Has any researcher traced his ancestry back to William the Conqueror?

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I am trying to find the haplotype  (yDNA) for William the Conqueror.

 My  DNA  has been tested and recorded as R1a1.  I am searching to see

 if it leads back to the Normans and William the Conqueror.
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Hello Sally,

The original question is in regard to William the Conquerer's direct paternal line whose members would share the same Y chromosome haplogroup (and similar Y haplotype).  Females don't have  a Y chromosome and William the Conquerer is not known to have any living direct paternal line descendants.  Autosomal DNA test results of living people are usually only useful within the last 8 generations.


My line is not yet proven in WikiTree, but it worked out this way in Ancestry.com. Upload of GEDCOM is pending resolving technical difficulties.

P.S. On my page Fann-206 you might be able to benefit from the GEDmatch ID? Let me know.

William I The Conqueror King of England Duke House of Normandy Monarch (1028 - 1087)
24th great-grandfather

Henry I Beauclerc King of England Duke House of Normandy Monarch (1068 - 1135)
son of William I The Conqueror King of England Duke House of Normandy Monarch

Elizabeth FitzRoy Lady of Galloway
daughter of Henry I Beauclerc King of England Duke House of Normandy Monarch

Gille Brigte Gilla Brigte mac Fergusa mac Dufugan Lord of Galloway 2nd Earl of Angus ( - 1185)
son of Elizabeth FitzRoy Lady of Galloway

Gille Críst Gilchrist Ogilvie 4th Earl of Angus (1142 - 1211)
son of Gille Brigte Gilla Brigte mac Fergusa mac Dufugan Lord of Galloway 2nd Earl of Angus

Bethóc Beatrix Mac Gille Críst of Angus ( - 1174)
daughter of Gille Críst Gilchrist Ogilvie 4th Earl of Angus

Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyll Alexander of Dundonald 4th High Steward of Scotland (1214 - 1283)
son of Bethóc Beatrix Mac Gille Críst of Angus

Sir John Stewart of Berwickshire - Bonkyll & Garlies (1246 - 1298)
son of Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyll Alexander of Dundonald 4th High Steward of Scotland

Sir Knight John Stewart of Innermeath 3rd Lord of Lorn Ambassador of England ( - 1421)
son of Sir John Stewart of Berwickshire - Bonkyll & Garlies

Sir James Stewart the Black Knight of Lorn (1399 - 1451)
son of Sir Knight John Stewart of Innermeath 3rd Lord of Lorn Ambassador of England

Sir John Stewart of Balveny 1st Earl of Atholl (1440 - 1512)
son of Sir James Stewart the Black Knight of Lorn

Lady Jean Joanna Janet Stewart Lady Gordon Countess of Huntly ( - 1510)
daughter of Sir John Stewart of Balveny 1st Earl of Atholl

Lady Jean Janet Gordon of Huntly Lady Campbell Countess of Argyll Lady Stewart (1470 - )
daughter of Lady Jean Joanna Janet Stewart Lady Gordon Countess of Huntly

John Stewart 4th Lord Stewart of Appin ( - 1595)
son of Lady Jean Janet Gordon of Huntly Lady Campbell Countess of Argyll Lady Stewart

Lady Stewart of Appin Lady Cameron of Lochiel
daughter of John Stewart 4th Lord Stewart of Appin

Donald na Cuirc Cameron 1st Lord Cameron of Glendessary (1600 - 1687)
son of Lady Stewart of Appin Lady Cameron of Lochiel

John Cameron 2nd Lord Cameron of Glendessary (1620 - 1697)
son of Donald na Cuirc Cameron 1st Lord Cameron of Glendessary

Marie Mary Cameron (1647 - 1707)
daughter of John Cameron 2nd Lord Cameron of Glendessary

