Sourcerers Challenge May 2016

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Thank you to everyone who participated in April's Sourcerers' Challenge. We had two new Sourcerers in April. The April Top Sourcerer was Carolyn Martin with 620 sources logged, the most in any month by one Sourcerer to date. Awesome work, Carolyn! We had a total of 34 Sourcerers in April with 2022 sources added, making our total for 2016 9550 sources, and the total since our challenge's inception 17654 sources. What an incredible crew you all are. Thank you! 

Robert Keniston remains the All-Time Top Sourcerer with 3075 sources added during our challenges. What a feat, Robert. Thank you :-)

The sources you all are adding are fantastic. Remember, your sources need to be cited as close to the Chicago Manual of Style or Evidence Explained as you can manage, or they cannot count towards your tally (the pre-formatted citations given on sites like FamilySearch are just fine, too!). That means, if there is a link to the work mentioned, you must include it. If it is a page from a book, the page needs to be included so others can easily see where you found the reference. The more specific, the more useful the source. 

We can also do a bit more while adding sources, like clean up the gedcom leftovers or help the formatting from older profiles. Sources are important, but if you can't find them among all the other stuff, they aren't helping as much as they could.

Onto May's challenge:

You only need to answer the post once, and just edit your post to add your new profiles, continuing in a comment on your answer as necessary. Please number your contributions (a number every ten or hundred works just fine). It helps us tally at the end of the month much faster. See last month's challenge for examples.

* All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories  or be already present on WikiTree and unsourced-you cannot create new profiles and add sources just to up your tally. The hope and goal is to improve the numbers already on WikiTree that need sources. Adding sources will help merges happen, too, which will improve our tree. Showing folks what sources you're using helps newer researchers see just what's available out there for us to access. Another great source of unsourced profiles is to check out orphaned profiles.

* The tally is of profiles improved, not sources added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better. Maybe we'll switch things up and see how many sources added y'all can do one month.

* If you attempt to add sources to a profile and just cannot find any, please add a note under a section like === Research Notes === giving where you tried to find records and you can sign it with the four tildes (~~~~) so the date is applied as well. Something like "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry" would be fine. Or, "Searched google for an obituary and didn't find one." That way the next researcher knows where to start.

* If the only source on a profile is "Ancestry tree" or "" it can count as unsourced, and you can add better sources to it to count in your tally.

* If you find a match and can merge a profile into an already source profile, that counts, too. You still found a source, plus you eliminated a duplicate. Awesome!

We are now actively in our May Challenge, which will run through May 31st. Ask any questions here in the thread, otherwise, GO!

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (489k points)
edited by Abby Glann
Wow -  Debi Hoag you must have stayed up nights figuring that out!  That procedure should help immensely.  Thanks much for your explanation..

It's a bit late in the month but I would like to be part of the Sorcerers Challenge. Do I need to ask a question here to participate or is there a special place I sign up?  Do I need to keep a tally of my contributions and post them somewhere?  Sorry, but I just wasn't clear about how the process works.
Connie, you use the answer button rather than comment button, and enter the profiles you have sourced in your answer, just editing to add more, or adding a comment to your own answer when you reach the program's limit on how many lines it will take in one answer.  Just number them as you go, makes it easier all around.
Thanks Danielle.  Wasn't sure where to begin.
You're likely to wind up on page 2 of the answers, so be sure to check there when you come back to it another day to add more.  :D
So what does one do with a profile like this one:  [[Inconnue-8]] Françoise Inconnue, the only thing known about her is from her son's marriage record, where only her first name is listed (Inconnu/e is French for Unknown).  With a ''source'' I personally despise, since it's not that much better than Ancestry, other than being free.  It's a repository, which sometimes gives sources that are valid like PRDH, and sometimes no sources, just trees.
I think I would mention in the bio that inconnue is French for unknown. Maybe add Unknown as an other last name.

