What is the evidence for "Wooden" as the LNAB of Dorcas () Gatchell? [closed]

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No maiden name is offered by Anderson (GM 3:34), NEHGR (63:265), or Fredrikson (1998). The Savage profile of John Wooden says nothing of his children and there's no apparent connection to Salisbury. This LNAB and parentage appear to be internet fantasy.

Propose: that Dorcas' LNAB should be changed back to Unknown (an Unknown was merged into her at one point), "Wooden (unproven)" be added to her OLN, her parents detached, and perhaps also that she be PGM protected?

WikiTree profile: Dorcas Getchell
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Seeing what I can find on any Dorcas Wooden.

One "Darkes Wooden" married Anthony Cowes in York co., Maine in 1688. Ref: NEHGR 49:46. If she was a maiden and not a widow, this would imply a birth around 1668. (in NEHGR 28:118, this same couple is identified as Anthony Comes and Dorcas Wooden)

A later article in The American Genealogist (64:242) identifies the above Dorcas as a daughter of John so hold off on the renaming of this one  is there was a Dorcas dau of John Wooden, born in the early 1670s.

There's a fascinating article over multiple issues about John Wooden/Woodin. Reading it now.

Unless we find another Dorcas Wooden/Woodin, I don't think we should rename this one to Unknown. we might have to recycle another Unknown for this purpose. Let me see what's out there.
I would say "Wooden (disproven)" is more accurate than "Wooden (unproven)" given what I found below.
Was just starting to look further into the bio, in depth, of Charles Sanders Peirce and found this G2G (somewhat late) and wanted to note an earlier reference that I was going to analyze which comes from Benjamin, the father of Charles.


For anyone interested, this bibliography was the motivation for this research.

I see the profile for Dorcas Getchell has been updated, so this question is ready to be closed.  Thank you.

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In answering this question, we need to research the supposed father, John Wooden/Woodin. There were two of them-- both bricklayers! A 1989 TAG article (cited below) distinguishes them, citing original sources (which I won't repeat here):

  1. John Wooden/Woodin of Ipswich, Massachusetts. First appears in Ipswich, MA in 1647 as bricklayer with wife MaryTook the oath of allegiance in Ipswich, Mass., in 1678. He died at Ipswich on 29 May 1678 and Mary was the widow who died there 12 Feb 1681. They had only ONE child, a daughter MARY, who married at Haverhill, MA 26 Mar 1663 to John Ayers.  [She was NOT the Mary, dau of John "Wooddin" born Haverhill 6 March 1652/3, only ten years earlier than the Woodin/Ayers marriage. Therefore, Dorcas, wife of Samuel Getchell was NOT daughter of this John Woodin.
    [NOTE: Nora E. Snow, in The Snow-Estes Ancestry [1939; 2:83] confused THIS John Wooden with the next one.]
  2. John Wooden/Woodin (Woodin-3 [well sourced] and Wooden-54 [no sources] here on wikitree), born about 1620 and no later than 1625 (based on his appearance on later records), of New Hampshire, Mass., and South Carolina! He was in Beverly, Mass., in 1694. He had died in South Carolina long before 30 June 1721 when admin of his estate was granted to "Samll Gaskell of Salem who marryed Bethiah Daughter [of John]..." His probate file states that he "dyed att Carolina formerly of Haverhill." A son, Ithamar had a warrant for 500 aces of land in Berkeley Co., SC on 23 July 1697.
    Multiple wives, all named Mary (no Dorcas). 
    • He was found at Hampton (NH) as early as 1643, then again on a tax list in 1645, and identified as a herdsman in 1648. He purchased a houselot there 5 Apr 1648, selling it in 1657. His second child was born there in 1654/5. He was not listed among those who received Hampton town land grants in 1638. The name of John Woodin does not appaer on any published passenger lists. It is not clear if he was related to William Wooding of New Haven, CT (who married in 1650 and died in 1684).
    • 7 Jun 1652: by this time he had moved from Hampton, NH to Haverhill, MA
    • 12 Feb 1654/5: daughter Martha born in Hampton, NH, suggesting he moved back.
    • 1656/7: was a resident of Salisbury, MA where his third and fourth children were born in 1656/7 and 1659; appeared in records there 1665/6 and 1672.
    • 29 Apr 1660 given possession of house and lands at Oyster River [Dover, NH]; still in Dover in 1663
    • 1663: owned property at Long Reach [Kittery, Maine]
    • 15 May 1667: he was identified as a resident of Portsmouth, in Piscataqua. [directly across river from Kittery]
    • By 1671, removed to Rowley MA where baptisms of two children are recorded.
    • One John Woodin (him or his son?) served under Capt. Samuel Brocklebank in King Philip's War from 24 Mar 1675/6.
    • Then had a brief residence at Haverhill before removing to Beverly, MA by 1679. 4 Mar 1679/80 admitted to Beverly First Church (by dismission from Haverill); Goody Wooden admitted to same 1 July 1683. Still in Beverly in 1694.
    • Sometime after this time, he moved to South Carolina probably with son Ithamar or possible son Thomas.
    • Wives:
      • MARY ______. On 12 Feb 1644/5, Mary Woodin appeared as a witness for the Rev. Stephen Batchelder [who had been at Exeter, NH]; one of three woment to witness against Mr. Edward Hilton at Ipswich Quarterly Court Nov 1645, probably under 30 years of age, therefore probably born no earlier than 1615, and therefore NOT a mother of John Woodin. She was probably dead by 4 Mar 1649/50 as she was not listed with John in the seating arrangement of the Hampton meeting house. She probably had no children who survived.
      • MARY JOHNSON, possibly sister of John Johnson, whose daughter Mary, married Lawrence Clinton. This daughter died in Newport, RI in 1690. She was probably the dau of Edmund Johnson who is believed to have arrived in 1635 on the Blessing. She married John Woodin before 6 Mar 1652/3 when their daughter Mary was born in Haverhilld, Mass. She is the likely mother of ALL of John's children.
      • MARY _____, b abt 1642 (deposed she was about 50 in 1692); married before 26 Mar 1692.
    • Children [see article below for how she reached these conclusions]:
      1. Mary, b Haverhill, MA 6 Mar 1652/3; m. Lawrence Clinton
      2. Martha, b Hampton, NH 12 Feb 1654/5; m. John Raymond
      3. Sarah, b Salisbury, MA 31 Jan 1656/7; m1 John Edwards; m2 Joseph Doty
      4. John [Jr], b Salisbury 2 Oct 1659; m. Katherine (Heard) LIttlefield
      5. Samuel b abt 1661; m. Martha ____
      6. Ithamar, b abt 1663; m. Bethia _____
      7. Bethia, b abt 1666; m Samuel Gaskill
      8. (possibly) Thomas; had grant of 65 acres in Berkeley Co., SC 5 Feb 1702/3 which he sold in 25 Jan 1732/3
      9. Hannah, b Newbury, Mass., 20 Oct 1669; m. James Tufts
      10. Dorcas, b Rowley, Mass, 10 Feb 1671[/2?], bp there 11 Feb 1671; m. Anthony CoombsTherefore, Dorcas, wife of Samuel Getchell was NOT daughter of this John Woodin.
      11. Peter, b Rowley 13 Mar 1674/5, bp there 14 Mar 1674/5; m. Elizabeth Mallot.