Dougald Corriebuigh McMillan (1702 - 1779)
son of Marie Mary Cameron

James McMillan (1750 - 1810)
son of Dougald Corriebuigh McMillan

James McMillan Jr (1795 - 1845)
son of James McMillan

Dougald Alexander McMillan (1823 - 1864)
son of James McMillan Jr

MA McMillan (1840s - 1930s)  - daughter of Dougald Alexander McMillan

SA Fann (1880s - 1980s) - son of MA McMillan

SK Fann - son of SA Fann

Living Fann - son of SK Fann

"Fann Fann" (Fann-206) - son of Living Fann



Fann Fann thank you.
Marie Cameron was 55 when her son Dougald McMillan was born in 1702? And the average generational age between the 1st Earl of Atholl and the 1st Lord Cameron of Glendessary is 52 years, with three of them women?
Yes, William The Conqueror is my 25th Great Grandfather

My tree goes back to William the Conqueror in another site.
My tree goes back to the Conqueror.  I know this as certainly as I know the sun will rise tomorrow.
My brother is a male, obviously, and direct to William through paternal and maternal line, as am I.  No idea if he'd do a DNA test.  But, perhaps I misunderstand by the statement he's not known to have male descent?  Note: I also have an additional 3 cousins through our line, 2 of which are also male.
Dear, Anonymous Farrar...

I'm sorry for your bitter feeling about Wm the Conqueror but with all honesty.. no one is bragging, we are simply doing genealogy research.   It's no different than having slaves or slave owners as ancestors.   It does not mean WE are slaves or slave owners, slave approvers nor are we Wm the Conquerors.   We're simply descendants.   

YES I have Wm the Conqueror as an ancestor but I truly doubt if he will return to do any damage in this world.  

I am sincerely not interested in the goring details of the past life of many of our ancestors but I won't shun them from my family tree because of their short comings.  They are just folks from our PAST and I'm extremely glad I didn't live back in those times.  

There is one website that has attempted to identify the Y-DNA of William the Conqueror. For what it is worth, see the Origin Hunters website. Attempts have been made to discover the Y-DNA of Rollo also, a direct ancestor of William.  


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There is no known direct paternal line descendant of William the Conqueror who has been Y-DNA tested.  If you know of someone then please have them step up.   Y-DNA is direct line only, so if there is a female ancestor between you and William then your Y-DNA is ruled out as being from William.  Thus your Y haplogroup and haplotype reveals nothing regarding William's DNA.
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (474k points)
edited by Peter Roberts

Peter, is there any way to add this type of information into WikiTree? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_haplogroups_of_notable_people

I know a paternal line descendant of the father of John Howland (Howland-21), but so far he has refused to be tested.

It would be interesting to see this information propagate throughout WikiTree. I suspect we will find instances where the genealogy on WikiTree and the DNA do not match.

Yes.  That is how I added King Richard III. One issue is finding the livng persons who tested and getting their permisson.   There are a lot of possibilities from that site.  Thanks.  It is important that the results also be in YSearch or MitoSearch.
The mitricondrial DNA of King Richard III has been discovered by the University of Leicester when they found him buried under a car park (in the same city) and a descendant (X) a Canadian was found working in London. Richard III like Richard II was a direct cousin of the Percies and the Plantagenets. When Hotspur married Elizabeth Mortimer their son Henry (2nd Earl) was seriously in contention to gain the Crown as was his father. Don't forget that Henry Bolingbroke (Lancaster and King Henry IV) was a usurper, a schemer and a coward.

If Hotspur had won the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 he would have been crowned King Of England in his own right and his Grace The current Duke Of Northumberland would not only be King of The North but King of England!

HRH Prince William and his wife Catherine, 'The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge' are both descended from the ancient House of Percy.
You are correct. All LEGITIMATE descents from William the Conqueror are through the female. William had 4 sons: Robert 'Curthose', Duke of Normandy, Richard, William II and Henry I and several daughters Adeliza d osp, Cecilia d osp Matilda, Constance and Adela (all of whom had descendants)

Robert had one legit son, Williiam Clito who died osp and three illegitimate children: Richard d osp, William disappeared from history after 1110 and a daughter.