If you can cite the son's marriage record itself rather than the nosorigines tree, then I would consider you'd added a source, just like if it was Ancestry trees as a source.
Thanks, have done that, someone should pass on to other profile improvement crews that usage of French to signify 'unknown' name.  I seem to remember there was a crew working on taking out the spurious profiles.  This one isn't quite that, but there are others that use the word as name.
Oh, and here's another weird one:  [[Origin-2]], Unknown Origin as mother of Julien Joly [[Joly-83]] (who is of unknown origin), eeeeeek!  What does one do with these weird and wonderful creations?  One does know the guy had to have parents (the father isn't any better), but creating a place marker like this seems just totally weird to me.  Weird, weird, weird.
I think I saw one that said d'Origine Inconnue or something like that.

36 Answers

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I found a false pedigree (it was known before, but I found it on Wikitree) How fun. I'm pretty sure some of the others had no source either, but...

  1. Joane NEHGR 33:427, 428 NEHGR 33:433, NEHGR 69:67, 68
  2. Margery ditto til further notice
  3. Thomasine
  4. Richard
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Thomas
  7. Elenor
  8. Jestin
  9. Ednyfed
  10.  Richardson
  11. Jabez Vital Records Woodstock
  12. Sarah “
  13. Charlotte Our Pioneer Heritage
  14. Anna Deutschland Geburten und Taufen
  15. Jacob     Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929
  16. Johann   “
  17. Sarah Pace Scociety Family Bulletin
  18. Richard     “
  19. Darius      “
  20. Barnabus     “
  21. Drury      “
  22.  Knowles     “
  23.  thomas      “
  24. Dreadzil     “
  25.  Charles    “
  26.  Silas     “
  27. Michael Ontario Marriages @FamilySearch
  28. Margaret  “
  29. Michael  “
  30. Caroline  “
  31. August  “
  32. Louise  “
  33. Julian TAG 75:267
  34. Nicholas   “
  35. Henry  “
  36. William    “
  37. Margery  “
  38. John  “
  39. Ruth Haverhill VR
  40. Jonathan     "
  41. Benjamin   "
  42. Sarah    '
  43. Eunice    "
  44. Hannah   "
  45. David     "
  46. Amos    "
  47. Abiah    "
  48. "
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Anne B
Fun, Anne, lol. I'm glad you're on it!
+9 votes
  1. Granger-830 - Marriage
  2. Evans-6787 - Marriage
  3. Bishir-148 - Census
  4. Bishir-167 - Census
  5. Worthington-823 - Census 
  6. Bisher-125 - Census
  7. Gillam-299 - Census
  8. Bishir-161 - Census
  9. Bishir-147 - Census
  10. Bishir-146 - Census
  11. Dunn-3072 - Baptism
  12. Shields-2341 - Census, Marriage
  13. Eaton-1890 - Census
  14. Olney-373 - Census
  15. Adams-10659 - Census
  16. Olney-556 - Census
  17. Olney-377 - Census
  18. Olney-564 - Census
  19. Olney-558 - Census
  20. Burgess-682 - Census
  21. Burgess-650 - Census
  22. Burgess-683 - Census
  23. Brown-81 - Marriage, Census
  24. Cartwright-1234 - Census
  25. Clement-3 - Census
  26. Searle-241 - Census
  27. Searle-237 - Census
  28. Hayward-1348 - Census
  29. Searle-240 - Census
  30. Searle-242 - Census
  31. Searle-243 - Census
  32. Searle-244 - Census
  33. Searle-245 - Census
  34. Roberts-7935 - Death
  35. Peets-141 - Census, Marriage
  36. Peets-140 - Census
  37. Peets-142 - Census
  38. Peets-143 - Census
  39. Peets-144 - Census
  40. Peets-145 - Census
  41. Peets-146 - Census
  42. Boissier-19 - Census
by Lucy Lavelle G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)
edited by Lucy Lavelle
Thanks for sourcing with us, Lucy!
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1. Find a Grave, Revolutionary War Claim record, marriage record.
2. 1840 & 1850 Census, Find a Grave.
by Debby Black G2G6 Mach 8 (81.2k points)
Happy to see you here again, Debby!
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Better a few days late than next month! 

