Do not change ancestor info others have posted here if you don't know / understand the ancestor info.

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A person doing research on the Christopher line is changing information I have posted based on confused information about another ancestor they have attributed to the ancestor's information I have posted.  My information is based on the DAR for David Christopher.  I ask that whenever a researcher here makes a change, they fully understand what they are changing.  For example, my DOB and DOD information is based on the DAR and does not correspond to most researchers information.  Futhermore, the person making changes to my David Christopher states here on Wikitree and Ancestry  that David Christopher had no issue without even getting the DAR information from the record which clearly contains a handwritten Will naming several of his children.

I have changed the information to the correct.  Does anyone know how to stop this person from continuing this activity?
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Dave, if there is original paper documentation of William W leave it on, such as the hand written will. Leave it.  Remember I brought this up in discussions relating to my own research and an argument with cousins over my 2nd ggf and the use of a middle initial T. He never signed it, he never used it, there is no documentary evidence of T  If William W. did sign it or use it, or was attributed to him in the form a will or other ORIGINAL documentation, then you are clear. Providing you can be sure its the same William W.

Baptisms usually included a middle or even 3rd name. 


I think there's a document bearing the name William Christopher with a W in the middle, but that was his mark.
I've never seen anyone mark a doc with a W. Usually an X.
I frequently see people make their mark, and that mark is just one initial. I read a lot of old wills
OK, I spent the past few days getting something put together on Wiki that would look like a real family tree from a living decendent of Nichlos Christopher.  I am not personally in this tree, because I have been unable to place my 2nd G grandfather George A Christopher b 1820 into any tree yet.  I , however related to the Nicholas line sometime in the distance past before he was born.

I need help and guidance, so if anyone can look at the tree here: and some of the profiles and references and give me some feedback on how to improve, I would appreciate it.  I did a direct line from the living decendent William Steve Christopher to Nicholas but I have a ton of aunts and uncles that can be added to each generation going up.

I built a tree for Nicholas on Ancestry once I discovered I had a YDNA match to the line, it has about 900 people in it.  I had planned to build other direct lines here on Wiki as the test results start rolling in on other Christopher's in different lines (lines form each of Nicholas's sons come rolling in at FTDNA in the next few months.  

I am still waiting for Jimmy Christopher to let me know if he has been Ydna tested as he is the only living decendent of the David Christopher that started this thread.  

As far as the Thomas Christopher b. 1758. He is not the son of David Christopher, Nicholas's son. He is a red haired Christopher of Scott/Irish heritage, according to Frances Christopher who is married to a direct decendent of Thomas and done the research on the line.  

Thank you for any help.

Dave, you have to make the tree public.  I can't see it.

I did not know it was locked.  I changed it to a yellow Private with Public Biography and Family Tree

That is all it will let me do.  Hope that works.

Can't see where the yDNA helps.  From the deeds etc, David was son of Nicholas, brother of William and uncle of Morton and they're all going to have the same yDNA.
Yep, My ultimate goal is to find where my line of Chirstopher's fit in. This Nicholas line is the closest I have to any kind of a match to any line of Christopher's.  Look at my Grandparents tree here and you see that my line ends in 1820 with George Christopher who gives me Ydna that is close to the Nicholas Ydna. .

I am sure I will have to go back past Nicholas to get into a branch from one of his ancestors and see if I can follow it back to now.  I do not know if it is worth the trouble though.

Thank you for the comment though and let me know if you have any ideas about how to proced to finding my place in the big tree.
Autosomal DNA can estimate closeness of cousinship, even if the mothers aren't known.  It can help more if you have paper trails to prospective cousins through mothers' families.

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Further to the two great comments - The idea of a Collaborative Tree includes posting Sources and citations so other can follow what you have done.

For an open discussion of an issue, such as the DOB and the DOD, a section could be added to put this information and the various reasons for and against posting this information or that, with sources and citations. This way you can start a discussion that other researches can join, to further the right information.

This can be accomplished in a research section as well.


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I think it's more a question of how many David Christophers there were.

DAR doesn't have to address that question.  WT does.

If there were two, there should be two profiles, and the unwanted sources belong on the other one.

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