Richard d osp

William II died osp

Henry I had two legitimate children: William d osp and Matilda (Maud), who married Geoffrey Plantagenet, through whom many descents come BUT he had many bastards to different mothers, including Robert Fitzroy, 1st Earl of Gloucester, Reginald de Dunstanville, Henry FitzRoy, Rbert William, Fulk , Gilbert and William, all of whom had descents, both legitimate and illegitimate, many of them male.

Descendants of these male descendants of William married back into other families of the aristocracy, so it is possible that there are male descents from William. I would love to see them....I don't have any male descents- all of mine are maternal. Sigh. LOL
We'd know if there were any.

But a version of the descendancy chart showing male/female lines only would be very interesting, and should be quite easy to produce, as it would only be the normal chart filtered.  Perhaps the DNA Project could ask Chris.

Hello Charles,

Please add sources for more of your ancestry and look for possible merges for likely duplicates you may have created (especially this part https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Percy-615/5 ).

Thanks and sincerely,

Henry is the one to Study for Male Y Dna Descendants there are is a Surname Henry, and FitzHenry The Normans Did Also Raid Ireland. One of Henry I basterd Sons Robert was also known as Robert de Caen so There is also the Cain, kane Surname there may be other Variants. There are Y DNA Groups of these Surnames.
Just curious but how many places have implemented this rule, and at what periods in time, instead of having it be the person with the least amount of women in their line? Is this because they have found so many with direct dna lines? That was a little bit of sarcasm at the end nut not towards you. The question is for you lol
Not sure if it went through, a prior comment or if I'm understanding.

I have a brother and 2 male cousins that are direct paternal line.  My brother and I also are direct maternal to William.

I don't know he'd do a DNA test.  He was at one point quite interested in our tree.  Through our Sevier line, I had posted something about Shirley Temple and Tennessee Williams, and he made a very rude comment.  He has not done any research, so wouldn't know better.  My cousins, I'd have to contact.
Hello Justine,

Are you willing to connect your brother’s direct paternal line to what is already in WikiTree?

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
Yes, would be happy to.  

I haven't used WikiTree so I'd need to know where to go to do so.

I have another computer I can install Family Tree Maker on and my entire tree with numerous FTW files to merge it with is on a hardrive that is broken.  I need to take it to the shop to have all the data put onto one that isn't.  So it could take me a bit.

Our Paternal Line, if memory serves me, is through the Sevier/deXavier lineage. I know the older book of the Sevier tree goes down to my father and uncle.  Not sure if the recent one includes us, as I lost touch with the author.

Our Maternal Line, if memory serves, is through Catron/Ketttenring but would have to look.  It seems that tree only goes back to the 1500s.  I may have taken one of the ancestors back to William the Conqueror on it or through another relative.

Back in the late 90s, when I first got onto the internet, I'd gone far back enough to apply with all of those "societies" including Magna Carta and Charlemagne.  Seems it was through Martha Eltonhead(e) - Conway.  Though, I can't be for certain, it was long ago.

Looked up their gateway ancestors last night when I was replying and saw many more familiar names.  All of those fees add up and the main point for me was to ensure we were easier to find 3 generations from now.  But the fees, just a bit much.  I understand the costs, but just not something I could do, so I only joined a few.

In mean time, I might be able to find our line a little easier through posts.  Let me look and please let me know where you'd like the information added.  I have a few books and print outs of some census records still that may also ease things.
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There are some very ancient entries born year 785, or perhaps need more clarification on your question. See:

by M Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (61.3k points)
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My husband can trace his back to william the conqueror,he  is the nephew of the last Marquis or Ormonde,and cousin to Lady Anne and Lady Cynthia his daughters.