  1.  David Hayes -  (Marriage)
  2.  Frederick Hayes(1850 Census)
  3. Elizabeth (Lambert) Hays(1850 Census)
  4.  Sylvia (Santa) Kish(Birth and Death Dates)
  5.  Edward Punchard(Added Given Name and Sources)
  6.  Charlotte Mary Easton(Death Registration)
by Talicyn Daniels G2G5 (5.5k points)
edited by Talicyn Daniels
Welcome, Talicyn! Glad you joined us.
+9 votes
  1. Salmons-56 - christening, census
  2. Salmons-50 - christening, census, marriage
  3. Salmons-53 - christening, census
  4. Salmons-54 - christening, census
  5. Salmons-55 - christening, census
  6. Salmons-52 - christening
  7. Salmons-31 - christening, census
  8. Harding-988 - marriage, census
  9. Salmons-20 - christening, census
  10. Gasson-34 - birth, census
  11. Gasson-29 - christening, census
  12. UNKNOWN-115916 - census
  13. Gasson-30 - birth, christening, census, burial
  14. Gasson-33 - census
  15. Gasson-36 - christening, census
  16. Gasson-31 - birth, christening, census
  17. Gasson-32 - christening, census
  18. Salmons-21 - christening, census, marriage
  19. Mutton-390 - birth, christening, marriage
  20. Salmons-24 - christening, census
  21. Slade-80 - marriage
  22. Clemett-84 - marriage
  23. Salmons-29 - christening
  24. Salmons-58 - christening
  25. Barron-1001 - christening
  26. Barron-1022 - christening
  27. Barron-1003 - marriage
  28. Dewstow-1 - christening, marriage
  29. Barron-1004 - christening
  30. Salmons-57 - christening, census
  31. Salmons-58 - christening, census
  32. Salmons-32 - christening, census
  33. Salmons-59 - christening, census
  34. Salmons-60 - christening, census
  35. Salmons-38 - christening, census
  36. Salmons-39 - christening, census
  37. Salmons-41 - christening, census
  38. Salmons-42 - christening, census
  39. Salmons-43 - christening
  40. Spurgeon-327 - biography, census
  41. Webb-4106 - marriage
  42. Heyward-61 - marriage
by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
edited by Greg Slade
Thanks, Greg!
+9 votes
1. Schaefer-585: SS Applications & Claims index
by Nan Starjak G2G6 Pilot (284k points)
Thanks for adding to our count, Nan.
+10 votes

1. George Bliss Frederick- 1860, 1910 US census, Ala. Deaths Index

2. Johnny Ward - 1930, 1940 census; Soc.Sec. Deaths Index

3. Maria (Menard) Frederick - census; La Deaths Index; La. Deaths Index Database [Archives] 

4. Marie (Sylvestre) Brignac - La. birth index

5. Johannes Abshire- Fort Attakapas La. military census

6. Sylvanie (Abshire) Manceaux. census; La. marriage index; births of 3 children

7.Valerien Manceaux- La.births of children (SWLR); La. marriage

8.Elizabeth (Hall) Hanks - Ky marriage 

John Hanks - census, obit (findagrave)

10 William Hanks. Ky marriage obit (findagrave)

11 Margaret (Copeland) Moorefindagrave obit info

12 Angelina (Dore) Champagne- La. marriage and 2 La. births 

13 Ursule (Perron) Dore- Ind. birth and christening record 

14 Randy Hanks- TX birth record 

15 Bruno Mandarino- IL birth certificate of son

16 Theodule Simon. 1850,1860 census; birth of child; find a grave, cemetery, and memorial information

17 Charles Simon1820 census

18 Jean Baptiste GrangerSuccession document

19 Cecile Denise (Roland) SarverBirth record; 1850,'60,'70 census; death record of child

20 William Sarver 1840,'50,'60 census; death records of 2 children

21 Clement Rollins La. marriage record; death record of child








by Stephanie Ward G2G6 Mach 9 (94.4k points)
edited by Stephanie Ward
Glad you found your way here Stephanie. Just so it's a little clearer here, next time instead of saying sources from family search, list them like 1910 Census, Alabama Death's. (shortened versions are ok, we don't need the full citation) Part of the exercise is to see what kinds of sources people are using.