Source: Janet Ireland Delorey, "John1 Woodin, Brickmaker, of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and South Carolina: Tracking an Itinerant Ancestor," in The American Genealogist 64(1989), starting on page 65. 

by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
selected by Cheryl Hammond

So... after detaching Dorcas, wife of Samuel Ketchell from the Wooden/Woodin parents, we have to deal with the parents left behind. I found some other dupes. Here's my recommendation (I'm sorry I don't have time to actually DO these). A comment should be posted on the pertinent profiles, pointing to this discussion before action is taken:

  1. PPP Woodin-3. This profile is well sourced and uses the 1989 TAG article. This should be the target for duplictes of the John Woodin/Wooden who bounced all over NH, MA and ME, then SC, and was husband of Mary Johnson, and father of Dorcas who married Anthony Coombs. His vitals should be retained.
  2. Merge Wooden-54 into Woodin-3.
  3. Merge Wooden-14 into Woodin-3.
  4. Detach Dorcus UNKNOWN-265258 from wife of Wooden-14. Since she did not exist, use her profile to merge Wooden-102 [Dorcas, wife of Samuel Getchell] into, adjusting dates to match those of Wooden-102.
Found another duplicate that should be merged into Woodin-3:

Thanks for cleaning up! I proposed all the above merges and synced the vitals per above this morning. A message with a link to this discussion was posted on the profiles to be merged and sent with the merge request.
Thanks, Roland!
I just looked at the profile. It looks like you're merging Samuel getchell's wife Unknown INTO a Woodin. Shouldn't it be the other way around? And there's still a father John Woodin attached.

The father was removed and than one of the managers added him back a few minutes later:

4 May 2016

09:57: You removed John Wooden as the father from Dorcas (Wooden) Getchell.

10:09: Lyle Larkin edited the Father for Dorcas (Wooden) Getchell. [Thank Lyle for this]


I just removed him again.

6 May 2016

09:44: You removed John Wooden as the father from Dorcas (Wooden) Getchell.

I just reversed the merge.

I sent a message to Lyle to add comments on G2G explaining what we are trying to do.

Sounds like Dorcas needs protecting.
Poor, poor Dorcus.
1. LOL poor Dorcas indeed

2. I've been trying to get on the TLs to help with the merges - thank you both for leading the way!!




i am pretty new to this part and Dorcas wooden getchell is in my husbands family tree being the 7th great grandmother to gary monnot jr.

At this time i am unable to pull these links up.

thank you for any help

pamela monnot
Pamela, thanks for these two links.  I just checked them out. Both are very derivative and removed from the originals and IMHO should not be relied upon.

Hey Pamela, your husband and I are cousins!

We find that a lot of the information in other people's trees (on Ancestry and other sites) is not reliable. The technology makes it very easy to copy mistakes and share them over and over, without realizing that they are mistakes.  Dorcas Getchell is one of those.  The Getchell and Wooden families have been studied pretty thoroughly by experienced researchers (which is amazing!) - if there was any evidence for Dorcas being the daughter of John Wooden, they would be the ones to find it, but they didn't - in fact they found evidence that she can't possibly be.

So, calling her "Dorcas Wooden" is a mistake which people have innocently shared.  If you look at what Jillaine wrote above, you can even see how it might have happened - John Wooden #2 had a daughter named Dorcas - even though she is the wrong age by about 50 years and married someone else!  Someone made a guess and it was wrong.  It happens.

This means we simply don't know (yet!) who Dorcas Getchell was before her marriage.  But there's a lot to learn about Samuel's family if you are interested! :)

Thank you so much for all of that information. Doing family history has been an amazing adventure and i love it. You guys that have been doing all this research are amazing and i thank all of you for your diligence in finding the truth.
And welcome to the family.

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