEBAUER - My grandmother's sister Margaret Versch married Walter Lindebauer and we have traced his ancestors in Buffalo, NY area and back into Germany.

10. BAUER - My mother's sister married into the huge Charles Bauer family of Buffalo, New York and my cousin has traced all 16 of his children. Charles Bauer married Mary Mages.

11. SCHIRCK - The Schirck Family came up from Switzerland into Alsace and settled in Bas-Rhin, France, but spoke German and Alsatian. They emigrated to Warren, Pennslvania in 1834 with Johann Jacob Schirck and I have added their entire descendant lineage to wikitree from the The Schirck Family History written by his daughter Salome Schirck Gruber Huck. Many German families are included in this research, including SCHIRCK, GRUBER, HUCK, WERLE, SCHULER, LAUFFENBERGER, HONHART, ENGEL, ARNOLD, etc.

12. GISSELBRECHT - Marie Marquerite Gisselbrecht married Johann Jacob Schirck in Muttersholtz, Bas-Rhin, Alsace and immigrated with him to Warren, Pennsylvania, USA in 1834 I have traced her ancestors back to 1580 using old German records and infomation from other German researchers. Family lines inculde SIGWALT, SIEGWALT, SIGWALD, KELLERMANN (a different line) in Alsace, not Coburg), SCHMUTZ, and LENZ, and have found mayors and pastors in this line back in the 1600s!

13. KOPP - My second great grandmother was Marie Theresa Kopp Lallmang Schirck Mehs, who married 3 times, secondly to my great great grandfather Michael Schirck of Warren, Pennsylvania. She has 3 children from her first marriage to Conrad Charles Lallmang, including two daughters who married into the Ruhlmann family of Warren, Pennsylvania.  Her father was Jacob Kopp and her mother Elizabeth Beihl Kopp, daughter of Barbara Beihl. Jacob, Elizabeth and Barbara are German immigrants and are buried in East Eden, Erie County, New York.

14. SCHMITT - Gertrude Schmitt was the second wife of Adam Versch and her extensive family as researched by my cousin Tim Campbell has been posted on wikitree, including the Schmitt, Reiboldt and related families.

15. HEINE - We are still looking for the family of Robert Heine of Buffalo, NY who married Lillian Kellermann. We only have limited information on this family yet.

16. OLD EAST SIDE - We have done extensive research on the Old East Side of Buffalo, New York, an historic German neighborhood from the 1800s and the early 1900s. Please see our wikitree page or contact myself or Jillaine Smith for details on our research.

And that is my German research interests for the past 37 years!

Sharon Troy Centanne - half German, half Irish and married to an Italian!
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I forgot to mention a few other German lines of my cousins.  My great grandfather Michael Schirck had 14 children, and most of them married Germans. His daughter Bertha Schirck married Joseph HERRMANN in Dunkirk, NY, and they bought a farm in Conneaut, Ohio.  His grand daughter Magdalena Honhart married into the DALRYMPLES of Warren, Pennsylvania. His niece married to the huge LESSER famkly, and many of them moved to Erie, Pennsylvania. His sister Madeleine married twice, first to Mr. ZOLLER and then to Mr. BAUER.
My great grandmotherJulia Schauf is related also to the REITZ, SCHROEDER, GANTZER, BARTEL, and SCHAEFFER families.
If you go way back into Germany, I am also related to the BECK, EISENWEINERIN,  WICKHART, and SCHWARTZ familes on various lines that stayed in Germany.

The Name EISENWEINERIN, I suppose, means the feminine form of Eisenwein or Eisenweiner. In some regions. for example Bavaria, they used in former times this feminine form, in some rural regions in dialect til now. In my "Heimat", Glauberg in Hesse, this form was also used in time of only one priest, I suppose he came from Bavaria or in former times they practiced in Hesse, too (around 1700).  xxx So you have to search for Eisenwein or Eisenweiner!