regards sharmaine jennings
What is your husbands name. I am direct to the first Earl of Ormonde.
Hi so sorry for the late reply,just seen your question. Yes my husband is John Peter Jennings,it Uncle was the last Marquis I’d Ormonde,we were in London only some months ago for the launching of the Latest books of the Ormondes and Butlers. John along with his other 2 cousins wrote the foreword in the book.It was a great time.Are you a member of The Butler society well worth joining. Kind regards sharmaine
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I also trace back to William.  My y haplogroup is R1b1b2a1a2f*  I imagine there are many different haplogroups represented by various WTC decendents.
by Steven Grover G2G Crew (440 points)
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Hi John,

Since you posed this question last year, DNA has become a much bigger part of WikiTree.  If you are still seeking answers to this you might want to post your question again and see if you get more responses.  You might also be interested in joining our DNA Project.

We also have a DNA Community on Google+ if you are interested in joining there as well.


by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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I have, but I am curious as to how accurate record keeping was back then.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
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Hi!  Early on in my paper trail research, I traced my line back to William the Conquerer and his line back to Charlemagne, but quickly began to question the validity of the data, so I abandoned it.  However, there was some circumstantial evidence that may have been significant in the search and perhaps I should not have dumped the branch of my tree.  I was tracing the Warren family, a prominent family in Sampson County, NC (as is Butler), and I followed a trail back to England that just kept on going.  Eventually, I found that the people in the Warren family had crossed the Channel around 1066 and I realized where this line was going.  It turned out that the family was from a village in Normancy called "Varennes."  When the people from "Varennes" moved across the Channel, they changed their name to "Warren" and linguistically, that fits tradtion in the French language for people who live outside the homeland to change the first consonant in their names, expecially with the letters V and C, going to W and K.

I have since been tested at FTDNA, and I have a strong Warren link.  My 2nd great-grandmother was a Warren.

This is all largely anecdotal, but if you wish, you can contact me and we can try to figure out what I once found online.

Ron Hudson
by Ron Hudson G2G Crew (410 points)
Hi Ron i have a Warren Y67 Match who is also a Big Y Match to me , i have been working on this myself im interested in any info you may Have.
Al Scott ( Scott-9507)
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Not only William the Conqueror (through gateway ancestress Harriett Bromfield), but also from Harold II, whose daughter Gytha, married Vladimir Monomakh. It sort of creeps me out that two ancestors of mine stood face to face at the Battle of Hastings, but then, when I think about it, so did many other of my ancestors, since I am descended from several of the Normans in William's army (undisputed ones) and a number of Saxon nobles (though, since they retained their lands, they probably supported William anyway. LOL)
by Susan Scarcella G2G6 Mach 6 (67.5k points)
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Yes William the Conqueror is my 25th Great Grandfather. I note that you say 'his' so you would be more interested that my Brother traced the ancestry line however he has not taken the DNA test.

by Gilly Wood G2G6 Mach 1 (14.1k points)
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As a side note I would recommend an episode of the show, who do you think you are Courtney Cox of Friends fame was the subject. She had a line traced back to William the bastard. It shows quite well how it's done by professional geneologists & historians. A straight line y descendant would be very tuff.
by Jesse Elliott G2G4 (4.6k points)
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ydna is passed down from father to son to son to son and so yours would only match William I if you are a direct male descendant with no female ancestors on the trail. While many have descended from him only his sons and grandsons descendants would match his ydna.
by Raymond Nichols G2G2 (2.7k points)
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My tree says a 2nd cousin many times removed but it's still there.   I did not do any DNA tests, nor do I have any plans to.
by Rebecca Snider G2G6 Mach 1 (11.9k points)
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Hi Yes I have. William the Conqueror is my Great grandfather Thomas Blomfields 27th Great grand father.

Blomfield-54 - Normandie-32

William is my 31st Great Grandfather

Regards, Michael Griffiths New Zealand
by Michael Griffiths G2G Crew (550 points)
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William I "the Conqueror" FitzRobert is my 29th Great Grandfather.
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28th ggf..  Through his son Henry "The Lion of Justice"
by Mary Beth Nix G2G1 (2k points)

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