Thanks for joining us, Stephanie!
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Thompson-6914 - 1900 Census

Thompson-6916 - 1900 Census

Graves-1641 - 1900 Census

Graves-1636 - Indiana Marriages

Lamb-1119 - 1850 & 1880 Censuses

Wells-85 - 1850 Census

Jordan-519 - Maine Birth Record

Laughlin-521- Marriage Record

Duncan-2925 - Marriage Record

10 Ernst-462 - 1870 Census

11 Legge-257 - 1870 Census

12 Allen-21190 - 1910 Census

13 Thompson-6915 - 1900 & 1910 Censuses

14 Averett-2 - 1850 Census

15 Tingle-1 - 1850 Census

16 Beck-2450 - 1900 & 1910 Censuses

17 Eaton-4138 - Naturalization Index & 1860 Census

18 Wood-17052 - 1860 Census

19 Henderson-5754 - 1940 Census

20 Nicola-34 - 1885 Iowa State Census

21 Ferguson-6278 - 1850 Census

22 Thompson-510 - 1910 Census

23 Smith-2016 - 1910 Census

24 Smith-2015 - 1880 Census

25 Wright-3641 - 1850 Census

26 White-5561 - Virginia Censuses 1769, 1771 & 1772

27 White-2583 - 1850 & 1860 Censuses

28 Glenn-1089 - 1870 & 1900 Censuses

by Margaret Espaillat G2G2 (2.8k points)
edited by Margaret Espaillat
Hi, Margaret, Pleas number your profiles so Amy (all of us, really) can keep track easier.of how many you have done.
Gotcha.  I was hoping I was playing this game right.  ;-)
Welcome Margaret! and thanks, Carolyn. :-) It would take me hours if I had to count all these up without y'all numbering them!
+9 votes
Corliss-197 = Seven new US census and one burial record
by Steve Lake G2G6 (7.7k points)
+9 votes

Lots going on this month, but I feel pulled to find the history of at least a few people.

  1. Frederick Albright - corrected birth location, christening, 2 census records, 4 tax records, 2 land warrants, added timeline for county name changes for the next researchers, wrote bio
  2. Hendrick Albright - residence, two military service records, burial, baptism of 2 children, posted questions about 3 issues with links to sources that support the issues
  3. George R. Shaffer - residence, 4 census records, burial, children
  4. Susanna Shaffer - christening
  5. Catherine Shaffer - christening
  6. Amos Shaffer - christening
  7. Jacob Shaffer - christening
  8. Benjamin Shaffer - christening
by Beverly Benfer G2G6 Mach 2 (20.7k points)
edited by Beverly Benfer
Thanks, Beverly. I know the feeling!
+9 votes

1) - birth registration, 1871 & 1881 censuses

2) birth reg,  1861, 1871, 1881, marriage reg 1891, 1901, 1911 censuses, death reg

3) - birth reg, 1881 census, marriage reg, 1901 and 1911 census, death reg

4) - birth reg, 1881 census, marriage reg, 1891, 1901 and 1911 census, death reg

by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 6 (65.8k points)
edited by Paula Dea
Thanks, Paula!
+9 votes