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Hello, Sharon:

In 1989, our genealogist (my German father's cousin) published his life's work, some fourteen generations of ancestors (mostly in Germany and the pre-unification German states), back to the late 1300s. My own family's share of that ancestry comprises some six thousand named ancestors, and about 427 different family lines... whew!

Fortunately, our genealogist included an index in his densely packed book! So on the German side of the family, here are some names that may be related to the names you're interested in; let me know if you want details:

BETZ: Maria Rosina Betza/Beetz/Betz (1671-1711) in Leipzig and Dörnfeld, and her father Johannes in Kassel and Leipzig; also a Blasius Betza/Friedlieb (~1565-1626) in Mühlhausen and Wernigerode.

DRESSLER: Elba Helene Dressler (1901- ) in Burgk (near Freital).

BAUER, ARNOLD, SCHMITT, HEINE, HER(R)MANN, SCHROEDER, SCHWAR(T)Z: very common German last names! There are several of each of these in our ancestry; have you tracked them back to any area in greater Germany?

KOPP: Hans Kopp (nonancestor) sold a house in Plauen to an ancestor in 1667.

ENGEL: We have three: in Weissenfels, later 1600s to 1730s; Schneeberg (which one, though?), 1649; and Göttingen and surrounding villages, 1692

LENZ: in 1949, a trio of kids from the LECHLA family, born in Gera, were adopted by a family named Lenz after their father died in a French prison in 1945 (I assume he was a POW), and moved to Mexico.

BARTEL: we have BARTHEL in Schneeberg in the mid-1500s, including a non-relative Barthel(in?) who sold an ancestor a house in Platten in 1577.

BECK: Marie Paulina Antonia Beck (1818-1884), Leipzig.

I work and live near Washington DC, and have (Irish) friends in Buffalo/Kenmore, and will be up there in June for a wedding... I'll have to ask about the German east side!

Best wishes to you in all your work and discoveries!

Kind regards,
Michael Meurer
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Thank you, Michael! It will  take a while to figure out if any of those lines might connect. My cousin, wikitreer Jillaine Smith did most of the research on our common German lines, so she may have more information than I do.


Hello again, Sharon:

Let me know if I can assist - it's quite possible that none of these lines will connect, or that it's next-to-impossible to connect some of the farthest-back ones with present-day family members.

If you or/and your cousin would like me to dig more deeply into those seven really common last names, I'll be glad to - and if you do, let me know what area/city to concentrate on, so I don't drown you in too much good information.


Michael Meurer

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Amazing.  All those Germans and despite my having many German lines on both sides of my lineage, I have none which match with yours.  The only possible exception might be Arnold, but that's just a possible as I was once given a "I heard someplace that she was an Arnold" which doesn't get you very far.  BTW, congratulations for becoming a "Pilot".
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Thank you, Dave Dardinger! I have seen Arnold records in Muttersholtz and Baldrenheim area of Bas-Rhin. Do you read Old German Script?

Just keep in mind that Germany as a political entity did not exist until 1871. Before that you were dealing with hundreds of independent states and territories, all with different laws and customs. They were all speaking German, but with such differences in dialects that somebody from the North would not have understood somebody from the South and vice versa. In 1865 there were about 38 million people living in what became Germany in 1871. In order to increase the likelihood of finding somebody with the same ancestors one would have to drill down to the region or state like you did with Elsaß and Pfalz.
Helmut, your answer above should be condensed to be placed alongside the Tag "German Roots" so that people become aware of this piece of common knowledge among Germans (perhaps not the rest of the world) for our contemporary hobby-ist genealogists) when they sign up for this tag. I for instance forget about it when I'm researching and am grateful for the reminder now, once again.
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I have several different German surnames in my family as well, but BAUER was the one we have in common : ) Sophia Bauer, Bauer-1776, is my ggg grandmother.
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Thank you! The Sofia Bauer in our family was born in Buffalo, New York in the late 1800s. Her information is probably on ancestry dot com, because she is a cousin of my Bauer cousin, and my Bauer cousin uses that online family tree.


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