1. Baptism, Parish register; Marriage, Banns Record  England Daeth Index and England Census

2. England birth Index & Marriage Index

3. England 1941 census and Norfolk Bishops Transcripts for birth and burial

4. England births & Christenings & England deaths & burials

5 England Marriages and burials

6 England Marriages

7. Bishops Transcripts Baptism and Marriage

8  England Births and Christenings

9 Death Registration

10 England Births and Christenings.

11 Birth and Marriage Index IGIs for birth marriage death and burial

12 Birth and Marriage index Census 1881

13 Christening Bishops Transcripts. England Marriage and death Index

14 Birth Index and England Census 1891 & 1901

15 Baptism IGI

16 England Christenings and Marriages Added LNAB

17 Birth Marriage and Death Index England

18 England birth Marriage and Death Indexes

19 England birth Marriage and Death Indexes

20  England birth Marriage and Death Indexes

21  England birth Marriage and Death Indexes

22  England birth Index. Find a grave index

23 England births and Christenings

24 England Births and Christenings

25  England Births

26  England and Wales Births

27 England and Wales Births

by Christine Frost G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
edited by Christine Frost
Looks like you logged out, or the program glitched and logged you out.
That must be what happened I've put my list together now, Thanks
The link on Barcham-48 says the page doesn't exist, but it does - I copied the link a second time but it still won't connect, can be reached via the one above, and her daughter Elizabeth. Not necessary now, see comment 2 below, the link is working
Report this on separate G2G question tagged with wikitree tech, I tried it and it says it doesn't exist.  Glitch somewhere.
Thank you for that advice, I did that & got a reply telling me there was a space at the end of the link, so now I've deleted the space & the link is working.
Thanks, Christine!
+5 votes
OK, dumb question: I thought I started a count for myself correctly a week or so ago, (with only one or two sources,) but I can't find my answer to add on new ones. Is there a shortcut, or do I have to search through everyone's lists to find my own?
by Stephanie Ward G2G6 Mach 9 (94.4k points)
That happened to me once they just disappeared, but more likely they are on the second page and you need to click on 2... Yes they are,I just found them! Scroll up from this, you answered on May 5 and having the date can help you find them, but I bookmark my own list now so I can go straight to it without having to scroll through at all.
Thanks, Christine, I never thought of that!
+8 votes
Whew. Still cleaning up my watchlist, but I have a May Goal of sourcing 10 from an orphaned list, starting in North Carolina.

1. Bruton-149/Lily Mae Bruton Burt: Marriage Record; Death Record

2. Bruton-20/Cornelia Bruton Perry: Birth Record, Marriage Record, Death Record

3. Bruton-11/Sylvia Ophelia Bruton: Birth Record, Marriage Record, Death Record

4. Bruton-15/Sarah Blanche Burton Burnhardt: Birth Record, Marriage Record

5. Bruton-10/Lela Barton Bruton: Birth Record; Death Record

6. Bruton-7/Atlas Turner Bruton: Marriage Record; US Census 1920

7. Bruton-14/Oliver Craven Bruton: US Census 1910, 1920; WW I Draft Registration

8.Bruton-24/Hazelwood F Bruton: US Census 1870, 1900

9. Caudle-21/Samanta Caudle Bruton: US Census 1900, 1910

10. Bruton-Jesse Lewis Bruton-25: US Census 1900, 1910, 1940; WWI Draft Registration; California Death Index

11. Bruton-12/Vaudrey Young Bruton-12: Birth Index, Death Index

12. Ridenhour-39/Grace Ridenhour Bruton: Birth Index, US Census 1930; Death Record; Death Index

13. Fisher-1622/John David Fisher: 1940 US Census

14. Fisher-1676/Minnie Fisher Sherill: US Census 1920, 1930, 1940; Death Record
by Mary Nance G2G6 Mach 1 (19.7k points)
edited by Mary Nance
Great goal, Mary. Thanks for sourcing with us!
+8 votes

OK, here is my first attempt to participate in the challenge.

May 17

1. James Woodall.  added bio with sources

by Connie Graves G2G6 Mach 4 (49.2k points)
Thank you for joining in, Connie. Those are great additions to James' profile!
+7 votes

2. Ellender Woodall   added bio with sources

3. James Woodall Jr.    added bio with sources

4. Elizabeth Woodall.  added marriage data and bio

 5.   Richard Adkins.  Added biography and sources

6.   Kiziah (Crume) Howey.  Added bio, sources

7.  William Pierpoint (WikiTree ID: Pierpoint-198)  added sources for birth, marriage, and death

8. John Pierrepont (WikiTree ID: Pierrepont-112). added birth and death sources

9. Albert Pierrepoint (WikiTree ID: Pierrepoint-5). added birth place and death place with sources and bio source

10. Keziah Hubbard (WikiTree ID: Pigg-317)  added sources for bio and found a newspaper article about the family Bible that I uploaded.

11. Thomas Pierpoint (WikiTree ID: Pierpoint-174). added sources for birth and death as well as census

12.Gervas Pierrepont (WikiTree ID: Pierrepont-111).  added birth record

13. Gervas Pierrepont (WikiTree ID: Pierrepont-113). added birth and death record

14. David Graves (WikiTree ID: Graves-1630). added bio with source

15. Sarah Barnett (WikiTree ID: Graves-2787). added bio and census with sources

16. Sarah Smith (WikiTree ID: Barbee-874).  added census

17.Agnes Graves (WikiTree ID: Holloway-650). added bio and sources

18. Sophia Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-339). added bio with source for birth

19. John Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-338).  added bio with source for birth

20. William Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-393). added bio with sources

21. William Piggott (WikiTree ID: Piggott-388). added birth, marriage, death sources to bio

22.Randolphe Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-48). added birth and death sources for bio

23. Dorothy Piggott (WikiTree ID: Piggott-390). added sources for birth and marriage to bio

24, Joseph Piggott (WikiTree ID: Piggott-391). added source for birth and parents to bio

25, Rosannah Piggott (WikiTree ID: Piggott-392).  added census to bio

26. Grace Sweet (WikiTree ID: Piggott-387).  added census

27. Louisa Powell (WikiTree ID: Powell-6709). added sources

28. John Powell (WikiTree ID: Powell-6710). added census

29. Rosannah Gregory (WikiTree ID: Gregory-3571).  added sources to bio for birth and death

30. Joseph Piggott (WikiTree ID: Piggott-389).  added census

31. Mariah Mann (WikiTree ID: Mann-4102).  added sources

32. James Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-340).  added birth record, bio and sources

33. William Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-71).  added bio and sources, cleaned up gedcom

34 John Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-52).   added sources and bio

35. George Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-327).   added sources and bio

36. William Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-329).   added sources and bio

37. Andrew Hood (WikiTree ID: Hood-520).  added sources for bio

I can't add any more to this answer--keep getting a message I can only have 8000 characters so I am going to add the rest to another answer on this same comment line.  Hope that is ok






by Connie Graves G2G6 Mach 4 (49.2k points)
edited by Connie Graves
As a tip, use edit function to add additional profiles to your existing answer, makes things a bit easier.

well, duh.  I'm learning slowly but surely.  Thanks for your patience and guidance.

38. Harriet Baker (WikiTree ID: Pigott-342).  added birth and saved then added marriage.

39. John Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-364).  added birth, death and sources

40. James Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-347). added birth record

41. Mary Birley (WikiTree ID: Pigott-65).  added b,m, d and sources

42. Thomas Pigott (WikiTree ID: Pigott-300). Added birth record and census

43. Philip Depuy (WikiTree ID: Depuy-53).   wrote a bio and added sources

44. Sabra Yaegar (WikiTree ID: Adkins-2980).  added b, m, d, and census

45. Viola Adkins (WikiTree ID: Adkins-2918).  spent a lot of time on this one--there were two women named Viola and sorting them wasn't easy.

46. Elizabeth Deal (WikiTree ID: Black-75).  added birth and marriage record

47. Chauncey Albright (WikiTree ID: Albright-581). b, d, and census

48. Maria Henrick (WikiTree ID: Guth-255).   wrote bio, added sources

49. Roger Abernathy (WikiTree ID: Abernathy-525). Added deed about him

50. Roger Abernathy (WikiTree ID: Abernathy-719).  Added source

51. David Abernathy (WikiTree ID: Abernathy-720). Added source and deed

52. Johnson Esham (WikiTree ID: Nottingham-220). Added bio and sources

53. Rachel Ruark (WikiTree ID: Eshom-26).  Added bio with sources

54.Richard Nottingham (WikiTree ID: Nottingham-223).  Added bio with sources

55. Robert Eshom (WikiTree ID: Eshom-22).  Updated birth date and place

56.  Solomon Eshom (WikiTree ID: Eshom-23).  Added sources and bio

57.  Solomon Esham (WikiTree ID: Esham-7). Added bio and sources





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